Cyber Monday Store Video Ideas

Top 5 Cyber Monday Store Videos


Cyber Monday is around the corner, and yet again, like every other year, thousands of Cyber Monday stores will jostle with each other to earn the customer's attention. One weapon which can make this task of engaging visitors easier is video.

According to a survey by Animoto, 96 % of consumers like to watch videos because they feel that it helps them make better purchase decisions. It's 2020, and if you're still not using videos, you are at risk of alienating your customers. So, now, let's show you some inspirational sales videos that have been created by various big brands. Get set to create your perfect Cyber Monday store sales video.


Part 1. Top 5 Referable Cyber Monday Stores Videos

01 Walmart Black Friday Deals for Days: Shop Safely

There is no introduction needed for retail giant Walmart. Keeping in mind the pandemic outbreak, Walmart has outlined all the steps they have taken to secure and secure shopping experience in their stores. There is a lot of uncertainty regarding health and safety even now after many months of the pandemic. The above video does a great job of reassuring customers how they can have a wonderful shopping experience while taking advantage of the Walmart Black Friday and Walmart Cyber Monday sales.

02 Kohl’s - Give with All Your Heart

The mood has been somber throughout the year. Kohl's has come up with a video that asks you to give as much as possible with all your heart while enjoying the holidays. While this is not themed as a Kohls Cyber Monday video, the video's touching message has a social touch to it, which works in its favor. You can also create a similarly themed video keeping the present circumstances in mind. Your audience will appreciate you for it, and your personality as a brand will shine through.

03 Amazon – The Show Must Go On

Amazon doesn't have a distinct Amazon Cyber Monday video, but it has an emotional story to tell while keeping the brand appearance minimum. This video by Amazon tells the story of a young dancer who overcomes the pandemic's challenges. The idea here is that you might not have actors or actresses and a production crew, but if you tell your story creatively enough, you can win your customers' hearts and minds.

04 JCPenney – JCPenney live!

 Retail major JCPenney opted for a different approach. They didn't specifically make any JCPenney cyber Monday deal videos. Instead, they have come up with the JCPenney live broadcast on YouTube, where they featured the top gifts for holidays in different segments such as tech, lifestyle, fashion, and more. Each segment had a social media influencer from that respective segment who spoke about her favorite deals. This is another way of giving customers what they want and showcasing your best deals for them.

05 Costco – Extended Warranty on Select Appliances


Costco Cyber Monday deals are among the best in town, and they make sure that you know about their best deals. You can also take a very targeted approach, such as Costco, in the video above, by talking about one specific offer that is likely to attract many customers. Of course, there is no limit to the number of videos you can make, so you can make as many videos for different offers that you want to highlight.


Part 2. How to Make Your Cyber Monday Marketing Video

Now that we have shown you some examples of creating some great sales videos let us create one.

If you have never created a sales video in the past, don't worry, we have got you covered. Using Wondershare VidAir, you can create professional-grade quality videos easily and fast. You can create a beautiful sales video just the way you want it. The coolest part about using VidAir is that it is extremely beginner-friendly. We will handhold you through the process of creating your sales video.

The step-by-step guide for you to get started

Step 1 Sign Up or Login

As with any other software, you'll get the option to either sign up or login depending on whether you already have an account registered or are a first-time user, respectively.

If you are already using some Wondershare products, you can use the same Wondershare credentials to log in. If you're a new user, you'll need to sign in. Both the options will be shown there.

create vidair account

Step 2 Choose your template

Once you have logged in, you'll have access to the huge library of templates that VidAir has at your disposal. Choose a template that will be in sync with the sales video that you're planning.

vidair template

Step 3 Edit your Video

VidAir lets you create your videos with text, audio, photos, and of course, video, so in this step, you can start uploading whatever you want. You can add or delete media files as you wish and add fade-in effects or fade-out effects. Once you are done creating your video, you can preview your created work by clicking on the 'Preview' button.

Once you're satisfied with the preview, click on the 'save' button to save your video to your 'My Projects' folder. Once everything is saved, you can export the video.

save video

Your Cyber Monday store sales video is waiting to be created. Take some inspiration from the big brand videos we have shared above. Go ahead and unleash your creativity. With Wondershare VidAir by your side, you can create premium sales videos that will not only attract visitors to your sales but convert them into eager customers.