Top 10 Easy & Elegant Decorations for Thanksgiving Table

How to set a Thanksgiving table? Check these ideas!


As Thanksgiving approaches, everyone prepares for the festive day to celebrate it joyously with friends and family. Won't you want to use some decorations for thanksgiving table tips? Well, this is what this article is all about.

Setting a Thanksgiving table shouldn't be hard at all, especially when you can get inspiration from us easily. Not just this, once you are done with your turkey decorations for Thanksgiving, you can also take a video of the same to let everyone know how you celebrated your Thanksgiving.

Part 1. Top 5 Creative Ideas for Setting a Thanksgiving Table

01 Turkey Decorations

Everyone has their own way of decorating their turkey dish. However, this simple idea will make your turkey dish look tempting and beautiful. Here's what you need to do. Use a simple large platter to serve the turkey and think about a few color schemes that you would like to go with. Here's are a few things to garnish your platter with. You can add herb springs, pears, mushrooms, and roasted vegetables. Some people like to add fruits and vegetables as well. You can try that idea as well.


02 Cake Decoration

When it comes to cake decoration for Thanksgiving, you can actually prepare any cake that you would want to. It could be a family staple, or round cake. Anything but delicious. Just remember that the cake should taste delicious. Just look at the delicious cake decoration image that we have shared. The cake maker has used some attractive fondant to decorate the cake and give it an autumn look. We think this cake looks amazing. If you are a food vlogger, you know for a fact that you need to decorate your cake just right, no matter what cake it is.


03 Elegant Tablescapes

Now that you are ready with your turkey and cake decorations, the next thing to shift your attention has to be elegant thanksgiving tablescapes. We liked how this table has been decorated for a nice meal. The design is rather minimalistic but looks so beautiful. The use of pumpkins and decorative items in the middle makes this table look extremely attractive.

Elegant Tablescapes

04 Table Place Cards

Every hostess understands the importance of Thanksgiving place cards. These thanksgiving table place cards are the cherry on top that must be used to make the whole decoration look even more attractive. These place cards could be small; however, guests look for them once they arrive. The reason why so many people prefer using place cards is to create a personal bonding with the guests.

Table Place Cards

05 Table Centerpieces

The last thing to add to your Thanksgiving decoration is a table centerpiece, which will ultimately complete your Thanksgiving decoration. The good thing about these centerpieces is that they don't always have to be expensive. You can use a vintage vessel and add some beautiful flowers. Yellow and white flowers will create a welcome vibe. You can try this idea.

Table Centerpieces

Part 2. Top 5 Unique Ideas for Table decorations

01 Take it Outside This Season

It's time to make your Thanksgiving a bit different this season! Every year you have been celebrating it inside with your friends and family. What if we tell you that you can take the table outside, arrange a few pumpkins and potted mums right across the table? Get some taper candles to brighten the mood.

Take it Outside

02 Pumpkin Vase as Centerpiece

If you haven't thrown away the leftover pumpkins from Halloween, we will suggest using it once again for Thanksgiving. Rather than picking your usual glass vase, transform the pumpkin into a vase. Chuck out the inside of the pumpkin and let it dry for a few hours. Now pick some beautiful flowers from your garden, and there you go! Your pumpkin vase centerpiece is all set!

Pumpkin Vase

03 A Foraged Feast

If you are under the impression that you need to spend a lot of money building a charming holiday table, here's an idea that will cost you nothing. Pick some foraged berry branches from your backyard, and put them nicely on every plate.

Foraged Feast

04 Fall Bounty Table Setting

Autumn vegetables inspire this idea. Pick some of the most delicate vegetables from the vegetable garden, such as lettuce, eggplant, and more. Just make sure to pick exciting colors. You can add some fruits too to enhance the look. On a bed of lettuce, arrange these fruits and vegetables right at the center of the table, and voila!

Fall Bounty

05 Playful Pop of Colors

To add a dash of color, try using different colors of napkins. Add wooden candle holders with candles in them. Arrange the plates and napkins in an orderly manner. This is rather a simple look, but the addition of different colorful napkins make it stand out.


Part 3. Make a Video to Advertise Your Decorations

For those who are into the decoration business, you know that you need to market your easy thanksgiving table decorations to your audience. The better the video, the more people will like to see what you have to offer. This is the reason why you need have a video editing tool like Wondershare VidAir.

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create vidair account

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vidair template

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edit video and export

These thanksgiving table setting ideas will enable you to decorate your Table for Thanksgiving perfectly. If you are into the decoration business, then ensure to use VidAir to create a stunning decoration ad and upload it wherever you want to. VidAir lets you create amazing videos with just a few clicks.