Top 10 Decorations for Thanksgiving -- Interior Section

Get decorating inspiration from these Thanksgiving decoration images


Are you hosting the Thanksgiving feast this year? I know the pressure to do everything perfectly. Luckily, we are here with the easiest, cost-effective decorations for Thanksgiving to set the stage for your party.

Are you ready to couple tradition with imagination to create a festive ambiance and light up that holiday spirit? It's time to bring as much cheer as possible with aesthetic decorations for Thanksgiving. Let's start crafting a refined holiday interior with these super-easy Thanksgiving party decorations.

Part 1. Top10 Interior Thanksgiving Decorations Ideas

No matter your personal style or taste, we have a little something for everyone to throw a party. Bring the holiday spirit to every part of your home with our stylishly unique decorations for Thanksgiving.

01 Party Decorations

Thanksgiving is all about togetherness and gratitude. And if you are looking to invite your loved ones and throw them a memorable Thanksgiving feast, read ahead.


A centerpiece is the crown jewel of any party. And your Thanksgiving party decorations must have a show-stopper centerpiece. Instead of a floral arrangement laid down the center of your table, choose pumpkins.

Beautifully arranged pumpkins painted to the color of your party theme, accented with succulent plants, create an elegant Thanksgiving table. The pumpkins also bring the holiday spirit to your home and make your Thanksgiving party decorations a little more unique


Wall Décor

Go for something that is both stylish and festive, like a Thanksgiving-themed frame made just for this special occasion. Among other decorations for Thanksgiving, this fall palette frame is a cozily inviting gesture and definitely a swoon-worthy ornament. The bright autumn colors also bring a cheerful vibe to your home.

The best part is that this is super-easy. A few spoons and forks glued to round cardboard with a customized message written, and you're good to go.


02 Mantel Decorations

The whole family gathered around the fireplace enjoying Thanksgiving while it snows outside is made picture perfect with beautiful Thanksgiving mantel decorations.

Elegant Mantel decor

Just a few pumpkins resting atop the mantelpiece, with some hand-picked flowers, add a fall-like look to the decor. This arrangement is simple yet incredibly chic.

The elegant color choice is subtle but also highly impactful in aiding a cozy festive ambiance. Vintage candelabras with long candles also add to the aesthetics of the decorations for Thanksgiving.

mantel 1

Personalized decor

Give your Thanksgiving mantel decorations a personalized look. Place customized boards or frames with a welcome message or anything that paints a smile on everyone's faces. Highlight the mantelpiece by adding a few white vases filled with bright seasonal flowers or wild berries. Finish the look by hanging a garland and placing the iconic pumpkin for full effect

mantel 2

03 Dollar Tree Decoration

Even if you are on a budget, that doesn't mean you can't afford stunning decorations for Thanksgiving. Dollar Tree offers products that you can use to craft unique Thanksgiving party decorations.


A few simple candles can be transformed into decorative pieces for Thanksgiving. Wrap a dried autumn leaf to the candle using a twine and fill the votives with popcorn kernels to arrange the candles at varying heights


Pumpkin craze

Pumpkins from the Dollar Store can be custom painted to your theme or go for a vintage aesthetic look by wrapping old book pages on the pumpkin. Place the pumpkins around the house or arrange them on cake holders to accent your Thanksgiving living room decorations.


04 Living Decorations

The living room is the star of the show at any Thanksgiving party. It is also usually the most frequented place, which is why you must go for festive decorations for Thanksgiving in this part of the house.

Dessert Corner

Thanksgiving living room decorations are easier to pull off. Bring the party to the living room and showcase your decoration flair by setting up a Thanksgiving-themed dessert bar.

It is as easy as hanging DIY ribbon decorations greeting the guests. Customize the decoration to your liking. Add a few paper honeycomb balls for a festive vibe. A frame to wish Thanksgiving is the perfect finishing look.

dessert corner

Thankful tree

The perfect way to ride the holiday way is to live it. Add a creative and unique touch to your Thanksgiving living room decorations with this thanking tree.

Simple tree branches in a vase with paper leaves on it. Write what or who you are thankful for and hang it to the thanking tree. Use bright seasonal colors for an aesthetic look.

thankful tree

05 Hanging Decorations

Bright and beautiful decorations swirling around really bring the holiday spirit home.

DIY Curtain

Autumn leaves are great and cost-effective thanksgiving hanging decorations. You can either go for paper leaves or gather a handful of dried autumn leaves for a rustic theme. String them together and hang the leafy strings in the entryways to give a warm thankful welcome to your guests.

You may even hang these on the windows or the mantelpiece. For a full autumn look, hang several strands from the roof too.



Beautiful and huge 3D paper flowers hanging from the roof give a fashionable and cheerfully festive look to your home. Add a few bright o rustic colored Chinese lamps to accent the look. Make sure you fill-up the roof with these hanging paper ornaments for a stunning autumnal display. Get creative and make these paper flowers in different colors.


Part 2. Make a Video for Your Decoration Business

With Halloween, Black Friday, and Thanksgiving all upon us, everyone is looking for quick and easy decorations for Thanksgiving that won't cost them an arm or a leg. How to show them how to refine their holiday interior look using minimal resources and time? And how to introduce your wonderful Thanksgiving decorations?

I have a super-easy solution for you is to record your videos.

Wondershare VidAir. An online video editor for quick video editing. It has all the basic editing tools to give your video a cinematic look. You can add animated captions and adjust their position, color, or font to attract viewers. Add filters or transitions to add a special effect

How to make a Black Friday video with VidAir

Step 1 Log in or Signup

Open VidAir. Login or Sign Up if you don't have an account.

create a vidair account

Step 2 Choosing Template

Choose a template that fancies you from the Categories Click on it, choose the resolution you like and tap UseThisTemplate

vidair template

Step 3 Edit and Export

Now you can upload your recording and the necessary edits. Insert cheerful or motivating audio, and add catchy captions to grab attention.

Finally, press Export in the top right corner.

edit video and export

Time to make your home look extra festive and cozily welcoming with the super-quick budget-friendly decorations for Thanksgiving. Once you are done, your Thanksgiving party decorations will seem to be right out of the magazine.