Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Creative but simple DIY thanksgiving crafts ideas


You are all set with your Thanksgiving recipes. The side dishes are ready, turkey has been prepared, and the pie spread has become marvelous. But wait! You are not done yet! What about Thanksgiving decorations? Have you thought about that? This article has got your back. Please get to know from us about the top ten DIY thanksgiving decorations.

Along with decorations, we will also tell you how you can use a video editing tool to create stunning Thanksgiving decoration videos, which will help you market your products in the right way.

Part 1. Top 10 DIY Thanksgiving table settings

01 DIY Centerpiece

If you are looking for thanksgiving DIY centerpieces ideas, here's what you can do. Take a look at the image, and you will see how only pumpkins can enhance your table's look. For those who would like to go for a minimalistic look, this idea is perfect.

Corral a selection of a few beautiful white but small pumpkins. Put it on a long tray. Choose a brown color long tray that will highlight the white pumpkins even better. This adorable DIY centerpiece looks elegant and very simple. Just in case, if you would like to go with flowers, pick a glass vase, preferably a small one, and pick a few bold colored flowers. The flower arrangement will make your table look beautiful.


02 DIY Crafts for Adults

This DIY Thanksgiving craft looks fantastic. We think this colorful thanksgiving banner will make your Thanksgiving party fun! Here's what you need to do.

You will need some colored felt, thick duck canvas, a pair of scissors, a hot glue gun, and string. Start by cutting the letters out of the colored felt. Keep the size the same for each letter. Now glue each of the letters to the canvas. Cut the letters out of the canvas. And finally, glue those letters onto the string. Your Thank you banner is now complete!

Adults Crafts

03 DIY crafts for Kids

Kids love to be a part of Thanksgiving celebrations. Since you will be busy concentrating on other decoration things, we think you should include your child to help you out. This DIY thanksgiving crafts for kids is straightforward to do, and kids are going to have a gala time doing this.

Pick a few orange balloons. Ask your kids to fill the orange balloons with rice. They can take a colored pen and draw some spooky faces on the balloons. Once done, help them tie them up and keep these tiny and super cute pumpkin stress balls in a bowl.

Kids Crafts

04 DIY Cards

Thanksgiving can become even more special with the addition of Thanksgiving place cards DIY ideas. Imagine enjoying a pleasant conversation with your guests, and suddenly your guests spot their name on a beautiful place card! Everyone loves it.

We have a very simple but fascinating place cards idea for you. You need to buy a few velvet pumpkins online or offline. Add a metallic ribbon, which will have the name of each guest. Place it gently right on top of individual plates. These DIY Thanksgiving cards are going to be unique.


05 DIY Turkey Vase

Turkey is the main highlight of Thanksgiving. How about adding a few affordable turkey vases as a decoration piece for this festival? You can get them online easily. However, to add a bit of a personal touch, fill these turkey vases with rustic wheat. Don't fill all the vases with wheat though, just select two or three.

Turkey Vase

06 Button Napkin Ring

If you want to go for unique DIY thanksgiving table settings, here's something that you can do. A napkin will accompany each plate. Choose cotton napkins this time. Now, you can either buy a few wooden buttons or, if you already have them, simply drill a small hole into the wooden buttons. Insert a white thread, and tie around the napkin. And that's about it.

Button Napkin Ring

07 DIY Gifts

The hostess of a Thanksgiving party will put her heart and soul to make you all feel cozy and homely. Hence, give a twist to your usual gift by adding a personal touch for this Thanksgiving gift DIY idea. Pick the bottle of wine that you are thinking of giving to the host. Now, you can either buy a Thanksgiving label or make one on your own. Paste the label on top of the wine bottle.


08 Wheat Cloches

This easy DIY table setting can be done by simply turning a cloche upside down. You will have to insert a bushel of wheat inside the cloche. Use twine to tie the bushel of wheat. To finish the look, add a few pillar candles.

Wheat Cloches

09 Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkins are the charm of Thanksgiving parties. This Thanksgiving, rather than placing a beautiful pumpkin just like that, why not paint the pumpkin with some sophisticated colors? All you will have to invest is five minutes of your time, and it's done!

Painted Pumpkins

10 Ombre Pumpkin Centerpiece

You can pick a few small white pumpkins and paint them in different shades of pink and red for the last idea. This will create a lovely and perfect ombre effect. Place them in the middle of the table. And to finish this decoration, you can add a maroon flower in a small vase too.

Ombre Pumpkin

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We hope these DIY Thanksgiving ideas will come handy, and you will try a few to make your Thanksgiving decoration even better. To showcase your talent, you can use VidAir and create stunning videos.