8 Tips Teach You Earn Money by Watching Video Ads

Find tips and tricks to earn money by watching video ads.

Believe it or not! You can earn money by watching video ads without making any prior investment. That’s right; there is no typo mistake! Nowadays, making money is a lot easier than you think! Considering most millennials, Gen-Z and Gen-X work from home; they watch video ads and earn money in their spare time. That said, you too can watch video ads and earn money online. It’s becoming an ideal way to make passive income alongside building your YouTube community, and feeling confused already? This post is designed to bring you more clarity and confidence. In other words, it will help you gain a basic understanding of how you can also make a passive income from your home. Although you might not become a millionaire in a night from watching the video, it could prove beneficial when paying a phone, electricity bill, etc.

Part 1. How to Get Paid by Watching Video Ads and Earning Money

Here, let’s check out the top 8 tips and tricks to earn money by watching video ads:

01 Promotional Videos

Promotional Videos

One of the easiest ways to make a passive income is by extending your video watching and promotion services to companies. You can charge brands and businesses for posting their videos on your social media account or blog. Against, the myth you don’t need a huge fan following to do it. But, of course, a bigger audience can help you to charge more! Make sure that you upload good quality and relevant video. Most of the online influencers get paid because their followers watch videos uploaded on their accounts. In case you have a small following, then check out Fiverr! The platform brings you one step closer to finding brands that would pay you a fee for sharing their videos.

02 Swagbucks Cash

Swagbucks Cash

A highly recommended platform called Swagbucks is an easy way to earn rewards. You can watch video ads and earn money online. There are a variety of videos available on this particular platform. You can choose from plenty of short clips, ads as well as viral videos. With each video, you earn Swagbucks points - it’s worth trying. Next, once you have collected enough points, you can use it too!

03 Subtitle Writing

SSubtitle Writing

In case you are thinking of adding more sparks to your CV, consider getting a film-related experience. You can take up a freelance project and write subtitles for the videos online. Perhaps, it would also help you to earn more. Video-content creators always look for freelancers who can write transcriptions. The process of adding subtitles is easy but very much time-consuming.

04 Earn money by watching video ads

Watching Video Ads

With InboxPounds, you can save each cash for watching the video as well as taking surveys. You can easily do this alongside your primary work. Once you get it going, the more video you watch, the more money you will make. The platform is easily accessible, and their payment process is also quite simple. You can sign up online and start watching videos instantly! Moreover, you can also earn by reading deal emails and surfing the internet by using their search page.

05 Become a Reviewer

Become a reviewer

In case you want to earn for a long time simply by watching the video - go for becoming a TV reviewer. It’s one of the best and very well-established ways to make a passive income. Of course, it would require your hard word and a strong grasp of words. That said, with little dedication, you can do it. Sometimes, film and TV criticism can become very competitive. Therefore, if you are diving into this section as a freelance, ensure to keep your rate low at first. Then gradually increase your rates as per your level of experience. Know your value; never accept a payment lower than your standards simply because you are a beginner. To get in, make a full-time job resume, look for an internship so that you can give a boost to your CV. Platforms like PressPad can prove to be handy during internships. Start establishing your service by crafting a blog so that you can showcase your style as well as talent.

06 Watch Movie Trailers

Watch movie trailers

There is one platform called iRazoo, which allows you to earn points for doing very easy tasks, such as watching ads, videos, playing games, etc. The videos may include short films, cooking, and more. All you need to do is watch them earn points. What happens when you have 3000 points? The 3000 points are the first reward bar that makes you eligible for cash earning.

07 Psychological Studies

Psychological studies

Another one is to earn money by watching video ads that are part of psychological and behavioral studies. It’s a good way to get paid for spending time. Of course, the amount of money will depend on the type of trails and how long it lasts. In case you are genuinely open to taking these tests, then only apply for them. So, depending on nature, choose your study test as some of them could be emotionally and mentally challenging.

08 Watch Adverts for PayPal

Watch adverts for PayPal

SuccessBux is a paid-to-click platform. This means you get paid for every relevant click you do. This platform allows you to earn hard cash simply by watching adverts - it’s almost like earning free money. Also, redeeming the earned money is quick and easy. If you are a premium member, chances are you can get money directly to your PayPal account. SuccessBux is one of the highly recommended websites. It’s worth trying.

Part 2. Recommend Online Video Ads Maker for You

Looking for an affordable and quickest way to make video ads? Wondershare VidAir is the leading and extremely simple online video app to make impactful content. Using VidAir is easy, and with it, you can efficiently create amazing, vibrant, lively videos ideal for posting on social media platforms.

online video ads maker

Before you start to earn money by watching video ads, it is recommended to have a strategy. Ensure to make the best use of your time. Prepare gameplay to turn your time into money. Make sure to log in daily for extra reward points. You can check out all of the platforms mentioned above, tips, and tricks to earn some cash. Oh! There is one more platform that could prove to be super beneficial. It is named Slidejoy, a popular and one of the legit ways to make some more points.