Electronics Black Friday Marketing Video Inspiration from the Hottest Brands

Learning marketing inspiration from these Black Friday electronics marketing videos


The last Friday to Thanksgiving Day or the fourth Thursday of November is Black Friday. Many retail shops offer highly discounted sales and also open very early for this big event.

From earlier years, Electronics deals Black Friday was accustomed to long lines, cranky customers, too-early mornings, chaotic days, and cold temperatures dress the day. But the year 2020, the novel coronavirus has dramatically impacted business, that is an excellent time to catch the online business.

So, please seize this opportunity to boost your business with a wonderful marketing video. If you do not have some ideas about that, please go on reading. We list 5 famous and successful electronic product ads to inspire you.

Part 1. Top 5 Black Friday Electronic Deals from Major Brands

Major Brands Black Friday Sale Start Video Links

6/Nov – 30/Nov

0:00 AM



1:30 AM



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26/ Nov

0:00 AM



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01 AirPods Black Friday

AirPods Black Friday ad shows some of the scenarios you'll encounter and puts them together artistically to show viewers the powerful noise cancelling capabilities of AirPods through comparison.

Inspiration: Create ad content from user scenarios. Also, remember to focus on showing your Black Friday prices, which is something Apple didn't do.

02 Jumia Black Friday

Jumia Black Friday has been providing discounts on their items as early as 6th November in some countries. You are more likely to enjoy a more significant discount from Black Friday deals on electronics. From TV sets, smartphones, sound systems, etc. Jumia has got you covered. Some electronics on Jumia have 25% off, and you are surely getting a better deal as well from Black Friday Zalando deals.

Inspiration: 'The early bird catches the worm' is a famous quote. You can start giving discounts early before other stores in the quest to stay ahead as a marketing strategy.

03 Sonos Black Friday

Do you want to upgrade your speakers? Sonos Black Friday deals have got you covered across a wide range of speakers. There are price drops in Sonos One, Sonos Move, Sonos Beam, and many other ranges of speakers. Don't be left out before you upgrade your sound systems in your home and make your merry boom this Christmas!

Inspiration: Learn to give your customers a range of products so they don't miss anything. It is a good chance to market other products not popularly in your stock-list and expand your sale.

04 Currys Black Friday Deals

A store that is sure of keeping you safe from the reveling pandemic, Currys has laid out how you can shop for your electronics deals Black Friday. The store has put in place measures to prevent contact and let you shop for your discounted items. Many items have discounts from 2% off to 50% off on TVs, cameras, Sound systems, etc.

Inspiration: Perhaps the 'no contact' is a good move, especially, during this pandemic. Use Currys' idea to show to the world that they can buy from you without any physical contact.

05 Takealot Black Friday

From Takealot Black Friday, you can enjoy up to 50% off on electronics. It's that time of the year again when you can buy more at a cheaper price. Likewise, there are aggressive price cuts as a result of the Samsung black Friday deals. Samsung's big-screen TVs are at a low price, with some going for as low as $800. Not forgetting GameStop Black Friday deals, we expect a low price on the new incomers in gaming consoles or promotion on a few items like PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

Inspiration: The price beats the odd is a superb marketing strategy. Offer discounted rates and let every shopper prove that they can buy more for cheaper.

These retail shops have a marketing video to boost their sales at the onset of shopping in the festive season. You too, can put up a nice video to market your items and advertise your Black Friday deals on iPads. You don't need to have a degree in Film Making, to make a powerful video for your audience.

Part 2. Make Your Black Friday Marketing Video

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