Top 6 Email Marketing Templates for Marketers

Where Can You Find the Best Email Marketing Templates?

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If you’re a savvy digital marketer, you’ll know that email marketing templates can make or break your campaign. Designing a killer email marketing template is a cakewalk with the right tools. So, below are a few websites to get the best email newsletter templates to give you an edge in the competitive digital marketing world.

Part 1. 6 Useful Email Marketing Templates for Reference

01 Mailchimp

At Mailchimp, you can get top-performing email newsletter templates for as little as $9.99 per month. This marketing tool boasts more than 100 email templates categorized into varying themes, including Featured, Newsletters, Events, E-commerce, Photography, and more.

Key features:
  • ✔ Intuitive website builder.
  • ✔ Robust marketing CRM.
  • ✔ Sends emails to up to 2000 subscribers for free.
  • ✔ It allows custom branding.


02 Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another excellent marketing tool for businesses of all types and sizes. With it, users can design email newsletters from customizable templates.

Key features:
  • ✔ Unlimited sends.
  • ✔ Multiple customizable templates.
  • ✔ Allows importation of contact lists.
  • ✔ It supports event management and marketing.

Constant Contact

03 Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor offers users straightforward and automated email marketing tools. Here, you can find more than 50 free email marketing templates that are mobile-responsive and compatible with different devices.

Key features:
  • ✔ It offers hundreds of excellently designed templates.
  • ✔ The free plan supports up to 500 contacts.
  • ✔ Users can send up to 2500 emails for free.
  • ✔ It offers an intuitive insights analytics tool.

Campaign Monitor

04 ZOHO Campaigns

ZOHO Campaigns is a straightforward tool with a wide variety of free email templates that you can use on any business. It offers email marketing tools like a complete CRM platform and SalesIQ to convert website visitors into potential clients.

Key features:
  • ✔ It offers more than 200 free template styles.
  • ✔ Simple drag-and-drop email newsletter builder.
  • ✔ It comes with a complete CRM platform.
  • ✔ SalesIQ to convert visitors to clients.

ZOHO Campaigns

05 ConvertKit

At first glance, you may be quick to dismiss ConvertKit as a one-dimensional website with little to offer in terms of templates.

Key features:
  • ✔ Multiple landing page templates.
  • ✔ Intuitive email designer.
  • ✔ Feature to exclude buyers from pitches.
  • ✔ Build custom baths by joining actions, conditions, and events.


06 ActiveCampaign

As far as email marketing templates go, you should probably take a look at ActiveCampaign before any other website on this list. It offers more than 125 beautifully designed email templates that are B2C and B2B friendly.

Key features:
  • ✔ Unlimited email sending.
  • ✔ Advanced performance reporting.
  • ✔ It offers 125+ responsive email templates.
  • ✔ Integrates with 850+ apps including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Calendly, etc.


Part 2. Make a Marketing Video Easily Online

According to research, marketers who use videos grow their companies’ revenues 49% quicker than marketers who don’t. Also, videos can improve the time-dwell on your email and website, according to HubSpot.

With these benefits and many more, it’s evident that you need an app like Wondershare VidAir to create an irresistible promotional email video template.


If you’re still reading up to this end, it’s apparent that you’re serious about finding the perfect email marketing templates. If that’s the case, then choose from the options above. However, it’s important to note that you need to inject your brand’s colors and personalities to build a catchy email template. And, use VidAir to reach out to create a winning marketing video. Have fun!