A Full Guide on Email Marketing You Can't-Miss

What is Email Marketing and How Does it Work?

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Email marketing is indeed here for the long haul. That's because emails remain the most effective and affordable way to connect with 3.2 billion email users worldwide. But with so many electronic communication options coming up, your email campaign needs to be a step ahead of completion to survive. Want to know how? Read on!

Part 1. What is Email Marketing?

As the name hints, email marketing involves sending promotional or commercial messages to a group of people via email. In short, any email sent to a current or potential client is considered email marketing.

Email Marketing

Part 2. 6 Useful Email Marketing Strategies You Should Know

There are a few vital pointers to consider whether you're sending transactional, promotional, or operational emails. They are:

01 Create a Subscriber's List

Before you do anything, it's essential to create a robust subscriber list and keep adding to it whenever possible. You should place subscription forms everywhere on your blog page without being too pesky or blocking important information.

Subscriber's List

02 Create Emails for a Specific Purpose

After assembling a subscriber's list, go ahead and create an email marketing campaign with a specific offer. In other words, your email campaign must engage the recipient in a particular way. State your case by offering a 'bait' in exchange for opening and reading the email.

Create Emails for a Specific Purpose

03 Make it Personal

Research has it that emails with a personal element are more likely to be opened. If you create personalized content, the email will be fun to read, and the recipient will be more encouraged to reply.

Make Email Personal

04 Create Fun, Crisp, and Clear Messages

This one seems obvious, yet most digital marketers are at fault for flaunting this important rule. Don't send email marketing content that looks like one created in the '90s by an amateur. Therefore, ensure your email has an eye-catching subject line that is short and straight to the point.

Create Fun Messages

05 Add Videos and Pictures Relevant to the Email

It's okay to include high-quality videos and pictures in your email marketing campaign. However, your media content should do more than just eat up vital space. Your included media must be relevant to the campaign topic unless you're introducing a new product.

Add Videos to the Email

06 What About the Email Format?

Lastly, think about an email design that works well for your recipients. Are your audience likely to view the email on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone? Will HTML slow the load time, and will it add any value to the campaign?

Email Format

Part 3. How About Email Marketing ROI

If you're a seasoned marketer, you must have heard of the term ROI. So, what is it? ROI (Return of Investment) is a measure for calculating the profitability and efficiency of an investment. In a nutshell, it means calculating the efficiency or profitability of your email marketing campaign.

Here is the format for calculating ROI: (Gain – Spend)/Spend = ROI (Percentage).

Email Marketing ROI

Part 4. Try Video Marketing to Improve Your ROI

Video marketing is indeed an excellent tool for increasing ROI for your brand. Not convinced yet? Well, according to research by Biteable, at least 74% of marketers claim videos offer better ROI than other forms of media like static images. That's because videos can convert complex marketing data into digestible info with fun features.

With that said, use Wondershare VidAir to create an award-winning marketing video.

☑ 3 Steps Guide to Make Videos with Wondershare VidAir

✔ Step 1: Login Wondershare VidAir

Go to https://vidair.wondershare.com/ and click the Login button to proceed with your ID credentials. Create Sign Up if you haven’t any account on Wondershare yet.


✔ Step 2: Choose a social media marketing theme

Goes after selecting your social media video template depending upon the theme of marketing. Click Use this Template tab after confirming the aspect ratio.

marketing theme

✔ Step 3: Create & Export

Upload button to personalize the theme as per your marketing requirements. Click the Export tab to download your project after selecting the resolution.

Create & Export


Email marketing is here for the long haul. With the right approach, you can convert leads into carts in no time. You can even add a video with entertaining storytelling to address your audience's needs straight away. And, of course, calculate your ROI monthly, quarterly, or even annually to avoid shooting in the dark. Good luck!