Top 6 Tips for Email Video Marketing

How to Find a Great Way to Do Email Video Marketing

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At times text just doesn’t cut it. You need a more compelling way to reach out, especially in emails. One great way to do so is through email video marketing.

Emails, for the longest while, have been a formal way of communication. They are a subtle and professional way of communicating, mostly used for official communication. It is, for this reason, they become so essential in email video marketing. Most people wake up to check their emails, and with the ordinary form of email, that is, text, you may get bored by the formats in text emails and skip anything that looks irrelevant to more serious emails. To get their attention, you will need to use video email marketing. Learn what it is and some great tips to help you get started.

Part 1. What is Video Email Marketing

Email video marketing is merely embedding video in the emails you send. Such emails could quickly get you carried away. Videos in emails have proven effective in marketing. Why? Because visuals are more enticing as compared to text and formal formats used in emails. Most people are always inclined to watch a video to absorb information better. Video email marketing statistics have also proven that this form of marketing works slightly to almost no drawbacks. What are the benefits of using video in email marketing? How is it done, and what are the best practices? Learn these and more from this feature and figure out how it can help you grow and expand your business or brand.

Part 2. Benefits of Email Video Marketing

Let's take a step back and see one feature and hallmark difference between sending literature and videos in emails. For the most part, many people will choose to watch a video because it is a more comfortable medium of communication and reaches out your message. To elaborate we would say text may take you time to digest and go through the entire documentation, whereas videos tend to be entertaining and draw attention.

Videos make use of a psychological maneuver where you get indirectly drawn to watch and learn instead of reading and digest information. The deception is that, compared to text, things in videos showcase real-time, and thus videos are more engaging.

Now fast forward to the advent of "videos going viral." It is self-explanatory and is a great deal, a benefit in email video marketing. Imagine what this could do for you, with all the SEO endeavors, and how good it would be for your SERPs.

Part 3. 6 Useful Tips to Improve Your Video Email Marketing

01 High-Quality Videos and Auto-play

To start, you will need to utilize high-quality videos and presentations. Low quality is a massive put-off. You will need a useful and dedicated video production tool, and for this job, Wondershare VidAir is best suited. It is the best tool to help you with video editing, generating video thumbnails, and even making high-quality videos.

Next, you will need to engage your subscribers the moment they open the email instantly. With auto-play and a high-quality video, they will feel more relaxed as no one wants to keep on clicking to load a video. On this point, note to keep the sound turned off.

VidAir Video Production Tool.

02 Personalize Emails

Make use of analytics on your platforms to get ahead of things. Suppose you realize that a visitor on your website was watching a video. However, it didn't come around to finishing it, and you then notice that this is becoming a pattern. You could use video email marketing software to help automatically send out the video via email to remind them to finish watching the video. This tip could help grow your business and even foster a better relationship with the user from a business perspective. Picture a company sending you an email kindly requesting you to finish watching the video. It could make you feel pleased and vital.

Personalizing Emails.

03 Delight Subscribers

Delighting subscribers can be in many different ways, besides entertaining them. That is why they become subscribers in the first place, so go a step further and share some bonus content with them. Your subscribers would probably want to enjoy a variety of your content. You can achieve it by doing things such as offering them early access to webinars, or you could also educate them and enlighten them about the values that matter most to your business.

04 Announcements

Here you have a chance to utilize one of the email marketing video best practices. From announcements such as upcoming events to launching or announcing a new product line, a video could help you do it best. Take, for instance, promoting an upcoming event using text. It sounds a bit dull. With a video, though, you immerse them and build interest in the forthcoming event.

You can also spice up newsletters and add videos to make them riveting, and your subscribers can easily catch up on things they missed.


05 Company Culture

There is a lot at play here. First of all, at this point, you need to think out-of-the-box. No matter how unconventional that may sound, it also is very dull to display products as any other companies do conventionally.

You could experiment with a blend of public-facing to promote your brand. It will add a sense of calmness and reliability as people get to know your brand.

Company Culture.

06 A/B Test and Results

This email video marketing technique may sound a bit technical. It is an outstanding video email marketing means to figure out the analytics and metrics to measure your results. Put, with A/B Tests. You will be able to see the conversions better, whether video or no video, static or animated thumbnail, or even more text or less. With such results, you can build upon what needs to be improved and enhanced.

A/B Tests.

Part 4. Easy Tool to Help You Start Video Marketing by Yourself

In short, there are many more helpful email video marketing tips to consider. Using practices such as the word video in the subject line, including captivating video captions, making use of attractive thumbnails, keeping in mind the best video formats that will work on many email hosting services, and so on. Today we discussed some important ones. Finally, a reiteration, remember, when it comes to creating videos, make high-quality videos, as it is all about video email marketing and the best tool is Wondershare VidAir.

Wondershare VidAir