Instagram Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Which One Should I Choose

The complete guide to advertising on Instagram and Facebook Ads

“Do Facebook ads run on Instagram?”- Anonymous.

You must be aware that you can now easily share photos on Facebook and Instagram simultaneously. But you ever thought if it is possible to do the same with your ads too. Yup, it is now potential. Especially when it comes to branding or business development, such Facebook Instagram advertising plays a vital role. Today, we are about to discuss in detail Facebook and Instagram ads together so that you can decide on what can be put into effect to achieve success in your goal. Alongside, we are about to introduce you to an outstanding application which makes your Facebook ads, or Instagram ads usage easily.

Part 1. What's the Difference between Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads

01 Facebook Ads

Recognized to be the third top social media network most visited globally, Facebook has started rolling out ads that mostly appear on the News Feed page of your Facebook account. Generally driven public, particular ad contents come up with actions to be shared with your friends or like the page. With active policy enforcement, the data and information get secured from third-party app access and not sold to advertisers. The exciting part is that you get ads related to the interests and age category, and hence you are assured of getting the relevant ads from Facebook.

Facebook ads demographics

02 Instagram Ads

With another milestone of 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the best bet for a brand and business promotion standing next to Facebook. With effective use of "Suggestions for you" and explore page, Instagram is the top best choice for engagement. When it comes to Instagram ads, it is the new way that companies are actively using to advertise them to the audience with visual content and pictures. With various Instagram campaigns, you can manage them effectively with your Facebook account. All you need is to open the "Instagram for Business" account today.

Instagram ads demographics

03 Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads

Ready to look at a one-to-one battle of Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads? Here is an analysis made between Facebook and Instagram ads to better understand their similarities and differences.

Aspects Instagram Facebook
Reach New with 1 billion monthly active users. It is the oldest platform with 2.41 billion monthly active users.
Best suited for Business and brand promotion. You get incredible user-targeting options, reaching the maximum number for the audience.
Engagement You get good engagement for shopping platforms, e-commerce business, and sales increase. Best for advertising opportunities.
Demographics With the younger generation as popular users of 75%, Instagram comes 2nd in demographics. With maximum usage daily with 74%, 64% of adults in the US, Facebook takes 1st place in demographics.
  • • Good engagement rates
  • • Perfect platform with a young audience
  • • Visual medium attracting beauty products and fashion
  • • More possibility of online purchase
  • • Highest-referral to e-commerce sites.
  • • Exceptional as ad visibility is to all age groups
  • • It promotes landing pages for business & products
  • • Extensive analysis and reports
  • • The Popularity of Facebook ad CTR
Disadvantages Lacks desktop experience and has a limited audience. Facebook struggles in getting engagement from users and organic reach.
Instagram Facebook marketing stats

Part 2. Which one should I choose?

2.1 What to choose: Facebook ads or Instagram ads?

In the previous session, we made quick analytics over a few factors or criteria and found how well Facebook vs. Instagram ads perform. It's now time to get to a verdict on which is the better choice suited for your domain.

  • Which ad is best for Brand engagement? Facebook has 60 million business pages, only 30% of users get engaged. Instagram wins here as 80% of users follow an Instagram brand and respond to the ads.
  • Audience & targeting: Being the most senior social media platform, Facebook has a broad audience globally with people of all age groups. Whereas in the case of Instagram, it takes 18-34-year-old men and women as the majority. So, as of activeness, Facebook wins here.
  • Ad types: Facebook supports 11 types of ads like video, photo, collection, lead, slideshow, carousel, to event response ads. In contrast, Instagram supports four types like Stories, carousel, videos, and pictures.
  • Ads costs: No matter what the social media platform is, advertising campaigns are costly. For Facebook, CPC is around $0.20, and CPM is $7.19. Instagram isn't cheaper, too, with CPC, $1.41, and CPM $7.91. All the factors are more or less equal, and so which is a better choice? Why don't you go with both? The idea seems good? Yes, doing so will let you benefit from effect budgeting and scheduling tasks, creating ads, integration with Facebook's business manager, and optimization. Additionally, Facebook Instagram ads give you a high ROI, so it's good to take advantage of two platforms. Yes, adding Instagram to Facebook is the best choice you can prefer today for your marketing goal.

2.2 How to add an Instagram account to a Facebook page?

Yes, Facebook Instagram advertising isn't tricky as you can imply it in just two steps.

Step 1: Open your FB business page, and from the settings, click on the Instagram.

Facebook business page

Tap the Log In option to link your Instagram account to Facebook to take you to the below interface to enter the credentials.

Step 2: Once logged in, tap the Get Started button that will help you in switching to the business profile to reach insights, and create promotions.

Manage Instagram on Facebook

From here, you can edit or access the desired options as per your requirements.

Part 3. Easy Online Video Ads Maker for Facebook and Instagram

Want to learn how to get more Instagram followers using Facebook ads? Then, creating great awe video ads is the best option. But is it possible without any software? Yes, it is, with VidAir. VidAir is an online video creator platform from Wondershare that paves the way to expand your brand or business by crafting beautiful videos. With access to tons of royalty-free resources like images, videos, and music, VidAir makes your search easier and editing hassle-free as well with the ready-to-use video editor toolbox. While they are just a glimpse, you can know more from below!

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Intuitive user-friendly interface with creative templates inspired by ideas.
  • 2. Offers 8+ advanced video editing functions like effects, stickers, and so on.
  • 3. Create one video supporting multiple platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • 4. Abundant accessible sources like music, images, and local uploads.
  • 5. Access to rich elements like text effects and stickers to highlight points.

Steps to Make Videos for Facebook Instagram Advertising with VidAir

Step 1 Log in with the Wondershare ID or Sign Up

On the VidAir official website, tap the LOG IN button if you already have the Wondershare ID. Else, the SIGN UP to create a new VIdAir account.

Vidair login or signup

Step 2 Template Selection

Tap the Templates option from the top bar to choose the ad template to create the video. The search bar is available too for finding the relevant one.

Template selection

To choose a template, tap on the desired one, and configure it if required. Once modified, tap the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE button.

Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Create Video in VidAir

You are now taken the video creating overview whereby you can start making the Facebook Instagram ads with access to rich elements. You can preview them now and there with the preview window under the editing screen.

Create/edit video ad

Make sure you save the changes often by tapping the Save option that will keep your video under My Projects. To upload them to Facebook, all you need to do is export the video with the Export button.

Save and export the video


Finally, if you are still confused about selecting Facebook ads or Instagram ads, then go for Facebook Instagram ads as the better choice. It will help you reach millennials, and VidAir will support you to make it happen. Thus, choose a strategy and give VidAir a try today!