Top 10 Tips to Help with your Facebook Affiliate Market

10 tips to boost your Facebook affiliate market

Over the years, many have spent so much money trying to figure out how to successfully do Facebook affiliate marketing, while others fell to the misleading practices of gurus who claim to help with affiliate marketing. In the end, both parties never successfully executed it and even ended up spending so much when trying to do affiliate marketing on Facebook. While there are some sure and proven strategies, we shall expediently look at 10 Facebook affiliate marketing strategies. We will also walk you through one great way to get you started or advance with affiliate marketing using Facebook affiliate ads.

Part 1. Top 10 Facebook Affiliate Market Tips

01 Direct and Indirect Affiliate Links

Facebook affiliate marketing can be through the use of both direct and indirect affiliate links. When using direct connections, you can post a product on Facebook with a link from where to get it, say like on, where it directs to Amazon once clicking the link. Direct Facebook affiliate marketing is low resistance and high conversion, best suited to promoting free items, trials, and even pay per lead programs. In contrast, you can use the indirect method to influence, persuade and even provide commentary and insights.

02 Lead Magnet

Having many more chances to capture and make sales from almost every customer through your affiliate products is entirely what everybody else wants. One great way is to capture email addresses with Facebook affiliate ads. When you are offering or selling an affiliate product, let it be a legit product, say guitar. A good instance would be to propose How to learn to play the electric guitar in a week. But, you ought to make sure they learn how to play the guitar in a week.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Lead Magnet

03 Strong Landing Page

While it goes without saying, having a good online presence gives you bonus points. It is where you can provide further details about your business, collect reviews and other user-generated content. Here is where you can share updates and constantly engage with followers. Some key points to consider setting up a strong Landing Page, like the about section should be completed, upload high-resolution cover and profile photos.

04 Actively Engaging with Fans

Some of the Facebook affiliate marketing strategies listed are intertwined, and it only stands to reason that they should at times be carried out together. For instance, once you have a great landing page, you should then move on to posting, as this will help engage with fans. Likes will not be enough as you will have to provide both education and entertaining stuff. That means your page will continuously stay fresh, depending on how you post.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Actively Engaging with Fans

05 Strategy and Tracking

Facebook affiliate marketing needs to have a strategy. Thus, you need to have a procedure for how you do things, from posting to how you present your profile. Promoting your items on your profile might make you look like a spammer. So build trust and relationships. When doing this of Facebook groups and with a little touch of Facebook affiliate ads, certain ad posts are typical on specific networks. Thus, connect and have a good posting frequency as this is unique to each person.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Strategy and Tracking

06 Leveraging Influencers

This tip is a sure way to increase your engagement and even more visitors and consumers to your products. It is all done ingeniously through affiliate marketing Facebook ads where, instead of doing all the hard work, influencers can help you out with either the direct or indirect links or ads to your page. The first step is to have a good profile, use social listening tools that will help you find the best influencer that can help further build your brand and bring more consumers.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Leveraging Influencers

07 Posts

What makes posts have a stand among the other Facebook affiliate marketing strategies is that you may have to find a reliable tool to schedule your posting once you have a good online presence. You have already created your Facebook profile, and with a scheduling tool like Hootsuite, everything is easily laid out with a mix of diverse content posts that can increase your engagement rate.

08 Engaged Audience List

It is where the cream rises to the top. After all the hard work, this is where you come down to an engaged list who are willing and ready and earnestly want to get your product. While it doesn't sound that simple, at this point, you will have gone through all the pitfalls to get their email, engage with them, and now what's left is to have them recognize your brand continually. Hence, you will have to engage with your audience by replying to the comments and loving them often.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Engaged Audience List

09 Marketing Automation

Some of the methodologies may not work for everybody, say for the autoresponder campaign or the automated and scheduled posts, which may be best to do personally. Some tools like social listening techniques are a great way to keep track of digital conversations and know what is happening. Thus, it would be best to figure out what will work best for you when it comes to marketing automation.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Marketing Automation

10 Reach Out In Different Ways (Types of Media or Use Facebook Ads)

One other great Facebook affiliate marketing strategy and highly recommended is the use of Facebook affiliate ads. 96% of social media marketers consider Facebook ads the most effective paid advertising channel on social networks. Unlike other networks, Facebook ads seamlessly integrate into the users' news feed without much interruption.

Facebook Affiliate Market - Reach Out In Different Ways (Types of Media or Use Facebook Ads)

Part 2. How to Make a Facebook Affiliate Marketing Video

Looking for a way to make stunning Facebook affiliate ads without the need for complex software or even scripts? One of the most important and crucial platforms for this specific exercise released by Wondershare Technologies is the VidAir Video Maker. It is easy to use. When it comes to affiliate marketing Facebook ads, you can create high-quality video ads online, easy to use, and utilize the latest technology with a friendly interface in just three steps.

Steps to Make Facebook Affiliate Marketing Video with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

Once you enter the VidAir website, if you already have the Wondershare ID, tap the LOG IN option.

login Wondershare ID

If you do not have an ID, you can create one by clicking on the SIGN UP, followed by providing a valid email and password.

Step 2 Choose a Template

Once logged in, from the top toolbar, click on the Templates button and start choosing the desired template.

find the correct templates

After picking a template to use, click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE button to create your ad.

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

Here, you will have the option to create your video by adding text, audio, stickers, or even upload an existing video from local files.

edit the Facebook affiliate marketing video

Finally, you can tap the Save button on the top right corner to save the video under the My Projects. To close the project, tap the Export button to download it.

save and export Facebook affiliate marketing video


Facebook affiliate marketing needs to be done with carefully executed steps and using the best and proven methods, which in turn boost not only your Facebook page ranking but also your sales. Thus, with these Facebook affiliate marketing strategies, using VidAir to make captivating ads would be your best bet!