Top 8 Facebook Campaign You Can Take Reference From

8 Types of Facebook advertising campaigns in 2021

You're not alone if you are stressing about the new Facebook campaign. Due to the latest improvements to the Facebook algorithm, many advertisers are left scratching their heads regarding new Facebook video campaigns. We picked eight examples from brands that beheaded everyone with their Facebook ad campaigns. Letter by letter, we have examined the accuracy; we assessed each tiny aspect and tried to understand what worked. We have discovered winning approaches, strategic trends, innovative strategies of Facebook promotions, and many tips and techniques to improve this year's performance!

Part 1. The Clever 8 Facebook Ads Campaigns

01 Burger King

Burger King gave McDonald's a public letter in 2015 offering to merge their widely renowned meal to give McWhopper a special World Peace Day bid. The message, which was released as a proper news ad, asked McDonald's to view's unity campaign. McDonald's rejected the bid, but Burger King successfully became the winner to his desired population.


LEGO demonstrates that picture advertisements do not need a snapshot to be successful with this vivid, vibrant graphic creativity. An imaginative copy builds suspense and attracts interactions despite giving up too much. To promote hits, the call-to-action icon employs the low-commit text "View Event".

03 Slack

The widely accepted reality is that practically all of us have a meaningless group meeting. Slack as a messaging medium is a compelling attraction for both the convenient but extremely effective graphic example of what it looks like to be in 25 percent fewer gatherings.

The ad is humorous and profits entirely from Internet speech and imagery to make this project more related. CTA is also useful for publicity as it would not be the most successful tactic to require people to register based on the information provided alone.

04 Dollar Shave Club

The men's apparel industry is a billion-dollar company, making it a challenging market for companies that sell men's products. This has not hindered Dollar Shave Club, one of the largest sector companies to separate itself and an overwhelmingly busy market. The organization instantly separates itself from firms like Gillette, which began to destroy the Dollar Shave Club's supremacy in the gender-specific products sector, which closely adheres to traditional expectations.

05 Denny

Not frightened of sometimes sharing the odd thing, Dennys' popularity shows that the untaken path occasionally enables your business to get even more attention. These posts are often important for feedback, while otherwise "safe" contents might be overlooked. Advertisers should learn a thing or two from this moving strategy without tossing feathers. Denny's recently retained its sense of humor and succeeded in getting away from publishing memoirs or pictures from the wall.

06 Sephora

Despite its high degree of dedication, Facebook specifically needs brands to create video content. This is precisely why video advertisements are already thriving, like this Sephora advertisement, which culminated in a clicking rate of 41% up from the prior ads. Much happens visually here that allows the ad to jump out in the streams of our customers.

07 Pura Vida

This ad demolishes the idea that Facebook publicity is a brilliant example of carousel advertisements in reality. Pura Vida successfully sold 20x as many exclusive items because of the innovative, immersive aspect of this carousel campaign. Each slide reflects a different ad per se, which makes plenty of space for creativity and more chances for conversion.

08 Cadbury

To Cadbury Dairy Milk in the UK, hitting 1 million Facebook supporters was a massive deal. Cadbury put 6,600 pounds of Dairy Milk products into the form of a massive Facebook "Like" thumbs-Up. That was a very big thing.

Cadbury gave some realistic reference graphs to give viewers an indication of the breadth of the side. It is as wide as two vehicles or six ping-pongs on each other's backs or weighs up to 24 newborn elephants.

Part 2. Make Your Facebook Video Campaigns Now

By incorporating Facebook advertisements into your marketing activities, you will excel and improve your gain because it ensures high returns. Let us take a closer look at their advantages to fully grasp the value of Facebook video ads:


  • Video is a more powerful means of gaining popularity, particularly on Facebook, especially in comparison with text and pictures. Facebook video campaigns trend well on social media. Video content illustrates objects in transition in the context of special and imaginative stories, highlighting their characteristics.

Highest Audience

  • Still believe the figures, perhaps one of the most common sites for playing video advertising is Facebook. This social media site reportedly alone has 2 billion users worldwide. The vast majority of firms are running their promotional campaigns now for this cause.


  • Every advertiser would understand that it is necessary to invest in online marketing, as it serves to grow the brand. However, the pricing range varies based on the marketing objectives on the same site, like Facebook.
  • It is a persuasive forum, as the promotional costs can differ based on multiple factors.

For Retargeting, Video Advertisements are perfect

  • Video advertisements from Facebook generate great chances for the viewers to be retargeted. There are several explanations for video retargeting and its advantages. It provides outstanding possibilities for organizations, so learning how to use it is a wise move.

Video content is very beneficial for any social media platform, not just for Facebook. However, the best tool for making Fcabookk ads is VidAir. It is a simple online content creator that offers innovative video samples and allows you to customize text, pictures, videos, music, etc.

Users just need to follow 3 steps to use VidAir:

  • Step 1. Register and Login.
  • Step 2. Select a template.
  • Step 3. Description of Video Editor.

Step 1 Visit the Official VidAir Site and Sign Up

Users would first have to log in to WondershareVidAir ID to use Wondershare Video Producer.

Unless you already have a WSID account, press the login page on this website. It will open a pop-up box, enter your email account, and press the following icon to enter your password. Tap on the SIGN UP button and create an account if you are new to Wondershare.

visit the official website
log in to your account
sign up for an account

Step 2 Select the Template

After connecting to the VidAirWondershare, you will be navigating the templates section by clicking on the Template icon above your website.

find a template

Many templates are available on this tab. Finally, you can start making a video by using the the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATEoption.

Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Start the Creation

Now, by adding information, video, graphic, stickers, audio, and downloading your folder, you can begin designing your video.

Edit videos

You will see the Save icon located at the upper right-hand corner. Press it to save your design.

Once you are all done with creating your Instagram post, tap the Save option that will save your video under the My Projects. To upload them on Instagram, you can hit the Export button to download the video.

Export or save the video

Press the Export icon to transfer your video after updates have been made.


Brands nowadays must therefore consider what works on the platform nowadays. The above strategies for advertisers of all types and sizes are perfectly appropriate.

It could be a little more difficult to handle a Facebook campaign than before with the latest algorithm. That said, it can also be killed by those determined to do one's work in respect of imaginative material and ad styles.