Facebook E-Commerce: The 10 Best Ads Strategies You Shouldn't Miss

10 Best Facebook ad campaigns to boost eCommerce sales

One of the good things about Facebook ads is if you're going to be able to do a lot with them. There is an endless audience that you can target using the Facebook ads for e-commerce and hence earn a lot of revenue from there. Currently, more than 1.39 billion people are using Facebook actively, and therefore you can estimate the number of people you will be able to target. Facebook e-commerce can help you in different ways when it comes to making profits in business. However, if you are new to this field and are a little panicked, then no problem, you don't need to worry about anything. In this article, all your questions will be cleared as you will go through some important tips regarding Facebook Advertising for e-commerce, then read on.

Part 1. Top 10 Tips for Facebook Ecommerce Ads

Let us begin with some of the best strategies to help you know the excellent tips for your business.

01 Apply relevant and stunning images

The perfect Facebook ads for ecommerce utilize relevant and high-quality images to make it more presentable. All the images are not fake ones, but they will present your product as more real and beautiful. And catch more audience. If you want your product to be more memorable, you can make it catchier and add more images. Prefer becoming friendlier with the customers to engage with them and meet the target of the sales.

02 Uses the image that has faced

It is one of the most famous tactics for e-commerce platforms. Humans will connect to other humans more friendly. And after all, you're selling your product to humans. This is something more familiar and catching more customers in your footstep. On seeing human faces, then it will be convenient for others to connect with the audience quickly.

03 Eye-catching images

Applying eye-catching images will create your ad more stunning and powerful. Don't apply difficult and distracting images; it will not draw the attention of the client. Using simple images that have a significant empty portion is the product key to grasp the customer. If you can apply eye-catching images, then it will be convenient for customers.

04 Try to focus on the valued proposition

If you use the relevant image and your ad is creative enough, you can easily catch the customers. But in this, there is a need to be clear about your value proposition. In this way, by focusing on valued recommendations, you can grasp a good number of audiences.

05 Congruence about the brand

In the eCommerce space era, the value of brand consistency is hugely underrated. There is a need that your fonts, logo, tone to all are identical. And you need that everything should be perfect. Maintain everything so that it looks perfect and suitable. All the images should be perfect and fine. And all the things should be creative and innovative to pick the audience.

06 The need for call-to-action

All the advertising of Facebook is designed in such a way to inspire the audience. Apart from, grasping the attention with stunning visuals, your ads will also want a call-to-action. In this way, you can also maintain your previous customers and grasp the newer ones. You can always call upon the audience.

07 Various versions and split testing

The relevant method to improve your return on investment from ads of Facebook, simply like the marketing practicing, is to check your tactic. All the well-organized brands on Facebook always check various ads by changing the creativeness, offering, and targeting the audience.

08 Social platform proof

All the online clients always compare different brands, buying the product based on the opinion and thinking of other customers, friends, and family. This is the very right thing on a platform like Facebook, which is mostly community focused. You can establish trust and develop social proof with stories and testimonials. If your friends and family are associated with any brand, companies will be good for you to trust easily.

09 Engaging with others

All humans are comfortable purchasing if their friends and family recommend them. You will feel better, and association with friends and family feels you trustworthy. You can also engage with Facebook posts. You can develop a feeling of trust, and running an ad is optimized for sales. Now you can easily connect and engage with others. If your friends and colleagues suggest something to you, then you can easily develop trust and buy them.

10 Carousel of ads

In the carousel ads, each user can scroll through a group of images that are a better choice in the industry of eCommerce. Now you can apply the allotted image to advertise your product.

Part 2. How to Make the Best Facebook Video Ads

You can now make the best Facebook ads for e-commerce with the help of Wondershare VidAir. It is an online video editor that helps you create the best advertisements for your business. Below are some important features of VidAir.

Key Features

  • VidAir provides you a huge range of templates.
  • It is perfect for both beginners and advanced users.
  • Create your videos within few minutes.
  • You can add stickers and text effects to highlight the necessary information about the product and brand.
  • Get royalty-free images, music, and templates for video.

Step 1 Visit the Official VidAir Site and Sign Up

You will open Wondershare VidAir on your device. If you have got a VidAir account, log in and if not, then sign up for free. Choose the best template out of the others provided on the home page. Tap the one that you like. Then choose the aspect ratio that matches your needs. Click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE button.

visit the official website
log in to your account
sign up for an account

Step 2 Select the Template

You will want to boost your video advertising on this window. From here, you can put music to the videos by selecting the library or add your favorite songs with just a click of the Audio button. From the Text tab, add the stylish captions and change them to your preference. You can add some cool stickers to your video ads.

find a template
Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Start the Creation

If you've finished editing, you can export these high-quality videos. Also, make sure you delete the VidAir watermark before doing so. Click the Export button from the top right corner. Pick the video quality and watermark option and click the Export button again.

Edit videos
Export or save the video


From the previous years, advertisement is the focus of the companies throughout the country. To easily access the users and to create video ads easily, VidAir is good for you. It helps to create videos for Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook. To make your ads more creative and innovative, you can upload a video. And advertising video on the online platform is the best solution. You can develop an awesome video for any kind of business and organization and upload it on any social media platform you want. For online video marketing, this amazing video maker seems to be suitable for you.