How to Get Started with Facebook In-Stream Ads

The complete guide for using Facebook in-stream ads

It was in the year 2017 that Facebook came up with these amazing in-stream video ads features. Coming off this feature on one of these favorite social media sites was a boon for digital advertisers. So, it has been witnessed that people usually watch videos on this platform, and hence they would certainly be watching these Facebook in-stream ads.

It provided the businesses and advertisers an option to showcase their ads between the ongoing videos or live sessions. You will glad to know that a well-designed Facebook in-stream ad can help you generate sales and earn profits. The digital video ads were never alike unless you know that only 60-70% is watched completely. Hence, combining the features of an online advertisement with the in-stream Facebook ads will certainly help you reap more benefits. In this article, we will be covering up a different aspect of these Facebook in-stream ads to get a better idea of what it completely is about.

Person watching Facebook In-Stream Ads

Part 1. What is Facebook In-Stream Ad?

For all those who do not know, the Facebook In-stream Video Ad Placement allows you to display a mid-roll video advertisement to audiences who view media content online from selected producers and publishers. These advertisements will be of 5-15 seconds and cannot be ignored by the viewers. A Facebook in-stream video ad is sent to the target audience watching a video for the last 60 seconds. It will indicate their interest, and also, they will be more attentive to your video. By combining this feature with proper research of the target audience, we can say that it will be effective. Here is an example of the Facebook in-stream ad from ABC News 4, which popped up on a Good Housekeeping video.

ABC New 4 in-stream ads in Good Housekeeping Video

Video Ads Specifications

You need to follow certain specifications for creating the in-stream Facebook ads. Here are the specifications mentioned below.

  • Length-The in-stream video ads should be 5 and 15 seconds long on Facebook. It can be 10-120 seconds on the Audience Network when selecting automatic placements. And 5-30 seconds to select in-stream video placement.
  • Sound-It is necessary to add sound for all the ad placements.
  • Aspect Ratio-The aspect ratio of videos with Facebook is square (1:1), vertical (9:16), and landscape (16:9). On Audience Network, it is landscape (16:9) and square (1:1).
  • Objective-Not Applicable for Facebook, but for Audience Network, it includes brand recognition, conversion rate, video views, and engagement.

Part 2. Why Use the Facebook In-Stream Ads?

If your objective is to maximize awareness, brand recognition, influence, or interaction, you can use in-stream video placement. Here is why you need to use them.

  • Creates Brand Awareness

The target audience-based advertising makes it easier to deliver targeted advertising to the right people, and that's why this ad style is perfect for increasing brand recognition. When viewers watch a video of their preference, the recommended videos will immediately continue to be played afterward. This provides more chances for in-stream Facebook ads to get in front of consumers.

  • Increases Visibility

It is surveyed that more than one million people watch an advertisement via Facebook's Audience Network every month. Hence, this means that you have got access to a worldwide audience. Below is a graph shows that how using in-stream ads is helpful.

Graph Shows How People Consume Advertisment
  • Boosts Engagement

Being in collaboration with only reputed publishers, we can say that Facebook in-stream ads can allow you to generate campaigns for increasing user engagement. So, the more videos you upload, the more effective your campaign will become.

Part 3. How to Use Facebook InStream Video Ads?

Now that you know in detail about the Facebook in-stream ads, here is how you can use them.

  • 1. Create 5 to 15 seconds of video ad

It should be catchy and interesting enough to grab people's attention. Remember to make it according to the video specifications.

  • 2. Set a Facebook In-Stream Video Ad

Set up a campaign by clicking on Go to Ads Manager and then click Create.

Set Up a Campaign

Select the Video Views as an objective and then type the name of the campaign. Once done, then click on Continue.

Select Video Views and then Continue

Then, create your targets in the same way you usually do when you make an advertisement. Next, scroll down to Placements and pick Edit Placements.

Scroll to Placement and Edit Placements

All the placements will be highlighted by default. If you'd like to view your video ads on Facebook only, pick the In-Stream Videos option under Facebook.

Select In-Stream Videos under Facebook

Select In-Stream Videos under Audience Network

Select In-Stream Videos under Facebook
  • 3. Keep track of Where the In-Stream Ad Appears

Scroll down to the bottom of the Placement Section, then click on Exclude Categories. Next, pick the categories in which you do not want this ad to appear. You can also block it from appearing on certain websites.

Click Exclude Categories and Remove the unwanted ones

Create a block list and then upload it as .csv or .txt file.

Create a block list
Upload the block list
  • 4. Analyze the Facebook In-Stream Video Campaign Results for Optimizing Placement

To assess and evaluate the results of your advertisement campaign, you can have a look at the brief of ad placement. With it, you can figure out whether or not you are getting a good response from the news feed or Audience Network Placement. Here, you can see the breakdown of the results from both device and location.

See a campaign result breakdown by placement and device

These were the operational steps of how you can create the Facebook in-stream ads. Make sure to follow them properly for good and effective results.

Part 4. Make Facebook InStream Video Online Now

To create the best Facebook in-stream ads for your business or company, Wondershare VidAir is certainly the best recommendation. This online video editor software can help you create high-quality videos using the amazing features available. Below are some important features of why VidAir is the best.

Key Features

  • You can use it 24X7 to complete your task.
  • One can create the best quality and innovative videos in just a few minutes.
  • There are a lot of cool stickers, texts, and music available on the platform.
  • Get your hands on some creative and eye-catching free video templates.
  • You will get more benefits at no or very little price.

Step 1 Visit the Official VidAir Site and Sign Up

Firstly, begin by opening the Wondershare VidAir on your browser. If you have an account on VidAir, then LOG IN by entering the WSID, but if no, then head on towards creating an account. After done with SIGN UP and LOG IN, you can start by selecting your favorite template out of all provided on the main page. You need to click on the design you like and choose the aspect ratio that matches your needs. Then, lastly, click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE tab.

visit the official website
log in to your account
sign up for an account

Step 2 Select the Template

You can create and enhance your video ads on this window. Start by adding music to the video by choosing it from the given library, or you can also upload your songs with just a click. Moving on to the text, you can add nice captions to the video. Also, do not forget to add colorful stickers to your video ads.

find a template
Use this template in VidAir

Step 3 Start the Creation

Once editing is completed to your satisfaction, you can then export this high-quality video. Also, when you do so, remember to remove the VidAir watermark from the video. On the top right corner, press the Export button. Select the video quality, remove the watermark option, and then press Export again.

Edit videos
Export or save the video


With the help of Facebook in-stream ads, we can say that businesses and companies can reap many benefits. It will help them create their brand image, get recognition, generate sales, and earn revenue. However, for all these, it is of utmost importance to create high-quality video ads. We surely would recommend using the Wondershare VidAir for creating online video ads. It will help you in the long term, and we hope that this will certainly make it possible for you to accomplish your goals.