All Ways to Make Facebook Lead Generation Ads

How to make Facebook lead generation ads

So, what is Lead Generation, and what are Lead Generation Facebook Ads? First, a Lead is any party that is interested in what you are offering. They are, in simple terms a potential customer. Now, Lead Generation is the process of turning prospects into leads. It is grabbing strangers' attention, continuously warming them up, and eventually closing sales. Facebook lead gen ads are the tools used to grab their attention and making it easier to convert them as future customers. There are many ways to undertake this activity. This article will guide some of the best routes and tips to help you get more potential followers or customers and convert them to loyal followers or paying customers.

Part 1. How to Make Facebook Lead Generation Ads with Wondershare VidAir

Utilizing Lead Generation techniques will require you to employ specific tools such as VidAir Video Maker to help you make Facebook video lead ads and enhance your other lead generation techniques. This part will be more concerned with making the lead generation Facebook ads to increase user engagement on your page. VidAir is accessible and has so many more impressive features making it one of the best video makers.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Easily make videos and ads for any social network like Facebook.
  • 2. Numerous creative and editable templates.
  • 3. Flexible video editor for beginners and professionals.
  • 4. Many various elements such as effect and sticker.
  • 5. Royalty-free media (video, images, and audio).

Steps to Make Facebook Lead Ads with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

To use VidAir, you will need to have a Wondershare account. On the VidAir Official Website, you can then click on the LOG IN button and provide the email used when creating the account and password to log in. Else, choose the SIGN UP option to create one.

VidAir login or signup

Step 2 Choose a Template

From the new window displayed after logging in, click on the Templates, and you will see the templates page. You can then find the desired template.

choose a template

After deciding on which template to use, set the aspect ratio as Vertical (9:16) as this one works best for Facebook, then click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE.

adjusting the aspect ratio

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

You can now start to create the lead generation ad for Facebook by adding desired elements such as audio, images, text, or upload from local files.

video creator overview

To start editing, locate the Video Editor, which is below the Preview Pane. When you are done with editing, click on the Preview to view the video ad created.

start video editing

You can then save the file by clicking on the Save button located at Video Maker's top right corner. Your file will show under the My Projects accessed by clicking on your avatar. You can also export the file to upload to any social network or Facebook by using the Export button.

save or export your creation

Part 2. Most Helpful Tips About Facebook Lead Generation Ads

Driving traffic to your website isn't enough. Also, using lead generation to get people there is just the tip of the iceberg. You will need to convert them and make sales, and what better way than to use a platform the supports and provide this opportunity with over 2 billion active users? Facebook is one prominent social media and can improve brand visibility and sales. When using any Facebook lead gen ads, you will need to do this with the aid of some proven-to-work strategies, and below are a few of them to help you convert leads and make sales.

01 Eliminate Conversion Friction

What is Conversion Friction, and how do you eliminate it? Conversion friction is the psychological resistance to any element in sales during the sign-up process. You stop it through the use of a Facebook lead generation campaign. You can also use many of them to collect valuable information from prospects without redirecting them to your landing page.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads - Eliminate Conversion Friction

02 Lead Generation Offer

You have to choose a tempting offer for your Facebook leads. It will only mean that they will be willing to exchange and give you their details by offering something to them. You will need to offer something inviting as some who see the lead ads may not click. Good examples of things to offer include e-books, discounts, free trials, gift certificates, and more.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads - Lead Generation Offer

03 Lead Ads Optimized for Mobile

Most people seem to forget when creating ads because they do it for websites or desktop computers. It, thus, throws out the window the chance of the ad successfully reaching mobile users. Hence, lead generation Facebook ads also need optimization for mobile to reach more people.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads - Lead Ads Optimized for Mobile

04 Metrics

Using CRM solution/ESP is among the advanced tips, especially for those looking to further their pursuits in using Facebook lead gen ads. The lead ads by Facebook have a variety of integration with CRM solutions. Therefore, you can seamlessly acquire the leads directly to your Customer Relationship Management system to make the sales team life much easier. The CRM can also integrate with third-party platforms such as ESP's, and you can send your leads to your Email Service Provider.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads - Metrics


At this point, you will have realized that it takes some trial and error to figure out the strategies that work. It is a continuous learning process. Keep on trying out new things and be open to new ideas. You will also need to be monitoring your progress to know if what you are doing is working.

There are still many more tips for executing a successful Facebook lead generation campaign. Other tips for leads Facebook ads include the adding of Call To Action, all of which have the end goal of getting and converting the potential customers and making sales. While your goal would be to get their information and use it to make conversions, creating Facebook video lead ads also helps significantly gain more leads. Through the use of VidAir, you can make Facebook lead ads, as it is a reliable and dedicated platform for this specific exercise.