How to Use Link Ads on Facebook for Marketing

The most useful tips for using link ads on Facebook for marketing

With over 1 billion daily users and 12 billion in advertising revenue, Facebook offers an unparalleled advertising experience for marketers. Marketers can take on advertising on Facebook in many different ways. One way is to add a link to a Facebook post which we will discuss in detail. There are many other advertising methods such as retargeting ads, lead ads, and many more. Learn what link ads are and how to add a link to a Facebook story too.

Part 1. What are Facebook Link Ads?

Facebook link ads are a single image advertisement that helps to promote your website. These ads have different placements and can even be used on various networks to reach a greater audience. Link ads grow the number of likes and increase engagement. Before learning how to add a link to a Facebook post or story, here are some components link ads should include:

  • 1. Image
  • 2. Headline
  • 3. Copy (This could be text to accompany the image or headline to explain the offer)
  • 4. CTA Button
  • 5. Link Description

Types of Link Ads:

  • 1. Image Link Ads
  • 2. Video Link Ads

Part 2. Facebook Link Ads Specs You Should Know

There are a couple of specifications necessary to create the best link ads using an image or video.

Image Link Ads Specs

  • 1. Image dimensions: 600 x 600px minimum
  • 2. Recommended dimensions: 1200 x 628px
  • 3. Image ratio: 1:91:1
  • 4. Image text: no more than 20%
  • 5. Text: 125 characters
  • 6. Headline: 25 characters
  • 7. Link description: 30 characters

Video Link Ads Specs

  • 1. Video: up to 120 min (best performing ads feature 15-30 seconds of video)
  • 2. Aspect ratio: 16:9 to 9:16
  • 3. Size of file: up to 4GB
  • 4. Text: 90 characters
  • 5. Continuous looping: Possible

Part 3. Easy Online Tool to Make Facebook Video Ads

Making link ads doesn't require much experience. With the proper steps, you can easily do it. The link accompanying the advertisement will need to be embedded or placed alongside the image or video to complete the ad. When it comes to making the part of the ad with the photo or video, you will need a tool to help you create them. One great tool used by professionals and marketers globally is the VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare Technologies. It has an excellent user interface, it is easy to use, and creating a video ad takes a short time.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Supports Cloud Storage.
  • 2. Support High-Resolution Video Ads.
  • 3. Add effects and other video making elements.
  • 4. Stock royalty-free images and editable templates.
  • 5. Easy to use with a stunning user interface.

Steps to Make Video Ads with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

To log in, you require a Wondershare ID. Using the email used when registering and the password created, click on the LOG IN on the Official Website and log in using these credentials.

VidAir login or signup

If you do not have one, click on the SIGN UP to create one.

Step 2 Choose a Template

Once logged in to VidAir, click on the Templates, which will redirect you to the templates page. Search for the desired template.

choose a template

When you find one, use the Vertical (9:16) Aspect Ratio and click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE.

adjust the aspect ratio

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

From here on, start by adding any extra elements you wish, such as audio, images, text, or even upload an existing video.

This new window after selecting the template is the Video Editor Dashboard. Edit scenes by adding, duplicating, deleting, or rotating them, or even adding effects such as transition effects. You can then tap on the Preview to view your creation.

create video ad

When editing is over, click on the Save button at the top right corner. It will save the created ad under the My Projects, which you can access by clicking on your avatar. You can also export the file by clicking on the Export to upload to Facebook or any other social network.

save and export

Part 4. Other Tips about Add Links to Facebook Stories and Posts

Method 1: Add Links to Facebook Stories

For Personal Account

Step 1: Share the link to be embedded on your story to your account.

share link of embedded video

Step 2: Make sure it is the exact URL you wish to share and not content from the Facebook Page.

share to your story

Step 3: Click the “Share” button, then select “Share to Your Story.”

confirm it is exact url

Step 4: You will now see the URL Widget customization screen for the Facebook Story, and can edit the layout of the story and share.

url widget customization

For Facebook Pages -Pages with less than 10,000 Fans

Click on the URL Icon on the Menu – It’s on the right-hand side, and follow the below steps.

use the link icon

Note: The only URL you can embed is your Page Website.

share only website url

Pages with more than 10,000 Fans

The step is similar to that of pages with less than 10000 fans, but the only difference is that you can customize the embedded URL widget link. That means you can also embed different URLs in the Facebook Stories of your Page.

use the link icon

Method 2: Add Links to Facebook Post

For Desktop – On Web Browser

Step 1: Open Facebook on your browser and click on the "+" icon or the post feature, usually under the space detailed "what's on your mind."

open desktop facebook

Step 2: You can now add the URL you wish to post, with an accompanying video or image.

paste the link with accompanying media

Step 3: Finally, click on "Post."

post link

On Mobile Devices

Step 1: Similar to Desktop, click on the "what's on your mind feature."

use the post feature

Step 2: Find the link you wish to add.

insert link to post

Step 3: You can now paste the URL into a recent Facebook post.

post link on mobile


Facebook link ads are beneficial for redirecting traffic to other web pages or social networks, thus increasing brand visibility. They are an excellent way to show your online presence and make it even easier for people to locate your brand. To add a link to a Facebook post or story, follow the steps provided. When it comes to creating video ads, VidAir is the way to make the most engaging and thrilling ads. Thus, ensure to take note of the Facebook video link ad specs to make the best ads.