Top 10 Facebook Marketing Course for Marketers

Learning the 10 best online courses for Facebook marketing.

Seeing the current scenario, we can say that online businesses are taking the help of Facebook to scale the growth higher. Due to its high demand, Facebook has become the most powerful platform for all entrepreneurs to gain online visibility and earn more revenue. It is the benefit of reaching people from all over the world that makes Facebook an important tool. Hence, many people have started taking up Facebook marketing courses to learn more marketing tactics and techniques. One of the hidden secrets behind using this social media platform is its ability to send the message to the targeted people. This is why experts recommend it as the perfect tool for creating awareness amongst users. With the help of advanced Facebook marketing lessons, you will learn the same, but in an explained manner. So, ensure to pay for reputed and informative courses which help you get the right skill at your fingertips. We have made the task of finding the best 10 Facebook marketing courses for you, as here is a compilation for you!

Part 1. Top 10 Facebook Advertising Courses

01 Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2021 | Coursenvy (Udemy)

With Justin O Brein's course, more than 100,000 people have learned about Facebook strategies. It covers dynamic ads, leads generation ads, advertising via Facebook messenger, remarketing, and so on. The latest content is being uploaded regularly on this course, hence do not miss it!

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2021 | Coursenvy (Udemy)

02 Advertising on Facebook: Advanced by LinkedIn Learning

Now learn more than the basics with this advanced Facebook marketing course available at Linkedin Learning. It's produced by Megan Adams and provides little more than an hour of training about getting more success in your company through Facebook advertising. You can begin with this course in just a few minutes. The fee for this course has been waived off if you have a monthly membership at Linkedin. However, you can still access the course if you do not have any membership.

Advertising on Facebook: Advanced by LinkedIn Learning

03 Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint helps you discover a wide range of e-learning lessons that dig into every part of Facebook Marketing. It's all very well-structured as per different categories. This implies that you can start learning how to expand your company with the best traffic source!

Facebook Blueprint

04 Facebook Advertising Training Course (Emarketeers)

Being one of the reputable sources of information, here you can get everything that you want. You can learn to create the best campaign goals, which audience to target, understand the concept of shout-outs & hashtags, creating Facebook ads content, and understand where to use Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertising Training Course (Emarketeers)

05 Facebook Pixel Quickstart

It is one of the most known Facebook marketing courses ever created by Reverse Your Funnel. You will learn about how to use Facebook ads, target ad campaigns, track the campaign results, and a lot more.

Facebook Pixel Quickstart

06 Facebook Ads for Beginners: Grow Your Audience by Skillshare

It is perfect for people who are new to Facebook ads and wish to set up their ad campaigns. They are designed for startup owners, bloggers, and creative people. Lauri Wang has given in-depth information through the 15 videos of this Facebook marketing course.

Facebook Ads for Beginners: Grow Your Audience by Skillshare

07 Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint (Udemy)

Sales funnels help you to boost conversion rates. This extensive course will help you to understand all facets of this strategy. This course will strive to meet hundreds and thousands of users and turn them into customers. The course is split into relevant sections that help to quickly cover all lessons.

Complete Facebook Sales Funnel Blueprint (Udemy)

08 Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide (Udemy)

This course has been brought to you by the renowned entrepreneur Adam Reed. With this video of 10 hours and 9 articles, you can get enough information on how to achieve the best results with Facebook ads' help. This bestseller Udemy course includes many topics relevant to the audience insight tool, the structure of Facebook, and so much more.

Facebook Ads for E-Commerce: The Complete Guide (Udemy)

09 Complete Facebook Training (Incl Instagram Marketing)

You can learn to scale up your business using Facebook and Instagram with this Diego Davilla's course. With the comprehensive 11-hour long training, you can learn how to use Facebook pixel, retargeting, and effectively connect with your audience. You can get Instagram lessons also for a double benefit.

Complete Facebook Training (Incl Instagram Marketing)

10 10. Facebook Advertising Course (Creativelive)

Being the world-famous digital marketing expert, Billy Gene has brought 18 long and well-explained lessons for you to learn Facebook marketing on Creativelive. He will teach you how to keep the visitors under the target and give you an insight into the growth of sales. It also includes a Marketing Workbook as an additional material that will provide in-depth knowledge of multiple types of ad formats.

Facebook Advertising Course

Part 2. Recommended Online Facebook Video Ads Maker

Video advertisements are an important part of the advanced Facebook marketing strategies. Hence, to ensure that you get hands-on the best and quality videos, it is mandatory to use the right tool. Wondershare VidAir is the one we would suggest using if you are planning to create videos for Facebook ads. It is your one-stop video maker, which is very convenient to use and can help you create the most innovative videos.

How to Create Videos Using the Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template

Open Wondershare VidAir on your browser. Choose from different templates for each occasion from the templates page. Select an aspect ratio and tap on the USE THIS TEMPLATES button to continue.

choose vidair template

Step 2 Edit Your Video Online

From here, you can add text effects, stickers, background music to your video from the library or upload your local files.

edit video online

Step 3 Export Your Marketing Video

Once you are done with editing, then you can export high-quality videos. From the top right corner, press the Export button to generate and download the video.

export advertising video

After going through the list of the best Facebook marketing courses, if you wish to start applying it to your online business, make sure you go ahead. While all this, if ever you come across Facebook advertising, you can use VidAir to create business ads. For a long time now, the Wondershare VidAir surely is one of the most recommended digital tools that one can ever think of. Also, ensure that you properly follow the steps mentioned above while using the VidAir for editing videos.