Facebook Marketing Experts: Follow Them and Market Better

Learning the top experts on Facebook marketing, and learn tips from them.

If you are someone who is looking forward to making their business grow or transform their start-up into a success, then it is for sure that you must be looking for advice and suggestions. However, being a newbie, there are a lot of chances that you might not know what to do and how to take this entire process forward. In the digital era, we all know that all of us need to scale our businesses online. Hence, at such times considering taking help from a Facebook marketing specialist will be a great idea. Facebook is one of the most important platforms that will help you gain a lot of visibility online and increase your sales. With the help of a Facebook ad specialist, you can learn how the advertising campaigns can benefit you. However, many people are not well-versed with how these experts will guide them and who they are. In this article, you will get to know some popular experts.

Part 1.What Is Facebook Ad Specialist

Apart from spending ample amounts of money on Facebook advertisements and a lot more, it is always better to hire experts to teach you all. The Facebook marketing specialist is an expert who has huge experience in running advertisement campaigns online. Their task involves a mixture of critical thinking, theoretical, imaginative, and conversational skills. The ideal candidate should have outstanding expertise in preparing and implementing ad campaigns and should collaborate with partners and stakeholders on a cross-functional basis. Below are the important roles of the Facebook marketing consultants.

1. Create and maintain digital media campaigns specifically for Facebook Advertising.

2. Collaborate with the advertising planning and content departments to build promotional material like video and images.

3. Think of creative ideas and strategies.

4. Track activities of competitors across the digital channels.

5. Research on target audience + discovery of recent trends.

6. Supports growth leads to developing an effective marketing campaign to reach its target demographic through consumer interaction, a/b monitoring, and conversion rate optimization.

7. Identify patterns and observations and maximize expenditure and efficiency based on insights.

8. Customize event monitoring via Google Analytics to calculate campaign performance.

Part 2. Who Are The 8 Best Facebook Marketing Consultants

Are you struggling with Facebook advertising and marketing? The rapid development in digital marketing has culminated in the advent of influential Facebook marketing experts who have mastered the secret. If you're trying to make Facebook advertising effective for your company, this article will provide you with some established winners who got it done. Here is a list compiled for you, which has the top eight renowned Facebook marketing consultants.

01 Marsha Collie

Marsha is the guru of customer service and e-commerce business. She teaches you how you can increase your sales by solving customers' issues using Twitter and Facebook. Also, she makes sure to keep her audience updated on the latest advertising trends of Facebook. She has also been an author of a very famous book series 'for dummies' based on marketing. Her #techradio episode is the best, as she talks here about some amazing and unknown Facebook abilities for your business.

Marsha Collier

02 Jay Baer

Jay shows his viewers how to attract more consumers and maintain current ones through incentive and motivation in today's blissful and frustrated user. With much more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Jay has collaborated with more than 700 firms, including 35 Fortune 500 companies. He is the founder of Convince & Convert, his digital marketing venture, and an author of a New York Times bestseller book.

Jay Baer

03 Mari Smith

Mari Smith, being one of the most popular Facebook advertising consultants, has been recognized by Forbes as the Top 10 Social Media influencer. She is the right person to learn what is happening currently on the platform, some growing hacks, and recent effective strategies. She has been so good at her work that Facebook has hired her to take seminars for the Boost Your Business series.

Mari Smith

04 Jon Loomer

Loomer is one of the first Facebook specialists while he was working with the NBA in 2007. He has been providing enough videos, guides, research, Facebook marketing guides, and so much more to the aspirants who wish to learn more about Facebook marketing. At present, Jon Loomer has been recognized as one of the topmost social media influencers. Also, his Facebook page provides a lot of marketing tips and tutorials for the learners.

Jon Loomer

05 Amy Porterfield

All of you must be aware that Amy Porterfield is a host of a very popular podcast named Online Marketing Made Easy. She is a talented educator and also a great internet marketing expert. Being in collaboration with mega-brands like Peak Performance Coach, Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, and Tony Robbins, she had gained a lot of experience and expertise in Facebook marketing. She worked as a supervisor to the content development team and also worked on some amazing marketing campaigns.

>Amy Porterfield

06 Andre Vahl

Andrea Vahl is determined to help smaller businesses recognize and harness social media's power to draw consumers and boost their profitability. She is also the co-founder of the Social Media Manager School, which is an online training course. It has, to date, guided and helped many students learn how to begin with their businesses. Andrea Vahl has taught thousands and thousands of students to use the Facebook and Instagram advertisements for business profits and sales.

Andre Vahl

07 Sandy Krakowski

Being an 'out of every box' author, speaker, thought leader, and social media influencer, Sandy Krakowski has always believed in working hard. She has been making sure to empower and encourage the female marketers to come forward and start working. Sandy has created a culture and marketing for the top business companies of the nation. She believes that both employees and businesses should work to bring faith, kindness, and happiness to the organization. Only then will they be able to deliver the best results by putting in their mind towards work.

Sandy Krakowski

08 Lindsey Anderson

Despite being very young, Lindsey always wanted to make sure that her business grew well. After a struggle of 10 years, she started Web Impakt. Over many years, she has driven her squad to introduce everything from basic websites to enterprise-level projects. Lindsey helps in getting traffic and leads not just to her business but also to clients' businesses.

Lindsey Anderson

Part 3. How to Make Facebook Video Ads Easily

Almost all the Facebook marketing consultants have recommended using Facebook business ads for promotion and lead generation. If you are searching for one of the best tools that can help create Facebook video ads, we suggest using the Wondershare VidAir. It is a very simple and basic online video creator that helps create innovative videos using templates, images, text, music, and so much more. One can use VidAir, such as paste stickers, apply effects, personalize settings, crop shape, change music, and watch the preview before finishing the editing.

online ads maker

After learning more about how a Facebook marketing expert can help you, we hope you will choose the best one you wish to follow. Learning the Facebook marketing tips and strategies will guide the business owners and influencers to gain growth online. If looking for a video creator for Facebook business ads, we recommend using Wondershare VidAir. It will help you put your lessons learned to implementation.