Facebook Marketing for Small Business Strategies in 2021

Follow these Facebook advertising tips for small business marketers

Facebook has colossal coverage, with 74% of the 2 billion monthly users logging in daily. It would thus be prudent to take advantage of this platform for Facebook marketing for business. Unlike other social networks, none offers the versatility and comprehensive coverage as Facebook. On the upside, marketing on Facebook doesn't require you to have a huge budget to compete with more prominent brands. Discussed are some tips for marketing on Facebook and how to create and use Facebook ads for small businesses.

Part 1. Easy Video Maker for Small Business Marketing

Marketing on Facebook may seem extremely difficult, especially if you have to create ads and manage your business account. Using VidAir Video Maker will be the last of your worries, and you won't even have to seek any Facebook advertising agency for small business. Make use of the many opportunities VidAir offers to create ads that aid in marketing. It is a platform designed uniquely to fit all users, whether advanced or beginner, and you will make captivating creation and boost brand awareness.

Official Website: https://vidair.wondershare.com

Key Features

  • 1. Seamlessly integrates with social networks such as Facebook.
  • 2. Designed for both professional and beginner.
  • 3. Free to use.
  • 4. Royalty-free Media Resources.
  • 5. No watermark.

Steps to Make Video Ads with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

VidAir comes with extra tools such as a dedicated Facebook Video Ads Creator. On the Official Website, click on the LOG IN. Provide the email you registered with and the password you created to log in.

VidAir login or signup

If you do not have a Wondershare ID, create an account by clicking on the SIGN UP.

Step 2 Choose a Template

After logging in, click on the Templates to use the Facebook Video Ads Creator. Find a template you wish to use and select it. The aspect ratio is by default set to Vertical (9:16), hence proceed by clicking on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE.

choose a template

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

You will reach back to the Video Editor. You can add any other elements such as text or stickers if so desired, then start editing. After editing, you can preview the ad created by tapping on the Preview.

creating a video ad

Tap on the Save button at the Video Maker's top right corner and save your creation under the My Projects, quickly accessible by clicking on your avatar.

If satisfied by the video ad created, you can click on the Export button to export the file for later sharing to Facebook.

save and export video ad


  • Easy to use-Designed for both beginner and pro
  • Many editing functions and effects like fade in or out
  • Seamless integration with social networks and also supports cloud storage


  • Online-You will need to have an internet connection

Part 2. 10 Tips and Tricks for Facebook Marketing on a Budget

01 Amp Up Your Facebook

Amp Up Your FacebookUse the Facebook Business Page free features and tools to the fullest. Understand how they work and use them to connect to your audience. Besides, you can enhance Facebook marketing for business through Facebook Messenger's use to communicate or create customized automated messages.

Tips for Facebook Marketing - Amp Up Your Facebook

02 Post with a Purpose

Think about what step you want someone to take. Be mindful of how you post and remember to determine what you want to post and why you are posting it. For Facebook marketing for small business best practices, learn how to check and see what your competitors are doing and what types of content garnered their followers' attention.

03 Create a Business Story

Customers want to engage with a company they find trustworthy. Details from the about section won't be enough. They want to know more about the brand and how it came about. They will want to know you before investing their money. The "Story" section is significant as it directly speaks of the brands' core values and intent to start the venture.

04 Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups give more vigor and engagement to any small business in various niches. Using this strategy for Facebook marketing for business, you can establish your authority in your business's respective field, increase the trust people have in you and your business, and create and participate in interest-related groups.

Tips for Facebook Marketing - Facebook Groups

05 Plugins

Besides using plugins such as the Facebook Pixels, you can also learn how to incorporate the Facebook Buttons to increase engagement on your pages. Facebook marketing for small businesses is not merely about driving traffic to your other websites through your marketing funnel. You should make sure that you give the visitors a chance to like, comment, or share the content on your Facebook Page.

Tips for Facebook Marketing - Plugins

06 Invest in Videos

Building brand awareness and strengthening customer relationships is the goal by improving engagement level. Stats show that 81% of investing in videos for this precise reason.

Tips for Facebook Marketing - Invest in Videos

07 Customer Service

82% of customers expect excellent customer service on Facebook, as per a study from Accent Marketing. You need to do Facebook marketing for business to delight customers so that the customer service stands apart from competitors from your industry.

08 Audience Insights

Learn how to create better content and reach new people on Facebook through the Facebook Audience Insights Features. Facebook marketing for business can better get carried out by taking advantage of the insights feature by business owners to get more specifics about their audiences, allowing them to create content that connects with their audience in a meaningful way.

Tips for Facebook Marketing - Audience Insights

09 Go Live on Facebook

Live Video gives a casual feel which follower enjoy more as it gives them a peek behind the scenes of your business. Live feed can be anything from quick video unboxing, tutorial, or even product how-to. Small companies using this strategy can also save the video and use it as part of the story.

Tips for Facebook Marketing - Go Live on Facebook

10 Measure Your Success

Facebook marketing for small businesses requires you to be keen on how they are employing any strategy. It will give you better insights into what is working best for you, what needs to be changed, and what isn't working.


Facebook Marketing for small businesses requires you to find an effective way to break-even and reach out to more significant audiences. We listed some strategies to help you achieve this with Facebook ads for small businesses. However, you will need a tool that helps you create ads that seamlessly integrates with Facebook to save, export, and upload the video ads. Hence, one of the best-recommended tools for this specific job is the VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare Technologies.