All Ways to Make Facebook Paid Ads

Top 6 easy solutions to make Facebook paid ads

There is a lot to look at with paid advertising on Facebook, the ad types, the best practices, and even how to make an ad that stands out. All this information will help promote your business on Facebook and reach the desired audience and customer base. Over the years, the organic reach of Facebook posts has gradually been declining, and to counter this, Facebook paid promotion and boosting techniques work to create the desired brand acknowledgment.

Part 1. How to make Facebook Paid Ads with Wondershare VidAir

Making paid campaigns on Facebook has never been easier. All you will need is a good platform that will help make Facebook ads. One such great venue is the VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare Technologies. This video maker is designed with the latest technology and has an excellent user interface. Sign up for an account, and with its numerous editable templates, you can make ads for Facebook and any other social networks. You will need no more marketing tools as VidAir will be your only solution for Facebook paid marketing.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. It has many editable templates.
  • 2. Supports the creation of Facebook ads.
  • 3. Easy online video maker with cloud storage.
  • 4. Many video making and editing effects.
  • 5. Smooth and novel user interface.

Steps to Use Wondershare VidAir to Make Facebook Ads

Step 1 Sign Up or Log In

On the Official VidAir Website, click on the LOG IN button, then provide the Wondershare ID.

visit the official website
log in to your account

If you do not have a VidAir ID, click on SIGN UP to create an account, then proceed to log in.

sign up for an account

Step 2 Choose a Template

After logging in to your account, click on the Templates at the top right corner. You will see the Templates page from where you can choose a template to make the Facebook ad.

find a template

Once you find the desired template, select the Vertical (9:16) Aspect Ratio as this is the best ratio for Facebook ads. Then click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE.

adjust the aspect ratio

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

Now on the video editor or maker page, insert audio, text, stickers, or upload an existing file to create a Facebook ad.

add text, audio, stickers or upload video

Under the editing pane is the preview screen, where you can see how to add, delete, duplicate, or rotate scenes and even add effects. Afterward, you can click on the Preview button to view your creation.

preview Facebook Ads video

If satisfied, hit the Save option on the top right corner of the video maker. You can click on this, and your creation will save under My Projects, which you can access by clicking on your avatar. You can also export the video ad by clicking on the Export button to generate it and download it to post to Facebook.

save and export Facebook Ads video

Part 2. Most Helpful Tips about Making Facebook Paid Ads

Get paid for advertising on Facebook or paying to advertise on Facebook is one way to get brand recognition. There different types of ads and approaches when it comes to Facebook advertising. You can spend on an influencer or a promotion agency or platform to create an ad and help you advertise your brand, or if you have great reach to a big audience, you could get paid to promote big brands.

Facebook Ads are created with more complex targeting and budgeting options and are suited for long-term advertising to explain this clearly. Compared to boosted or sponsored posts, Facebook ads use the Facebook Ad Manager. In contrast, the others can be a post, designed as an ad, i.e., the sponsored posts are Facebook ads, which are easy to create, manage, and used for short-term advertisement campaigns. Listed are some helpful tips on Fb paid ads, that is, the Facebook Ads. It will be a step-by-step process of creating Facebook ads, instead of merely discussing what they entail, to easily do it when making your Facebook ads, whether boosted or not.

01 Lead Ads

Such kinds of Facebook paid ads, give the advertiser the chance to collect lead data, even without a landing page or leaving Facebook. According to Facebook, lead ads result in 4x the reduction in their CPL – Cost Per Lead.

Making Facebook Paid Ads - Lead Ads

02 Video Ads

One greatly growing form of advertising is the use of video ads. You do not need to have high-end equipment or hire expensive professionals. All you need is a reliable platform such as VidAir to help you make video ads. It is one of the most dependable methods of Facebook paid marketing since video ads are captivating while at the same time conveying a message.

Making Facebook Paid Ads - Video Ads

03 Audience

Whether using Facebook Ads Manager or not, customizing your target audience is very crucial. It is not all about reaching many people as it is reaching the right people. If you are utilizing paid campaigns on Facebook, you need to make the most out of them. You can use features such as Facebook’s Audience Insights to learn more about your audience.

Making Facebook Paid Ads - Audience

04 Attribution Models

Though it might sound a bit complex, this is more on the advanced side. Facebook paid marketing relies on insights and reporting and more advanced attributes such as the attribution models. These are the rules that help you make sense of your conversion goal and how each conversion gets converted regarding the time frame after any interaction with your advert.

Making Facebook Paid Ads - Attribution Models

05 Cost Cap Bidding

It is an advanced tip for advertisers who seek to optimize their actions and successfully outbid competing advertisers. For Facebook paid promotion cost, this is one of the best ways to improve your campaigns' performance by changing your auction bidding from lowest cost to lowest cost with cap. By setting a bid cap, you control costs and increase ad distribution.

Making Facebook Paid Ads - Cost Cap Bidding


Facebook paid ads can increase business recognition with any form of paid ads, whether boosted or created personally. The aim will be to reach out to a greater audience and gain customers. While using the Facebook Ads Manager may be a bit complex, one easy way to go around this is the use of VidAir to create the Facebook paid ads. Thus, while the tips given above are more focused on using the Facebook Ads Manager, they can also be generalized to the entire process of paid advertising on Facebook.