All Ways to Make Facebook Slideshow Ads

Full guide to make Facebook slideshow ads in 2021

What is a Facebook slideshow ad, and how effective is it? Currently, videos have gained more acknowledgment, favor and heavily relied on when it comes to marketing. Be that as it may, you will always need to think outside the box for marketing endeavors. With many videos out there, you will need to have a different approach to Facebook marketing, which is through the use of various media such as images and slideshows. Slideshows are simply a video form of imagery used in marketing. With a Facebook ad slideshow , you can also add some audio or message accompanying the slideshow to make it more enthralling. Here are some ways and tips to assist you when making slideshow ads.

Part 1. How to Make Facebook Slideshow Ads with Wondershare VidAir

As video content dramatically continues to be utilized, you realize that most people only seem to talk about it, though only a few come around using videos for marketing. Although hiring professional videographers, editors, and even the idea of renting a studio all sound costly, you can better try VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare. With VidAir, you can make customized, high-quality videos and slideshows for efficiently, affordably, and successful marketing online. When it comes to making slideshow ad Facebook for marketing best result is guaranteed. You will never need to search or weed through the entire internet to find royalty-free resources as VidAir has stocked them too. Finally, VidAir is entirely free to try!

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Add effects such as stickers and transitions.
  • 2. Immense royalty-free stock images for slideshow making.
  • 3. Impressive User Interface.
  • 4. Create High-quality slideshow ads.
  • 5. Add rich elements like texts, effects, and stickers.

Steps to Create Facebook Slideshow Ads using VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up or Log In

To log in, you need a Wondershare ID. On the Official Website, click on the LOG IN, then provide your log-in credentials.

sign up or log in

Create and ID by clicking on the SIGN UP with a valid email and create a password. Then log in to your created account.

sign up for an account

Step 2 Choose a template

Now, click on Templates located at the top right corner and reach the Templates page.

find a template

Here, hovers your mouse on any of the templates to preview them, or search for a template with the various categories. You can also type a keyword on the search bar to find the desired template and click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE to start creating the ad.

select template

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

Start by adding audio, photo, text, stickers, or upload existing video from local files to use to create your ad.

add audio, images, text or upload video

You can add, delete, or rotate scenes and click on Preview to see the slideshow creation you made.

editing scenes

Lastly, click on the Save and your creation will show under My Projects. Then, choose the Export button to download the file, and to export them to the desired location, site, or social network.

save or export creation

Part 2. Most Helpful Tips about Facebook Slideshow Ads

A slideshow Facebook ad is a video-like presentation with a series of still images, in which you can add text messages or audio to make it more interesting. Now, when it comes to making slideshow ads, here are some tips for veering you in the right direction and a couple of Facebook slideshow ad examples.

01 Use Existing Content

While this ensures a message consistency between your ad and the post-click page, using existing content also saves up on time used for finding new images. Creating Facebook slideshow ads with existing content also helps a long way to customize the ad.

Make Facebook Slideshow Ads - Use Existing Content

02 Captions

As an advertiser, captions will be your best friend as captions make it easy to relate to the content. According to the American Press Institute, 85% of people watch videos with no sound. Thus, your Facebook slideshow ad should have easily readable captions. It would be best to take the top three ideas from your video or slideshow and used them as captions in bullet points. The slideshow with captions should make sure that any user watching the video, even with no sound, can carry out the actions or understand your content with ease.

Make Facebook Slideshow Ads - Captions

03 Be Clear, Bright, and Bold

One of the most important tips is your layout. The slideshow ad Facebook marketing side is not as choke-full of and stifled with ads compared to image, text, and video posts. You should therefore be outstanding. From the photos used to the captions, they should all stand out from the white background on the platform and dish out the message. The below one from the Banana Republic is one such example.

Make Facebook Slideshow Ads - Be Clear, Bright, and Bold

04 Have a Storyboard

Of course, you cannot start by creating something just out of the blues. Though it is possible, it is best to plan it out before beginning your slideshow ad to avoid confusion or insufficiency of material as you begin the ad. Figure out what audio, images, or even text to add to create your slideshow ad nimbly.

Make Facebook Slideshow Ads - Have a Storyboard

05 Stay Up to Date

Nobody wants to see the same ad or similar posts all the time. It would be annoying to see it for the 15th time and create a Facebook ad slideshow; you will have to keep your content fresh. You can check on the "Discover" section of Facebook to see trending topics. To be up to date with what's trending in your industry, you can create a Facebook ad slideshow that offers a service or shows how your business meets the user's needs.

Make Facebook Slideshow Ads - Stay Up to Date


A slideshow Facebook ad is a great way to reach massive and various audiences, irrespective of the internet speed, cost-effectively, and sublimely. It is a unique method of getting out through a video-like ad form that is immersive and captivating at the same time. The good thing is that it can play without interruptions. One of the best and quickest user-friendly ways to make a slideshow ad is through using the VidAir Video Maker. While Facebook Ads Manager is a good option, it may be a costly option to some. Thus, we shared some Facebook slideshow ad examples to help you make an excellent and dazzling Facebook slideshow ad.