How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook Easily

A Facebook slideshow is easy to make

Facebook is one of the largest platforms for socializing, with increasing advancements and customer demands, Facebook has now introduced an option to create slideshow Facebook without downloading any slideshow maker. The built-in Facebook slideshow maker option is all you need, you can instantly make a slideshow on Facebook for higher reach and engagement by your customers or to build your fan following.

If you do not know how to make a slideshow on Facebook, you have landed in the right place. We will show you exactly how to make a slideshow on Facebook in a few easy steps and also introduce a much simpler and creative way of crafting a fantastic Facebook slideshow. After creating Facebook slideshow, you're able to promote these slideshows and manage Facebook ads with ease.

Part 1. Create slideshow Facebook Step by Step

Let's dive into the detailed guide on how to make a slideshow on Facebook.

01 Launch Facebook

First of all, open Facebook on your desktop PC or your phone, whether Android or iOS. Now, below the status update tab labeled as 'Create Post' or 'Write a post…', there will be three dots that will reveal more options when you click on them.

Launch Facebook

02 Select Option to Create Slideshow Facebook

Now here you need to click on the Photos/Videos option to choose the slideshow option.

select photo or video

Choose the Create Slideshow option to proceed.

make slideshow

(Make sure you are on your Facebook Page and not on your profile page because the Facebook slideshow maker only works for pages, not for personal profiles).

03 Adjust Basic Settings

Before hopping on to create a Facebook slideshow, you must adjust a few general settings as per your preferences. Don't worry about not getting it right and messing up the Facebook slideshow; you can easily change the settings later before you go on to publish the video.

Aspect Ratio: It offers a square (1:1), rectangle (16:9), and even a vertical (2:3) ratio. You can also choose to keep the original ratio.

Image Duration: You can easily adjust the timing for every slide to be displayed in the Facebook slideshow. Just tap on the up or down arrows to increase or decrease the timing duration.

Transition: If you want an interesting Facebook slideshow, you can switch to Fade for a cool effect or keep it to None if you don't want any transition effects.

adjust basic setting

04 Choose a Background Music

Previously, the music option in the Facebook slideshow maker was limited. But, the latest updates have introduced some innovations.

Click on the Music tab. Here the music is broadly categorized to help you find the right song that fits your mood. Whether you're looking for an upbeat dance song or a slow, dreamy song, you will find any kind of music in the amazing Facebooks slideshow Maker.

Or if you want to make a unique Facebook slideshow with your own song, click on Upload to add your own music. But make sure that you have the licensed rights to use the music you choose. WAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, and OGG formats are supported by the Facebook slideshow maker.

background music

(Remember that these are temporary adjustments to get started with and can be changed or adjusted later).

05 Import Media (Photos)

Now comes the fun part, and also the easiest.

If you don't know how to make a slideshow on Facebook, worry not. Because sequencing your favorite memories into attention-worthy slideshows has never been easier, thanks to the Facebook slideshow maker.

The only catch, however, is that you can add a maximum of 10 photos to a slideshow, but that is perfect in a sense since longer slideshows tend to be boring, and people uninterestingly scroll past them.

Now you can choose from either of the following options to add photos.

Upload Photo: Click on this tab to upload photos on your device

Take Photo: If you want to take fresh photos, hit this option

Suggested Photos: The Facebook slideshow maker smartly displays photos from your timeline or albums that you might be interested in using in your slideshow. You can click on any suggested photo to add it.

Once all photos are selected, tap Add Photo.

add materials

(Remember to add photos in the order you want them to appear in your video because the Facebookslideshowmaker does not let you rearrange the selected media later).

06 Check the Slideshow Preview

Now that you have added your content, music and adjusted the basic settings, it's time to check the preview and look for any imperfections and amend them to create a slideshow Facebook that is flawless. Just hit the play button to view your custom Facebook slideshow and fine-tune any lackings. Increase the duration timing or change the music to a much better fit, it all depends on you. The Facebook slideshow maker gives you complete artistic freedom to craft a personalized video.

preview slideshow

07 Edit Photos or Add Captions (optional)

One great feature of the Facebook slideshow maker is its Edit Photo tool. You can click on this tab to add a caption highlighting your message. You can easily change the font, its size, or even the caption's position for a perfectly optimized effect.

08 Create Your Facebook Slideshow

At last, once you are sure that you have created a flawless Facebook slideshow that needs no further tuning, just hit the Create Slideshow button and wait for the magic to happen. It will take no more than 2 minutes for the Facebook slideshow to be created and ready to publish, but then again, it depends on how long your slide duration and how fast your internet connection is. So, patience is key here.

create slideshow
  1. Publish

09 Publish

Finally, you have passed all the hurdles to create a slideshow on Facebook that will hook the audience to your page. Now it's time to add a compelling video title and a short description, so people stop to give your slideshow a look. In the end, press Post or Publish to share it with the world.

share with others

10 Save the Video

What's more, you can even save the Facebook slideshow by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner of your post.

save slideshow

You have successfully created the best Facebook photo slideshow ever, which you can even use as a slideshow ad on Facebook to boost your business.

Part 2. Recommend a Facebook Slideshow Maker for You

Apart from the in-built slideshow maker, there are alternate ways to create an equal or more stunning Facebook slideshow.

Wondershare VidAir is an excellent slideshow maker with loads of photo, and video editing features to help you craft a cool slideshow in no time. It is easy for beginners as it offers a variety of attractive themed templates for quick slideshow creation in a single tap. You can find a template for every occasion or event, from birthday to Halloween.

VidAir also a rich library of music for every mood. You can also add stylish captions for an eye-catching effect. Better yet, there are various aspect ratios, so you can choose based on the social media platform you want to post it on. You can select the 16:9 rectangle ratio for instant sharing on Facebook.

Lastly, VidAir offers a quick and high-quality export of an uncompressed video. And you can even choose the resolution yourself or tap to remove the watermark.

How to make a slideshow on Facebook with VidAir

Step 1 Sign up first and then login

First, open VidAir on your browser. LogIn or SignUp for free.

login vidair

Step 2 Seclect the Facebook Slideshow template

Next, choose the desired template or search for a specific template and click on it. Select the aspect ratio and tap UseThis

slideshow template

Step 3 Upload your materials and edit

In this new window, upload your video. From the Audio tab, add a cheerful song or upload your favorite one. Add catchy captions from the Text Merge clips together for a beautiful Facebook slideshow.

upload materials

Step 4 Save and export

Finally, tap on Export in the top right corner. Choose the resolution and watermark option and click Export again.

save and export

I am sure now you will be able to create a swoon-worthy Facebook slideshow to boost your business or attract fans. And if you did not know how to make a slideshow on Facebook, well, by now, you must be a pro.

It's time to make a slideshow on Facebook and your social media account to the next level. Use a more powerful Facebook slideshow maker, VidAir, to boost your creativity and make a unique Facebook slideshow.

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