Most Helpful Tips to Help with Facebook Sponsored Ads

How to make Facebook sponsored ads

First of all, knowing what a sponsored ad is will help you understand how to use it, and with the aid of these tips, create more brand recognition. A Facebook-sponsored post is a paid Facebook ad created by businesses to help them reach a larger audience than their following. Companies pay to deliver such advertisements usually made and run through a Facebook profile. They are useful for short-term advertising and need not necessarily be created using Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Sponsored Ads - Lead Magnet

Part 1. Top 10 Tips of Facebook Sponsored Ads

01 Determine your Goal

When you decide to go for a Facebook-sponsored post, have a clear goal in mind. If you aim to gain brand awareness, reach a greater audience and increase engagement, then boosting your post is the way to go. For other endeavors, such as driving website traffic, leads, or conversions, the traditional Facebook posts are the way to go. So how do you differentiate these two and know where to use the sponsored post. Remember, as detailed in the introduction, sponsored posts are best for short-term advertising, and below is a list of the available campaign objects depending on your pursuits.

Facebook Sponsored Ads - Determine your Goal

02 The Imagery

Whether the headline, captions, or the image used for the ad, you should go for captivating, high-quality, and enticing visuals. With a good headline and captions that are short and to the point, how to create a sponsored post on Facebook shouldn't boggle your mind. It all needs to be interesting and persuading. For bonus points, also have a good image for your ad.

Facebook Sponsored Ads - The Imagery

03 Harness high-quality posts

The heavy lifting will be when using and selecting a good headline and image. Focusing on how to do a sponsored post on Facebook that is high-quality, you will need relevant and strong messaging, utilize captivating and creative texts, and most importantly, include a Call To Action (CTA).

04 Targeting

It is vital when it comes to how to make sponsored ads on Facebook. For starters, target your current fans. Then move on to re-targeting visitors who showed interest in your website. Also, use the A/B Test to test on different audiences and the greater demographic at large.

05 Captivate with your Creativity

Finding good visuals doesn't just stop at that, as you ought to find bright, colorful, and engaging images. For a video, you can use one that intrigued you. Using images such as those of people smiling makes the entire post relatable and click-worthy. Here, find something that reflects your target audience.

Facebook Sponsored Ads - Captivate with your Creativity

06 Select Great Social Proof

This tip nudges you to promote a post with a high organic reach and one that you want to increase by reaching new audiences. Such a Facebook-sponsored post expands its shelf life as people normally tend to engage with a post if other people have already engaged with it.

Facebook Sponsored Ads - Select Great Social Proof

07 Budget and Duration

This tip is best understood when creating a sponsored ad. What is in store for you here concerns how much you are willing to spend for the desired reach? Having a budget for the average spend per day of your post and considering the budget for your post's reach will give more insight into how to plan it all.

Facebook Sponsored Ads - Budget and Duration

08 Conversion Tracking

With a set budget and defining how to estimate your Facebook sponsored post's reach, you will then have the ability to track user engagement with your ad. It gives you a better sense of the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) as well as the effectiveness of your campaign.

09 Monitor & Analyze Sponsored Post

After launching your Facebook-sponsored post, it's now time to review your data and determine your post's effectiveness. Remember your goal and compare the data collected to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), such as the number of new followers, likes, and shares. Based on such information, you can run new posts with changes to the images, duration, budget.

10 Give the Ad Set a Relevant Name

Generally, this is an excellent way to conveniently organize various aspects of a campaign, including targeting different audiences, testing the effectiveness of varying ad content, and defining ad placements.

Part 2. How to Make a Facebook Sponsored Video Ad

Performing tips such as the A/B Test will require you to have an editor tool to customize such posts. Facebook-sponsored ads, at times, generally need to be tailor-made to suit specific audiences. To help you create such posts, be it an image or video post, is the VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare Technologies. It has a stunning user interface and, unlike other tools requiring complex scripts, easily navigate through the site and make video ads with its convenient operation without the need for scripts. It is an online tool, thus making it handy anytime!

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Create High-Quality Posts.
  • 2. Supports 720p and Higher Resolution video creation.
  • 3. Easy to Use.
  • 4. Comprises of several Editable Templates.
  • 5. Supports making Facebook Sponsored Ads to be streamed on Instagram as well.

Steps to Make Facebook Sponsored Ads with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

To use the VidAir Video Maker, you will need to have a Wondershare account. Click the LOG IN on the Official Website and log in using the email used for registration and the password you created.

create an account and log in

If you don’t have VidAir account, you can click on the SIGN UP and create one.

Step 2 Choose a Template

After logging in, click on the Templates, then you will be re-directed to a templates page. On the templates page, find the desired template and select it.

find the correct templates

You can adjust the Aspect Ratio, and for Facebook Sponsored ads, the Vertical (9:16) works best. Then click on the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE.

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

Add any desired files such as image, audio, or video, and you can also upload from local files.

Create Facebook ad

Below the Preview feature is the editing pane. Edit scenes and even add effects. Once done, click on the Preview to see your creation.

video preview

On the top right corner is the Save button, which will save the ad under My Projects, accessible by clicking on your avatar. You can also export the ad by click on the Export button to use it as desired.

save and export


By now, you should have the answer to what is a sponsored ad on Facebook. On how to find sponsored ads on Facebook, look for the tags or illustration "Sponsored" on a post and put the discussed tactics into practice for more engagement. Finally, when it comes to creating sponsored ads on Facebook, you will need an editor tool, and one that does the job exemplary is the VidAir Video Maker.