Most Helpful Tips to Help with Facebook Targeting Options

The 11 best Facebook targeting options of 2021

Targeting the right people using the correct message can drastically aid in the success of your campaign. There are countless people on Facebook, and it would be rare to find a vast group of people who aren't. For this reason, advertising on Facebook becomes a good idea. While the organic reach of posts is gradually decreasing, and this is because Facebook recently changed their algorithm, you thus need to figure out a way to reach the desired audience. Also, when it comes to Facebook ad targeting , you need to employ specific techniques and know what you are doing to get the best results.

Part 1. Top 10 Tips of Facebook Ads Targeting Options

01 Google Analytics

Leverage Google Analytics. To determine what types of traffic you are attracting to your Website. Using Google Analytics, you can get a complete breakdown of your audience demographics, devices, insights, locations, and many more. This information is handy when you start your Facebook ad targeting.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options - Google Analytics

02 Prime Content

It, in other terms, is "Unicorn Content." In simple terms here, the 80/20 rule is what works. Having Good content doesn't cut it. For Facebook targeting options to work, you will need to create a lot of donkey content, paving the way for the Unicorn Content. Spotting overachieving content and re-purposing it for Facebook ads, and matching this to the unicorn content could most certainly help with Facebook ad targeting.

03 Using Custom Audiences Feature

For all Facebook ad targeting options, using the Custom Audience Features will significantly help find the right audience and when re-targeting. You can do it the best by using the Facebook Ad Manager Feature, or you can also use a dedicated platform to help you create Facebook targeting ads.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options - Using Custom Audiences Feature

04 Re-target Website Visitors

Besides using the Custom Feature, you can also use re-targeting options. All you need is to find a way to reach visitors who have been on your Website. Some may have purchased a product or service, and some only visited, used relevant ads, and employed Facebook Pixel.

05 Demographics Reporting

Using the Demographics Reporting will enable you to know who your high-value customers. Knowing attributes such as their age, or gender, you can serve them specific Facebook targeting ads to boost your Return on Investment (ROI).

Facebook Ads Targeting Options - Demographics Reporting

06 Lookalike Audiences

The "Look Alike Audiences" are similar to the Custom Audiences. The only difference is that they haven't completed your goal, that is either a purchase, lead, or submission of their information to your Website. That makes them a huge potential. For the best Facebook targeting options, you can take advantage of the Facebook Algorithm by targeting such audiences, increasing your conversions, and further lowering the cost per conversion.

07 Specific Targeting

Getting specific with your targeting can be carried out in many different ways, which helps boost your reach because you will be creating hyper-niche audiences, known as Facebook interest targeting. Besides targeting a custom audience, lookalike audiences, or re-targeting to those who have already visited your site, begging by considering a starting board will help you narrow down the kind of audience interacting with your ad. Eventually, this enables you to collect all sorts of helpful information to determine who you should be targeting more specifically.

08 Understand your Audience’s Interests

With information from demographics such as age and gender, you won't clearly define the target audience. Even by having custom audiences, you still won't be able to pinpoint the target audience. You thus need to be specific and not just about targeting, as by targeting a too large audience, your click rate may lower, and your ads may fail. Thus, you should target the audience's specific interests also.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options - Select Great Social Proof

09 The Facebook Pixel

When it comes to a unique tool that helps with all Facebook ad targeting, the Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code at your Website's backend. It helps to track user behavior on your Website. It gives you insights into what actions visitors take on your Website.

Facebook Ads Targeting Options - Understand your Audience’s Interests

10 Layered Targeting

Again, more detail concerning targeting. Specific Targeting and Targeting Audience Interests will get you there. You can also narrow down -" Narrow Audience" or "Narrow Further," as this is what this maneuver is known as. Facebook targeting options can be in three categories, demographics, interests, and behaviors. This strategy works best for particular promotions designed to target specific audiences. Combine this with a landing page that speaks directly to the precise audience for the best results.

Part 2. How to Make a Targeting Facebook Ad

Making Facebook targeting ads primarily to target specific audiences requires a bit of planning and customizing the ad. As detailed earlier, you will need a dedicated platform to help with all Facebook ad targeting options, and one such platform is the VidAir Video Maker from Wondershare Technologies. It is an online tool that works well with all networks and can make Facebook targeting ads. Unlike other platforms or tools that require complex scripts to create or aid with Facebook ad targeting, VidAir does so without the need for such complex scripts, with its easy-to-use and clear user interface.

Official Website:

Key Features

  • 1. Create High-Resolution Ads.
  • 2. Works well with other Social Networks.
  • 3. Easy to use with a Clear UI.
  • 4. Add effects to your creations.

Steps to Make Facebook Targeting Ads with VidAir

Step 1 Sign Up and Log In

On the Official Website, click on the LOG IN button if you already have a Wondershare ID or go on in SIGN UP.

VidAir login or signup

Step 2 Choose a Template

Navigate to the templates page by clicking on the Templates after logging in. On the templates page, search for the template you wish to use to make your Facebook ad.

choose a template

Once chosen, tap the TRY NOW > USE THIS TEMPLATE button to proceed.

adjusting the aspect ratio

Step 3 Video Editor Overview

You can now start adding any elements you wish, such as audio, text, sticker, or even upload from local files.

add ad creation elements

To preview the video, tap the Preview option on the editing pane. Finally, when you tap on the Save button, it will save the ad under My Projects. You can export your file once complete by clicking on the Export button.

save and export


Thus, some of these tips may seem related because they help narrow down your potential audience instead of just reaching out to the greater public. Facebook ad targeting helps you reach your desired audience. There are many Facebook targeting options as discussed and to help you narrow down to the target audience is VidAir, to help you create custom ads specific to the target audience.