Top 10 Tips on Facebook Video Marketing

10 useful tips to make your Facebook video marketing more professional.

Marketing can be done in many different ways, like social media posts, advertisements, PPC, etc. However, with the evolution of digital marketing, things are changing at a rapid rate. These marketing techniques have now taken a back seat, paving ways for new ones to rise and shine. One such new technique is Facebook video marketing.

With the growing Facebook audience each day, properly devised Facebook video marketing strategies have helped different businesses to promote themselves and gain more traffic. Apart from that, video advertisements of popular social media like Facebook give many new businesses a chance to showcase their products and services to the global audience and promote their brands. And quite luckily, it’s not just the new industry names. If you look closely, popular brands like Elle, Vogue, and Ralph Laurel, Tiffany, and others also promote themselves and post videos about almost everything they do to attract more audience.

With so many Facebook video marketing tips, you can easily prepare the best videos with every detail about your business, services, and products. All you will need is a proper platform to prepare the videos and the detailed list you want to include. You must also know about the videography trends in digital marketing to ensure your videos are enthralling and captivating.

Part 1. Top 10 Facebook Video Marketing Strategies

Making videos for Facebook without having strategies is similar to going into a warzone without any protection. Suppose your video doesn’t comply with the digital market trends or the rules of social media advertisements. In that case, those clips will only cause disinterest to rise in your target audience.

For this reason, you need to know how to devise the Facebook video marketing strategies so that you can prepare the clips and impress your target audience with a story that can inspire them and put them in a blissful trance. Every video speaks a tale, content, and that’s why it should be compelling and chanting.

01 Set the proper video duration

You need your video to be engaging enough to draw your audience’s attention. However, for doing this, you need to ensure you are keeping the videos short but lengthy enough to explain everything about your business. Usually, surveys of different Facebook ad video examples suggest that the length should stay between 30 to 120 seconds maximum. If you are stretching the video for too long, you will be giving away too many information pieces that wouldn’t drive traffic to your online business.

02 Do not add fluff content

This is one of the most essential Facebook video marketing strategies you need to keep in mind. Always get straight to the point while adding content to the video. The addition of fluff content will cause displeasure amongst your business because the content reflects what you are. Unnecessary things might cause a bad impression, especially since Facebook videos are meant for promotional acts and not telling the market some stories.

03 Give them a reason to watch the video

You have competitors, and they might also use the same methodology for Facebook video marketing. This is why you need to provide them with a reason to catch their attention and spike curiosity in their minds. You should always add a post along with your video, explaining the content in a few lines but make sure that sounds attractive and lively.

04 Introduce an eye-catching thumbnail

Next, you need to add the thumbnails to catch the eyes of the audience. Thumbnails are small images posted on the video to make them look attractive and appealing. Make sure the thumbnail image relates to the content of your video and not something abrupt. You can either choose a custom thumbnail or make one of yours.

05 Portrait video size is the perfect

Believe it or not, maintaining the video screen size is one of the most essential Facebook video marketing tips you need to remember. Two screen resolution options will be there- landscape and portrait. After lots of studies, it has been revealed that the portrait video resolutions are far more attractive as compared to the landscape videos. You need to act on this particular matter since vertical video marketing is growing in importance with each day.

06 Always create different types of video contents

When you promote your business through Facebook video marketing, you need to ensure that the video list is not of the same type. If you post promotional videos only about a service or product, it will become monotonous and stagnant. After a certain point in time, it wouldn’t yield proper and expected results. For this reason, you need to introduce different videos like live posts, tutorial videos, promotional videos, explanatory videos, and others.

07 Make sure to promote the video.

You need to promote your Facebook video on other platforms too. This way, you will create indirect traffic, which will further boost your business and the brand alike.

08 Add previews for upcoming videos

Once established, you need to follow this particular amongst all other Facebook video marketing tips we have explained here. Post a preview before posting the actual video, which will spike interest and eagerness in your audience. This way, they will bookmark the event, and once done, they will certainly see the actual video you will be posting.

09 Take the insights into note

With Facebook video marketing, you will have the opportunity to check the video insights. This will help you understand how the video works, what you need to develop, how the audience reacts to your post, and every other analytical detail about a concerning video.

10 Add attractive video captions

Lastly, you need to add proper video captions with each Facebook video you will be posting. Captions are essential for you to attract the audience and give them something which they are looking for.

For making a proper Facebook video, you need to ensure that the video maker is perfect. There are many such platforms, but VidAir has recently gained the limelight and is currently a trending name in the digital market. Here, you will create proper clips and content for your Facebook video marketing campaigns and hence, attract more audience to your business.

Part 2. How to Make Your Facebook Marketing Videos Easily

To create a stunning marketing video for Facebook, you can try Wondershare VidAir. It's an online tool that provides creative templates and easy editing functions, you can add text effects, stickers, and free footage to your marketing videos. Customize branding assets and local resources can also be done. Follow the steps below to start your creation.

Step 1 Choose A Facebook Video Template

Open the official webpage of VidAir, you can log in and select your desired template for your Facebook marketing. After that, choose an aspect ratio and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to continue.

choose facebook marketing template

Step 2 Make Facebook Marketing Video Online

From the editor page, you can customize the video by adding texts, photos, music, stickers, and other things to build the entire content. The music and images can be imported from your personalized library on the system.

create facebook marketing video online

Step 3 Export Marketing Video and Post on Facebook

Preview the whole video before you export. Finally, click on the Export button to download it, and you can share it on Facebook.

export video for facebook marketing

For Facebook video marketing, you will have to make the strategies beforehand to have an entire plan of how to produce the video, what contents to include, the video length, the audio to be included, and other such factors. From the guide we have explained here, you now surely know what strategies will play out the best in the market. And use VidAir to make the perfect Facebook video with no errors.