Top 8 Website of Free Real Estate Images

Simplify your finding process of free real estate photos.

As soon as New Year hits, most real estate agents gear up and begin taking new marketing initiatives. Typically, during the winter season, real estate sales slowdown.

Since the market will be a bit slow during the winter season, it's time to prepare your new strategy. Instead of take photos by yourself, what if we tell you about a few sites that offer free real estate images? The images available on these websites are fantastic, and they will let you save money and time also. Go through this post to learn about the top eight sites for free real estate photos.

Part 1. Where to Find Free Real Estate Stock Photos?

Each of the websites that you will be reading about offers free real estate stock photos. Do visit each of them before settling down with your favorite free real estate pictures website.

01 Pixabay



The first website that we have for you is Pixabay. This one is an international site and is excellent for vector graphics, animations, and illustrations. Once you visit the site, right on the home page, you will see a search bar. Insert the right keyword and look for the images that you are searching for.

Pixabay will hardly take a second to explore all the royalty-free pictures for real estate and display them. The photos are 100% free, and the platform provides you with copyright free videos and images. The images that you see are released under the license of Pixabay.

Pixabay has more than 1.5 million free videos, vectors, illustrations, and images. For those who would like to create a logo or real estate infographics, you can search for vector graphics on Pixabay.

02 Pexels



Another excellent website that you can check out is Pexels. This site offers more than 40,000 free images. Now, isn't that wonderful! For those searching for ideas on real estate to upload them on multiple blog sites, Pexels is the right choice. The images that you will find here at Pexels will certainly capture buyer leads. Just like Pixabay, you will have to use the search bar to look for pictures. Pexels images and videos are free to use.

Once you download photos from Pexels, it entirely depends on you whether you would like to give credit to the original owner of the photograph or not. You are free to edit the photos as you want. Picture quality is outstanding, and they are perfect for both exterior and interior shots of a property.

03 Unsplash



Unsplash is rather suitable for those agents who would like to have some creative real estate images or photos for their website, blogs, social media posts, ad campaigns, and more. Unsplash is a fantastic site that offers more than 30,000 free high-resolution pictures. You will see some tabs right on top of the home pages; else, you can use the search bar to look for the right images. If you have photos that you may want to upload, you can upload them here on Unsplash so that others can find them easily. We will recommend this website to those who are looking for high-resolution images.

04 Burst by Shopify

Burst by Shopify


Burst is a powerful free stock photo website and is powered by Shopify. The image library will consist of tons of free and royalty-free high-resolution images. These images are uploaded by different photographers. These photos can be used as desktop backgrounds, Facebook ad copies, online stores, blogs, and even websites. You can use these images for commercial use, and you don't need to give any sort of credit to the owner of the photos at all.

You can download both low and high-resolution images. If you want to attract new buyers, Burst might have some good photo options for you.

05 Stocksnap



If you are looking for real estate images free download that is free from copyright issues, visit Stocksnap. This platform provides you with 100% high-resolution images. It is better to become a member of Stocksnap because that way, you will take a look at all the files you have downloaded.

Just like the rest of the platforms, you can search for particular real estate images as well. These photos are uploaded by different photographers and people. Do read the license policy before downloading.

06 Life of Pix

Life of Pix


Life of Pix is a simple website with tons of free high-resolution photographs. You can click on the gallery, photographers, about, free videos, and upload tabs to understand more about the website. All the photographs uploaded on this website are from professional photographers. This is the reason why so many users adore this website.

Life of Vid will provide you with loops, clips, videos, and photos. Depending on the article or blog that you want to post, or the website that you have, you can select photos accordingly.

07 Skitter Photo

Skitter Photo


Unlike other platforms, Skitter Photo will not ask you to become a member. You can download any images without even logging in. Real estate agents often consider this platform because it has incredible photos of house plants, kitchen appliances, and more. If you want to highlight any of the rooms of a house, you can use these images to highlight the features of a room.

08 All the Free Stock

All the Free Stock


Everyone loves free images. You can visit All the Free Stock if you want to download free stock photos, free stock videos, and more. Not just this, All the Free Stock also has free sound effects. You can download them too to create a stunning video.

Part 2. How to Create Stunning Videos with Real Estate Photos?

Now that you can download fantastic and high-resolution images from this site, you can use them to create your very own real estate video to enhance your marketing campaigns. Wondershare VidAir is an all-in-one video editing and making tool. It allows you to create videos with just a few clicks.

You don't need to be an expert to use VidAir because using VidAir is extremely easy. This tool allows you to insert videos, texts, images, and even upload local files. This means that you can import them to your video to create stunning videos once you download the photos.

You can download VidAir both for Mac and Windows. Once the tool is downloaded, login, or sign up so that you can use the tool. Check out all the templates and look for real estate inspired templates. After that, start editing the tool just the way you want to.


Ensure to download high-resolution real estate images, clip art, or royalty free estate images to publish on blogs, web pages, or in videos. We have already shared the websites from where you can get these unique realtor images for free. So, go on and grab these photos now. And after that, don't forget to use VidAir to create stunning videos so that you can push your real estate marketing campaigns. We hope this article will help you. Check out all the websites before settling down to one or a few.

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