Top 10 Funny Christmas Videos Add Happiness to Your Holiday

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Christmas is around the corner, and it is time to get ready for the same. Christmas is not just about the gifts that you give away and receive or the delicious food that you look forward to.

If you want to make your Christmas interesting, try to share or send the funny Christmas videos to your friends or family. This article will share some of the best YouTube funny Christmas videos. Check them out and feel inspired.

Apart from sharing the best Merry Christmas funny video, you will also get to know about the best tool, which will let you create funny Christmas videos too.

Part 1. Top 10 Merry Christmas Funny Video

01 Funny Santa Videos

Santa Clause is the main highlight of Christmas, and Christmas without him is no Christmas at all! Here are two of the funniest Santa Clause videos. See if you can try something like this.

Dancing Santas

This is a hilarious Santa video. You will see 10 Santa Clauses dancing to different songs. The best part about this video is that only the background image has been changed to a Christmas set to give away the vibe of Christmas.

You can ask some of your friends to join the dancing Santa Clause video. Change the backdrop of the video to a nice and warm Christmas setting. Dance your heart out, and ensure to try some funny steps to make the video funnier.

The Fallen Santa

This one has to be one of the funny Santa videos. Santa enters the house, not through the chimney, but open the door, rather. He looks at the stairs to distribute some of the gifts to the little kids of the house. However, while trying to climb the stairs, Santa ends up falling down. Is it an accident? The best part is when he said that he would send gift cards for next Christmas. Pretty hilarious!

02 Funny Reindeer Videos

Reindeer Dancing To “Jingle Bells”

If there is one funny reindeer video that will make you fall from your bed laughing, we believe it is going to be this one. Watch the reindeer trying the very popular “Gangnam Style” dance moves. Soon two more reindeers join the dance, and they have a blast.

Rollin' Christmas

What will happen if, instead of the usual reindeer, you are being greeted by some really obese reindeers? Watch the overweight reindeers trying to maintain their balance, and ultimately rolling down the roof.

03 Funny Videos for Kids

Christmas Song Videos for Kids

Your kids are all excited for Christmas, but do they know about the Christmas songs? How about showing them this funny Christmas video for kids, which is not just funny, but educational too. While you get busy with Christmas decorations and cooking, your child can watch this video to learn a few things. Funny, but educational! Superb idea.

Funny Christmas Dance Video for Kids

Does your kid want to watch Santa dancing? Make them watch this Christmas dance video, where Santa Clause seems to be enjoying the music. This video will make your child laugh and dance to the tune of Jingle Bells at the same time.

04 Funny Christmas Wishes Videos

Merry Christmas Wishes by Minions

Watch this funny Christmas wishes video, where the minions are trying to decorate the room for Christmas. One of the Minions comes along with a light bulb, wanting to change the previous one. However, the other minion and his partners end up falling while changing it. Finally, the one carrying the light bulb breaks down. In the end, the one who breaks the bulb becomes the replacement of the bulb.

Something is better than nothing.

Merry Christmas Wishes Gone Wrong

We had fun watching this gentleman struggling to send across his wish for Christmas. He stumbles right after he says Merry Christmas, and that's the icing on the cake. We bet you will enjoy watching this video too.

04 Funny Jingle Bell Videos

Jingle Bell- The Minions Way

Here in this video, you will watch a group of minions singing jingle bells in their own adorable and funny way. This video will make anyone's day. Watch the minions making funny faces and dancing! This jingle bell funny video is hilarious.

Crazy Frog- Jingle Bells

Crazy frog is an epic figure, and soon after Axel F came up with his all-time hit Crazy Frog, this character became an all-night sensation. Now, you will see him cheering and singing Jingle Bell in his own way.

Part 2. How to Make Your Christmas Funny Video

Now that you know about the different funny Christmas videos, won't you want to create a funny Christmas video on your own too? You may consider using Wondershare VidAir to create stunning and funny Christmas videos.

The step-by-step guide for you.

Step 1 Log in or Signup

The first thing to do is to signup if you are new. However, those who already have Wondershare ID, they can use the same credential to log in.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

VidAir offers a myriad of templates to choose from. If the template you are searching for isn't there, use the search bar and enter the right keyword. You will find a huge list of Christmas templates.

christmas templates

Step 3 Editing and export

After choosing the template, all you got to do is edit the video just the way you want it. You can change the background setting, add text, images, audio, video, and even import local files as well. Whatever you want to do to the video to make it funnier, you can try that.

After that, your video will be ready. Click on the Save option to save the video. Go to the Export tab to export the file to your computer, and that's about it!

edit your video

Everyone looks forward to Christmas. And if you want your Christmas to be better than the last time, you may try creating a funny animated Christmas video and upload it on different social media platforms. The video ideas that we have shared, you can take some ideas from there and use VidAir to create an amazing and funny Christmas video. Celebrate your holiday like never before and try some creativity.