Top 10 School Games for Thanksgiving

The recommended games for Thanksgiving in school


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and if you are searching for ways to keep your student's holiday spirit high, look no further.

From traditional Thanksgiving games for kids to cool crafting activities, we have a little of everything to keep the festivities to its highest. Bring the celebration spirit to your classrooms with our top Thanksgiving activities for school.

Part 1. Top 10 Thanksgiving Activities for School

Here I have listed the top 10 Thanksgiving games for kids to turn up the laughter and engage them in fun and healthy activities.

01 Turkey Features

Just the Thanksgiving-themed version of the classic 'Pin The Donkey Tail' game. An engaging game for Thanksgiving to bring the holiday festivities to your classroom.

You can either buy a Turkey poster or DIY. If you like to DIY, cut out a cardboard turkey and some colorful turkey feathers. Use double-sided tape and let your students take turns to tape the turkey's feathers while being blindfolded.

Turkey Features

02 Tic-Tac-Toe

The classic childhood game, which is typically played on a paper but this Thanksgiving, bring it to life with a 3d pumpkin version.

This game for Thanksgiving is a great way to indulge all students at the same time. Draw a tic-tac-toe board on the student's desk using tape. Hand over two different colored pumpkins and let them have fun while also learning to choose wisely.


03 Bowling

Who doesn't love bowling? Even the girls will be excited to play this game for Thanksgiving. Turn the bowling pins into cute little turkeys by adding feathers and eyes. Make teams and let the fun begin—the team scoring the highest number of turkeys wins.

I should warn you that the bowling game really gets the kids into a happy competitive spirit, and the giggles and cheers will be louder than ever. But what better way to get into the holiday spirit than playing Thanksgiving games for kids.


04 Feed the Turkey

Among many Thanksgiving activities for school, feeding the turkey is by far the best. Get a bottle decorated as a turkey or DIY, a tong, and some colorful pom-pom. Every student gets a pom-pom filled tray with a bottle turkey. Add a twist to the game by setting a timer. Whoever feeds the turkey more by the time limit ends will be the lucky winner.

Feeding the turkey while trying to win will get the kids laughing and giggling. And not to mention the oh-so-cute festive vibe of a pom-pom filled turkey.

Feed the Turkey

05 Grateful

Thanksgiving games for kids can be a great way to make them more grateful. Get printable or create a customized card that kids can color and list things and people they are thankful for. Isn't that what Thanksgiving is all about? You can replace cards with a thanking tree. Students can hang paper leaves on which they write they are thankful for.

Learning in a fun way by playing this game for Thanksgiving will also teach students the true essence of Thanksgiving.


06 Egg Tray Turkey

If you are looking for cost-effective Thanksgiving activities for school, go for this adorable crafting game. Just bring school some egg cartons. Cut out separate egg cups for each student and handover some bright colored feathers. Students can then turn the egg cup upside down and insert the feathers in it and attach googly eyes and a paper beak with a snood. Bam! The cutest turkeys on each table will bring joy and set the scene for the upcoming holidays. You will also witness turkey in every color combination, and no two turkeys will look the same. A beautifully unique turkey for every kid to take home

Egg Tray Turkey

07 Fruit Turkey

Since Halloween is all about the sweet treats, try to introduce healthy Thanksgiving school snack ideas this year. Take a pear or an apple and insert grape filled skewers as feathers. Finally, attach raisin eyes and a carrot beak with peanut butter

Thanksgiving games for kids can be an excellent way of teaching them healthy habits. Better yet, kids will be excited to craft a fruit turkey and then eat their creation.

Fruit Turkey

08 Paper Turkey Staffing

Yet another cost-effective game for Thanksgiving. Also a great way of thankfully recycling old newspapers. Use brown paper bags to make a turkey body and two paper bag legs wrapped with white tissue on the ends glued to the body

Crumple old newspaper into paper balls and let the students throw the balls into the turkey paper bag to stuff it. A super quick game for Thanksgiving which can be made harder for the older kids by making them play from a greater distance or blindfolding them

Paper Turkey Staffing

09 Leaf Garland

If you're looking for Thanksgiving school bulletin board ideas, leaf garland serves as a great décor as well as a fun crafting activity. Kids can draw and paint rustic autumn leaves on cardboard and cut them out. Sprinkle a little glitter for some holiday magic. Then string the fall leaves together and hang the garland in your classroom or on the school bulletin board to bring festive vibes to the school.

Leaf Garland

10 Turkey Snack

Extend Thanksgiving festivities to the snack too. Get the kids to decorate plastic cups as a turkey using googly eyes and color paper. Give them healthy snacks such as veggie straws or fruit slices to fill the cup. The kids must finish their turkey snack as part of the game for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving school snack ideas are an excellent way to spread the holiday spirit using fun to eat food items

Turkey Snack

Part 2. Make Your Thanksgiving Day Funny Videos

Record your Thanksgiving activities for school to make memorable or funny Thanksgiving day videos. You can also share your creative and unique Thanksgiving school snack ideas on your social media account to inspire others to try them out. They will surely be thankful for such tasteful generosity.

Wondershare VidAir has introduced an online video editor, VidAir. It has an easy interface that offers all the basic editing tools. Moreover, you can choose from the various templates for a quick edit. You may add eye-catching captions to attract views or upbeat music to give a cheerful vibe to your video.

The four-step process of making Thanksgiving funny video

Step 1 Log in or Signup

Open VidAir on your browser. Login or SignUp if you don't have an account

create account

Step 2 Choosing Thanksgiving templates

Choose a template of your liking from the Categories tab and click on it and tap Use This Template

thanksgiving template

Step 3 Edit and export

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Once you are done, press Export in the top right corner and choose the desired resolution.

edit video

Try out these Thanksgiving games for kids to keep the holiday spirits high even in schools. Bring holiday festivities to your classrooms with these fun Thanksgiving activities for school. Engage your students in games that are interactive as well as healthy.

And what better way to celebrate a holiday than playing themed games. So, get the ball rolling and give your students a Thanksgiving to remember.