Top 6 Useful GoPro Editing Tips and Tricks

Useful tips and tricks to help you edit videos better in GoPro.

Are you not able to make your video fantastic and eye-catcher? Are you still facing some problems while editing your videos through the GoPro Application? Are you not satisfied with your GoPro editing? Well, if you have come across such questions while editing your videos, then you came to the right platform. In this article, we will discuss some of the GoPro video editing tips which will help you to make your videos tremendous and phenomenal. With the help of these tricks and tips, your video will catch the eyes of your viewers on social media platforms.

Part 1. 6 GoPro Quick Editing Tips for your Creation

01 Choose the right tool to edit your GoPro videos

To edit your GoPro video footage, you should choose the tool wisely that will help you to improvise your video appropriately. You should select tools according to your knowledge and skill. The tool you choose will help you to trim, edit, cut, merge your videos to give them an astounding look. If you have long footage and want to post only 60-70 seconds video, the tool will modify your video so that the best will come out from it.

02 Enhance your video with a musical soundtrack

To grab the attention of your viewers on your social media platform, improve your video by adding melodious soulful tracks that will make your video stand apart. Adding a musical soundtrack to your videos will help you to depict your emotions and to convey your best moments through it. You can adjust the music tracks by making appropriate trims and cuts to them. You must use GoPro Studio and Slice app to add wonderful music to your video clips.

03 Avoid copyright issues

You need to keep in mind that you give due credit to the soundtrack you added in your video clips. Otherwise, you would face copyright issues. Make your video more presentable while inculcating the brand name of the product towards the end of your video and if you are making it for business purposes, but if it is for personal use, remember the key issue of copyright.

04 Don not add too many filters to your video

You should not add too many filters to your video, as excessive filters impact the natural effects of your video. The GoPro application has so many transitions and filters, but it's not necessary to use all the filters in one video. You should use the transition effects according to your requirement.

05 Intensify your video by adjusting its speed and length

You can intensify the significance of your video by editing its lengthiness. Instead of making long footage, you should try to make short videos so that your viewers can rewatch it again. Long videos become tedious and boring, your viewers may lose interest. So, try to make your video short and crisp. Consistency is another important aspect that you must keep in mind while making your video. Try to make your video an even pace instead of a fast pace and a slow pace as pace determines the interest of your viewers towards the video.

06 Adjust colors effects of your video

Try balancing the shades of the color in your video clips to give it an infinite look. Balance the high shade ton and low shade ton according to your requirements to make your video a wonderful package of the movie.

Part 2. An Easy Online Video Maker to Help Your GoPro Videos More Creative

Make your GoPro videos more innovative and creative through Wondershare VidAir. It is an easy online video maker that inspires your creativity with attractive templates and flexible features. You can make a video within 5 minutes and share it on social media directly. VidAir provides editing features, including text effects, stickers, free image and video footage, background music, and transitions. Try this online video maker for free after reading the simple steps below or the detailed user guide.

edit gopro video online
  • Step 1: Open Wondershare VidAir website on your device. Select the option of template, and from the template page, you can pick the template that suits your purpose, or you can even create a template as per your style. After selecting the resolution for your video, you can click on the Use This Template button.
  • Step 2: For customizing your video content, you can log in to your account, and you can add text effects, sound footage, background music, images, etc. Or you can select an image from your device.
  • Step 3: Edit your video by locating the template option and preview it after making changes accordingly to it. Click on the Export button to download your video.