GoPro Studio: How to Use GoPro Studio on Windows/Mac

A full guide on how to use GoPro Studio to edit videos.

GoPro Studio is software designed to assist in importing Go pro media or any other video to perform the required video editing task, best suited for beginners. It is compatible with Mac as well as PC. GoPro Studio 2.5 allows the editing of high-quality photos, videos and audio into incredible output. Trimming the videos, mixing the clips, adjust the speeds of videos, etc. For example, you can make slow-motion and fast-track videos and export time-lapse photo sequences as videos, viewing highlight tags, and editing frame rates and size of the images. In this article, you can learn the steps on how to make videos using GoPro Studio easily.

Part 1. GoPro Studio Alternative: Make Videos Easily Online

Before the guide on making videos with GoPro Studio, you can learn its easy online alternative. Wondershare VidAir is an easy online video maker, which is the best video editor for beginners as it's easy-to-use and you can finish a video editing within 5 minutes. With it, you don't need to search video or image resources anymore. You can find free text, footage, stickers, music and other elements you need, also the templates to inspire your creativity. Just sign up for a free account to start.

Steps to edit videos online with VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template

To begin with, choose a video template you like and the aspect ratio you need. After that, click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to open the online editor.

choose a template to start

Step 2 Edit Videos Online

You can edit your video with text effects, stickers, background music, images, videos, and other editing tips from the editing page. Upload local files to add to your video can also be done.

edit videos online

Step 3 Export Saved Videos

After all changes have been saved, preview the final results. Finally, click on the Export button to download it.

export video with GoPro alternative

Part 2. Steps to Edit Videos with GoPro Studio

The trusted sources must be opted for downloading GoPro studio PC software application. The GoPro Studio required three steps to edit the videos. They are view and trim, edit and then export. GoPro win7 or GoPro studio Windows 10 is the requirement for GoPro studio 2.5 latest versions.

Steps on how to edit videos with GoPro Studio

Step 1: After downloading the GoPro Studio, open the application to upload videos from local sources. There is an import option, just click the import button and select the videos which need to be converted and edited.

Step 2: Once the videos are selected, they can be cut off by marking up the most relevant part and severing off the unwanted. They are then added to the conversion list appearing on the right-hand side of the application. Once done with the conversion work, at the bottom, the application asks for proceeding further editing.

Step 3: This room allows the users to view, arrange to enhance the converted videos. The movie can be created from a blank template or a GoPro template available. Additional templates can be downloaded from the website.

Step 4: Drag the videos from the left-hand side and put it in the timeline, arrange them in order. Adding transitions, trimming and mixing clips, music addition, titles, speed, effects such as fade in and fade out, color adjustment, framing, creating dramatic effects on the clips can be done in the edit section. These are all available on the right-hand side. The particular image in the video can also be made brighter and saturated.

Step 5: Finally, export the video to the specified location. The edited videos can be exported as per the use, for example, for YouTube, for mobile, etc.

Is GoPro Studio available or can be free download possible? The answer to the most asked question is "No". It is "Yes" from other third party sites such as TechSpot, Softpedia and Softonic. However, we advise you to try Wondershare VidAir online video maker for free.