Top 20 Halloween Music Recommended in 2021


On the night of October 31 to November 1, many people around the world will celebrate Halloween. When choosing Halloween music on YouTube, one thing is especially important - it has to fit. Therefore, we put together a little creepy playlist for every taste. We recommend top 10 YouTube Halloween music for kids and top 20 Halloween music on YouTube for you. We hope it will suit your festive atmosphere at the home, office or at a party too.

Part 1. Top 10 YouTube Halloween Music for Kids

01 Five Little Monsters

Duration: 2:06

This is a reworked version of the popular English song "Five Little Monkeys." It is straightforward to remember the Halloween song.

02 Hello It's Halloween

Duration: 1:54

The lyrics of the song are complicated, but after reading and analyzing the text at least once, your child will immediately recognize all the vocabulary on the topic of Halloween.

03 Finger Family

Duration: 1:03

This song is perfect YouTube Halloween music for kids. The children love to sing it. It's trendy because of the elementary text and tune.

04 Halloween Monsters

Duration: 15:39

The song tells about Halloween's characters and aims to repeat the count from 1 to 10. Its lyrics are simple but attractive. The song itself is quite long.

05 Five Little Pumpkins

Duration: 3:19

Five Little Pumpkins - another popular Halloween song. You can play this simple but amazing song at Halloween or any time of the year!

06 Knock Knock, Trick Or Treat?

Duration: 4:59

An amusing song that, like no other, is suitable for hunting for sweets. Its lyrics are beautiful and funny.

07 Incy Wincy Spider

Duration: 1:52

A song about how difficult life is for a little spider. Incy Wincy Spider is the perfect Halloween song for little kids.

08 Dracula skirt

Duration: 2:31

Dracula Rock - The most beautiful Halloween songs for children.

09 Hu-ha-Halloween

Duration: 2:36

Happy shuddering is announced with this great theme song for Halloween (Hu-ha-Halloween).

10 Early in the morning at six

Duration: 2:31

The little witch is coming - Of course, a song is about witches. This song must be part of your Halloween party.

Part 2. Top 10 Scary Halloween Music


Length: 3:21

The first song that comes to everyone's mind at the word "Halloween" is the same name by the king of burlesque, Marylin Manson.


Length: 1:27

The Adams Family theme song is one of the epic Halloween songs. For many years, reincarnation has been considered a classic genre, and not a lack of imagination.


Length: 5:07

The mood of this track fits perfectly into the concept of Halloween. It gives goosebumps, and the video, in general, seems to many to be quite scary and very gloomy.


Length: 4:07

This Cleveland metal band knows how to look really scary. Branded masks and the guys' incredible charisma turn each of their clips into a real art work. The song We Are the Truth tells a dark story in a house in the middle of a dense forest.


Length: 5:54

SLIPKNOT is familiar to everyone who is somehow interested in dark music. This song is famous for its masks, dark looks, and music.

06 Runnin 'With the Devil - Van Halen

Length: 3:36

The song "Runnin 'With the Devil" once ranked 78th in the Top 100 Scariest Songs. Scare your guests too.

07 Thriller - Michael Jackson

Length: 13:42

The king sings thriller of pop music Michael Jackson. The most popular Halloween song of all time! By the way, this single brought Michael Jackson huge dividends. He got more only for the song "Billie Jean."

08 Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell

Length: 3:35

Are you paranoid? Are you haunted by ghosts, and it seems that someone is constantly monitoring? You're not alone. Rockwell and their song "Somebody's Watching Me" is about that. This song is perfect for Halloween night.

09 Dragula - Rob Zombie

Length: 3:48

Rob Zombie has created a great music score for Halloween, and his clips are similar to horror short films.

10 Nekromantix - Trick Or Treat

Length: 4:15

What is Halloween without psychobilly? The Nekromantix track is about a good pastime, not fears. Smiling pumpkins, classic horror movies, and other holiday attributes - the song will suit the youngest Halloween lovers.

Part 3. How to Create Halloween Music Videos

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Step 4 Upload

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