Top 10 Halloween Party Ideas in 2021

How to make your Halloween party more attractive?


Are you planning to throw an extremely spooky Halloween party this year? I've got you covered from bone-rattling Halloween party decoration ideas to creepy e-invites. I have compiled the best pocket-friendly ideas to throw the most thrilling Halloween party ever!

Let's be wicked.

Part 1. 5 Halloween Party Ideas for Decorations

If you're looking for some spooktacular Halloween party decoration ideas, you have come to the right place. Let me share some of the classiest decoration ideas.

01 Pumpkin Lights

pumkin light

What screams 'Happy Halloween' better than a perfectly carved pumpkin? More commonly known as Jack-o-lanterns, these creepy yet cheap DIY decorations are bound to spice up your Halloween party.

No Halloween party is complete without pumpkin lights scattered around the house. The best part is that it neither takes up much time or effort.

Just grab a pumpkin and start carving. Then put a candle in it. The X-eyed face with the stitched lips is definitely the classiest jack-o-lantern ever. Hang them on a string or place them in the doorway to give a creepy welcome to the visitors.

02 Skulls


Nothing is creepier than skulls. Those bony heads littered around the house will make it look like a graveyard. You can set a creepy skull on the table as a centerpiece. Or if you're feeling really naughty, place it in a fountain and add some red color. Your neighbors are sure to be spooked. You might even be the envy of all.

If you want to add some unique touch to the skulls, paint them as decorative pieces. The painted skulls will add both glamour and terror to your Halloween bash.

03 Bats


No Halloween party is complete without blood-sucking bats soaring through your house. You can buy a bunch of plastic bats or make them yourself. Paper, foam, or fabric, anything will do the job. Create a bat colony by pasting them all over the walls. Just make sure it's black for full effect.

Life-size bats hanging from the porch will give an eerie welcome to the visitors. Plus, they will add a haunted house look, too—the best place to throw a Halloween party.

04 Tombstones


If you are searching for terrifyingly fantastic Halloween party ideas, tombstones are your best bet. A house with a yard full of tombstones giving a haunted cemetery look is what you are looking for to have the greatest Halloween bash ever. Throw a Halloween party to die for. Pre-set tombstones for the visitors.

Get some cardboard boxes, paint them black, and cut out tombstones. Draw a skull or cobwebs. Add a name if you like. Place a bunch of them in your yard and add some lighting for an eerie look.

05 Candy


Who doesn't love a spookily delicious treat at a Halloween party? Get your snacktivity going and create a creepy Halloween menu.

You don't have to be a master chef. Halloween themed desserts are fairly easy to make. You can just buy donuts and dip them in black icing or bake cake pops and dip them in red candy melts with a googly eye. Or, if you are throwing a last-minute Halloween party, just buy loads of candies and place them in a skull for a spooky look.

Part 2. 5 Halloween Party Ideas for Activity Design

01 Mummy wrap

mumm wrap

What you need: Tissue rolls

How to play: My personal favorite activity for a Halloween party is mummifying using tissue paper. It is inexpensive and fun to play. You can make several teams with two partners each. Every team can be given one tissue roll. One partner is supposed to wrap the other one in tissue to look like a mummy. Whoever becomes a mummy first wins. If you want to add some twist, make the mummies walk to the finish line to win the race. Walking mummies would be hilarious (spoiler alert-many of them will fall.

02 Creepy Obstacle Course

Creepy Obstacle Course

What you need: Spiders (plastic, yarn, jingle bells)

How to play: Tie the yarn in an irregular pattern from one side to the other between two rods. Leave enough space for a person to pass through and hang spiders with jingle bells. Now a person has to pass through the spider-infested yarn wall without jiggling the spiders. If the person hits the spider, the bell will alert you, and the player will be disqualified. Increase the pressure by setting a 60-second limit. This spidific game will be especially spooky for people scared of spiders.

03 Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

What you need: Candies, gifts

How to play: Probably the cheapest and most engaging Halloween party game ever. All age groups and any number of players can join in on this one. Hide the gifts or treats in spooky places like inside the skull, jack-o-lantern, or the coffin. Leave clues leading to the final gift or treasure box full of candy treats. The clues can be direct indications or riddles to make the competition tough. The treasure should be according to the age group involved candies for kids and gifts for adults.

04 Fear Factor

fear factor

What you need: Food items, blindfold, bowls

How to play: The game can be played as teams or individually. The bowls are filled with food items such as peeled grapes, candy worms, or other items that may feel gross to a person eating them blindfolded. Also, the players are not supposed to use their hands while eating. Players are dared to eat whatever is on the plate and name them. Whoever fails to name at least five food items loses. Make it as gross as you like by putting out cheese or custard.

05 Candy Corn Relay

Candy Corn Relay

What you need: Candy corn, bowls, spoons

How to play: Two teams consisting of 2 or more players, will sit on either side of the table in a single file. Every player will be given a spoon and a bowl. They will place the bowl in front of them and will hold the spoon in their mouth. The bowl at the starting point will be filled with candy corn. The players at the head of the line will scoop the candy corn into the next empty bowl. Set a time limit, and the team with the greatest amount of candy corn in the bowl at the end of the line wins. Note that the players cannot touch the bowl or the spoon with their hands. Scooping will only be through the spoon in their mouths.

Part 3. Make An Invitation Video to Promo Your Halloween Party

A fabulous Halloween party is not complete without a huge number of ghosts, witches, and deadly monsters haunting the house (I mean guests). You can create an e-invite video to invite people. People will be excited to come to your talk-of-the-block Halloween party if you spice it up with a creepy invitation video. An invitation video will ensure your Halloween party is flooded with monsters.

To help you with that, let me introduce Wondershare VidAir.

It is an online video maker. You can use the various templates in it to make e-invites. It is a quick-fix editor with all the basic editing features and a few advanced ones too. You can add text, music, or special effects.

The steps to create a Halloween party is made easier with the templates available. For your ease, I have compiled a step-by-step guide to create an e-invite.

Step 1 Sign Up or Login

create vidair account

Open Wondershare VidAir on your browser and create a free account. Login to access VidAir.

Step 2 Searching templates

vidair template

In the Halloween tab, choose the template that suits your fancy. Click on it to proceed. Press USE THIS TEMPLATE

Step 3 Edit your video.

edit video

Now you will be directed to a new window. Here you can customize the template and add texts or captions. The font and color can also be adjusted. Add your recorded video or creepy music to scale up the spook-o-meter.

Step 4 Upload

upload video

Press the pink box of Export. In the pop-up box, select the resolution and watermark option. Click Export


I am sure now you will be able to start the Halloween party going in no time because you have got a list of cool yet cheap Halloween party decoration ideas.

Spice up your Halloween bash in the most spooktacular ways possible. Go on and create your own mini haunted house using the five basic decorative items I mentioned. Don't forget to round up all the monsters in the neighborhood. Make a creepy e-invite using VidAir to spread the word. Create suspense as to what will happen at your Halloween party. Remember not to give it all away in the invite.

From creepy candies to monster cake pops, your Halloween party will be one to die for. So keep your candles lit and your tombstones ready.

Because winter is coming.