20 Best Halloween Videos in 2021 and How to Make One by Yourself

Different kinds of Halloween videos you should know


Halloween is here once more, and everyone wants to get the most out of this memorable festive celebration. It's indeed associated with numerous activities from making Halloween cakes, wearing Halloween costumes, and even pulling some harmless pranks. Perhaps the most memorable go to be funny Halloween videos.

The best move is to introduce your kids to some hilarious Halloween videos for the tell-tale stories. Check out the best videos here!

Part 1. Top 10 Scary Halloween Videos

Check out these scary but cool videos for your kids.

01 The Witches

This is among the Halloween prank videos that will send some cold chills down your kid's spine. It's all shivers as you watch the High Witch and her gang gathers to do their demonic moves – turn all the kids into mice – through some magical power formula. It's both lovely and scary when eventually, the main mouse – Luke – starts to fight back. A must watch for kids this Halloween!

02 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

As its name suggests, this scary Halloween text video is not for the faint-hearted. It takes you through the life of Sarah Bellows, that goes through numerous tortures and horrible secrets. She later turns these into terrifying tales and scary stories, perfect for any Halloween get-together.

03 Scoob!

Here comes Scoob! It's among the spirit Halloween animatronics videos that will keep your kid glued to the screens with that – don't scare me more – Scoob! Look. This movie is out to solve a mystery that's been hidden for quite a long time. Some Easter eggs to are available for parents!

04 Super Monsters

This new catch in 2020 is a must-watch for a perfect Halloween celebration. Theirs is about mimicking their parents. Meet this group of preschool kids, trying out what their parents know better – mastering some special powers before school time.

05 The House with a Clock in Its Wall

It's based on a world full of witches, ancient rivalries, and scary warlocks. Lewis, a young orphaned boy, goes to live with his estranged uncle. Here is when he finds that everything about his uncle's house is not right and sets out to find more.

Other 5 scary Halloween projector videos for the family

06 Hereditary

This is among the scary Halloween videos that make you jump out of your comfort zone. Annie's mother dies, and that's when Annie starts to realize that there are some peculiar activities within the house. Check out whether there's a force manipulating her family.

07 The Descent

What do you do when you find yourself in a cave full of flesh-eating monsters? Check out this video about six adventurous ladies who set out for a fun-filled trek, only to end up in a hunted cave. It's all fear and panic – and a must watch!

08 Eyes Without a Face

Follow up what this surgeon is up to – his daughter is without a face – and how would he fix this? It gets scary when the surgeon resolves to kidnap women and opts to transplant their faces to his faceless daughter. Check out what happens next!

09 Scream

If scary Halloween music videos are your catch, then 'Scream' will definitely pull out some vibes. The shocking killings that throng it brings this video's other face of horror. But make sure you aren't alone – enjoy your video!

10 HalloweenTown

Check out this scary Halloween video on a story of a young girl who is destined to be a witch. Perhaps, she acquires these traits from her witch grandmother as they live in sa town where normal lives are led by supernatural humans.

Part 2. Top 10 Funny Halloween Videos

These 5 funny Halloween videos for kids can't miss from your list this Halloween.

1 Casper

Kids from 8 years can watch Casper – and learn more. about this friendly ghost, Casper. It's full of humor, and your kid will surely love it.

2 Song of the Sea

Your kid will surely fall in love with this animated movie. This rich narrative throws in some magic and funny scenes to kick start your Halloween celebrations.

3 Monster House

This video is uncoupled with both disturbing and funny scenarios. The Monster House comes to life, depicting a disturbing click. However, your kids will enjoy this horror-tale this Halloween.

4 Halloween Party

Since it's partying time, Halloween Party knows how to bring the mood pretty well. Any kid from age 2 can dive in and watch the purple dinosaur teach about fun. You kids will surely like the great dialogue and insane ideas that this video brings.

5 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This is among the funny Halloween videos YouTube your kids can enjoy in and out of the Halloween season. Pretty funny how Donald turns into a frog. Hence the search for Princess Daisy kicks off as it's only her who can reverse the curse.

Here are other all-inclusive 5 top funny Halloween videos

6 Death Becomes Her

Tickle your funny bone with his hilarious video starring Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep. They strive to stay young and beautiful for as long as they live. It's funny watching these frenemies become immortal for life.

7 Hocus Pocus

This video is all about witches. Yes! 3 witches on a hunt for eternal youth. After being executed for practicing witchcraft, the three sisters try to return from the dead. But their living book of spells is out to rescue them.

8 Under Wraps

Under Wraps is among the spooky Halloween videos you can't miss from your list this Halloween. This fun-filled comedy is about three kids who have an encounter with an old 3,000-year-old mummy. They strive to re-unite this mummy with his lover. And if that doesn't happen before midnight, he turns to dust. No time to waste – it's rush against time.

9 Goosebumps

What would you do if you come face to face with the horror author of this movie? That's exactly what happens to Zach. The horror author is the immediate neighbor in his newly acquired home in the town of Madison. It even gets tougher when he discovers that the creatures from Goosebumps are real and locked inside his neighbor's house. All hell breaks loose when these creatures pop out, ready to cause destruction. A must watch!

10 Shaun of the Dead

This is a funny, scary Halloween video where you'll see the dead come back to life. Check out how Shaun faces a life that is not so rosy, trying to rescue both those he loves, and he doesn't love.

Part 3. How to Make a Halloween Video Easily Online

You can also make Halloween prank videos online in simple steps. Wondershare VidAir helps you to boost your creativity with thousands of templates. Save yourself the agony of installing any app. Just find a perfect video template and fine-tune your creativity. Likewise, you can add text, paste a sticker, customize your settings, and apply other effects as you desire.

Step 1 Sign Up Free

Head on to the Wondershare VidAir website and try it for free. Just click the 'Try Free' button and be redirected to find attractive video templates.

login vidair

Step 2 Choosing templates

Select a Halloween video template. Likewise, choose the resolution of the video and hit the 'Use This Template' button.

vidair template

Step 3 Edit your video

Several edits are available. You can add text, put in some background music, and crop shape your video. Ensure you preview it to ensure it is perfect for viewing.

edit video

Step 4 Export

Before exporting, save your video. Go to the right top corner of the screen and hit the 'Save' button. You can then proceed and share it for any use. Just hit the 'Export' button and enjoy your video with friends.

save and export

Whether you love funny or Halloween horror night videos, the ball is now in your court. We have summed the best 20 videos to keep you in the spirit this Halloween season. And if that's not enough, engage VidAir and show your prowess. The steps and simple, and the process is easy!