A Full Guide to Help You Do Healthcare Marketing Better

All You Need to Know in Healthcare Marketing Processes

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Healthcare marketing is a multidisciplinary practice that is used for informing, educating, as well as motivating the people regarding health and its services. Healthcare marketing combines traditional marketing along with science-based studies for health-related information. Several strategies are used by doctors, healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and other healthcare workers for educating and informing people. Healthcare marketing jobs are also on the rise with the industry becoming competitive.

Like other industries' marketing processes, even healthcare marketing involves studying resources, opportunities, and threats related to the market. Learn more about healthcare marketing and the best strategies for the same in the following parts.

Part 1. What Does A Healthcare Marketer Do?

A healthcare marketer is a person at a medical practice who is responsible for looking out all the marketing activities of the related healthcare setup. The person working as a healthcare marketer has to draft the plan and the strategies that promote the organization while maintaining the trust and loyalty of the patients. Depending on the healthcare industry, strategies and the target audience, the marketer has to promote and inform its audience about health concerns, the latest treatments, vaccines, and other related factors.

A health marketer creates a framework that includes strategies, theories, techniques, and researches that work towards public health. Over time, the expectation of the healthcare service receivers has increased manifolds and they expect good customer service in addition to the quality and timely treatment.

Part 2. Top 10 Useful Healthcare Marketing Strategies

Healthcare marketing is done to ensure that details about the healthcare company and its services reach the maximum number of people. Right strategies have to be used to get the best of the healthcare marketing. We have shortlisted the top 10 healthcare marketing strategies that will prove beneficial for your setup.

01 Have Consistent Branding

Consistent branding is the key to success. With huge competition in the healthcare digital marketing industry, it is essential to stand out from the rest and have consistent branding. You need to look out for the factors that make you different and unique from the other service providers and these factors will help people to remember your organization’s name. Some of the ways to portray yourself unique may include- the way patients are treated (with personalized feel and holistic approach), friendly and emphatic staff, modern facilities, and more. Highlighting your positives consistently will help people remember you.

Consistent Branding

02 Create A Responsive Healthcare Site

When you are reaching out to your target audience digitally, it is important to have a responsive website. A good site looks perfect no matter on whichever platform it is opened (computer, tablet, or phone). The site must be simple to use and should be responsive that allows the users to connect to you quickly if required.

The site should also have a fast-loading speed because the patient will move to the other side if it takes too much time in loading.

Responsive Healthcare Site

03 Get The Reviews

Asking for reviews is a great practice as it helps you to know the areas where you excel and even the ones that require improvement. With everything becoming digitalized, recording user experience online is quick and easy. It is always good to respond to both the good as well as the bad reviews as quickly as possible. Ensure to be polite with your responses even with the negative reviews as it will create chances of the person using your services again.


04 Optimize Search Engine Results for The Patients

To get your healthcare organization in the top searches on Google, search engine optimization plays a crucial role. Use the right keywords and phrases at the right places naturally. Some of the other SEO practices that can be used include having backlinks from popular sites, having a site index of the sitemap, backlinks to your pages on the site, and more.

Optimize Search Engine Results

05 Social Media Leverage

Using social media in the right way is another workable strategy for promoting your healthcare industry or brand. You can post genuine and useful images, videos, information about events, and other information on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media sites. These posts will help the people to know about your setup and its latest happenings. You can even use paid advertising to reach the people who are looking for the services offered by your organization. As per the study, 41% of the people stated that social media content has an impact on their selection of the hospital and healthcare centre.

Social Media Leverage

06 Opt for A Healthcare Marketing Agency

Being in the healthcare industry, you may not be professional with the marketing strategies and here the help of the marketing agencies can be taken for optimizing ROI. The marketing agencies can help you connect to a large number of patients through digital and other platforms using their specialized communication and other services. A marketing agency can help you by creating a responsive app, creating video tutorials that can be posted on several social media platforms, using interesting and engaging ways to reach the patients, and more.

Healthcare Marketing Agency

07 Content Marketing Is Important

Content marketing plays a very important role in the healthcare industry as it is a way of sharing information with patients. Informative, useful, and researched articles, blogs, and videos can be shared online that will help in promoting the brand and will get the attention of potential users. Some of the key content topics that can be shared include tips on health, doctor interviews, podcasts, virtual Q&A sessions, testimonials, blog posts, video tutorials, and more.

Content Marketing

08 Using PPC and Displaying Ads

Using PPC (pay-per-click) and display ad advertisements will be beneficial for healthcare marketing as it helps in keeping the site at the top of the search engine results. Using PPC the budget can be managed and you can also access the return on investments.

PPC and Displaying Ads

09 Using Doctor Referrals

Use doctor referrals as one of the key marketing strategies for your business as it helps to get in new patients. Use physician liaison with the hospitals, regular practices, licensed caregivers, and other related people. Ensure to have regular meetings with the referral bases and potential sources.

Doctor Referrals

10 Track Health Marketing Strategy

Last but not least is tracking of the marketing strategies. It is important to keep the track of the strategies used and what does it offer in terms of ROI. The same strategy will not give similar results for two different setups. Thus, keep analysing the strategies used so that you can make changes from time to time. Some of the ways to keep track of your strategies include using CRM, Google Analytics, Google AdWords PPC campaigns, and others.

Health Marketing Strategy

Part 3. How to Make Healthcare Marketing Videos Easily Online?

As we have discussed in the above part that video content plays a crucial role in healthcare marketing. An educative, researched and professional-looking video will surely get the attention of the users. Creating videos can be a hassled task especially if you do not have any prior experience in the field. Thus, to help you create engaging and professional videos we suggest using a video-making tool like Wondershare VidAir. This browser-based tool requires only a free sign-up after which it is ready to help you create a video of your choice.

There are several templates available including healthcare-related in different categories that will help you to create a video matching your content. You can even create a video from scratch if required. The templates can be customized as needed by changing the text, video, audio, and other content.

Wondershare VidAir is a free tool that creates videos with a watermark and in 720p resolution. You can upgrade the tool for the paid version that processes watermark-free videos in 1080p resolution.


Healthcare marketing is expanding at a fast pace and to get the best results, the right marketing strategies must be employed. The combination of the right strategies discussed above must be used so that you can create a niche in the competitive market.

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