The Step-by-Step Guide of Creating Facebook Ads

How to create Facebook ads easily

Did you know? Facebook now has over 2.74 billion monthly active users. It is one of the most used online platforms that allow you to connect with your audience globally. In recent months, Facebook made many changes to its algorithm as well as the user-interface. Therefore, making it even easier to stay connected with fans.

Moreover, with its micro-targeting feature, now you can also be ready for a specific target audience. For marketers, brands and influencers are the most useful platform to get your message in front of millions of people. You can easily create Facebook video ads within a small budget. Creating Facebook ads is easy and affordable; it is likely to get you more leads/sales. In other words, Facebook can also help you yield more potential customers. How to make a Facebook ad? How to target the right audience? How to get the best results? The list of questions is long and nearly without any end. In this post, let's find answers and more!

How to do Facebook ads easier? It's very straightforward. You can run a news feed and stories to take your brand in front of the potential audience. These types of ads offer a way to showcase your product in action.

Part 1. How To Make A Facebook Ad

First thing first, you would need a Facebook business page. Once that is done, you can straightaway head to Facebook Ads Manager to create Facebook video ads. Now, follow the simple step-by-step instruction for ads manager:

Step 1: Set An Objective

First, log in to your Facebook Ads Manager and go to the campaign tab. Here, click on the crease, and you will have a new Facebook ad campaign right on your screen. You can choose from as many as 11 different marketing objectives. Choose to set an objective in-alignment with your goals.

making an ad objective

Step 2: Give It A 'Catchy Name'

Simply scroll down, and you will find a section saying "Campaign name" - that's where you have to enter the campaign name. You can also choose to set up an A/B split test to use your budget in a more optimized way. For simplicity of the process, let's keep it on 'off'.

Creating a Facebook Campaign

Step 3: Finalizing Setting Up

Now, let's move to set up your account. You will find a setup ad account button right after finishing the previous step. Click on it, fill in the details like country, time zone, etc., and then click on continue.

Step 4: Target Audience

Setting up Facebook Ad Page
Customizing the target audience

It is one of the most important steps to master if you want to yield better results. You can customize your target audience or go with default options. Keep an eye on estimates but know that they are not guaranteed.

Step 5: Create Facebook Video Ads Placements

Once the audience is set, scroll down a bit where you are asked to choose where you want the ads to appear. Go with the automatic placement if you wish to the Facebook algorithm to select the places. You can also go with a customized option and DIY select the placements.

Editing the placement

Step 6: Setup Budget

In this step, you would be deciding how much money you want to spend. Facebook allows you multiple options from daily to lifetime budget. Once the budget is set, start scheduling your ads.

Budgeting and Scheduling a Facebook ad

Step 7: Creating Facebook Ads

Next, you can choose the ad format, enter text and media components. There are various formats available; you can specifically choose the format based on the campaign objective.

Adding image and video

Part 2. Recommended A Facebook Ad Creator for You

Are you ready to make the first tailored-made Facebook ad? To make an impact on Facebook ad video, you would need a powerful video maker tool. One of the highly recommended video ad tools is VidAir – it's worth it. Recently, VidAir has gained popularity among creators and influencers. Let's quickly jump on learning how to create proper Facebook video ads using VidAir so that you, too, can make an everlasting impact.

Step 1 Login with the Wondershare ID or Sign Up

1. Go to VidAir's official website and navigate to the SIGN UP button if you are a new user. Or, you can click the LOG IN tab if you are already a registered user.

Vidair login

Step 2 Select any creative template

2. You can choose from a plethora of different templates. Click the CHOOSE A TEMPLATE tab to select the one that fits your video ad.

Template selection

Step 3 Customize & Edit

DIY Editing. It's easy and simple to use VidAir. Using it, you can add amazing text, photos, and video clips. Yes! You can also add audio, stickers, and other elements to take your content to the next level.

Customize and edit

Step 4 Export Video in VidAir

Save the Video Ad: Lastly, it's time to save the hard work. You can click the Export button on your desktop/computer. To access it from different places, add your video to the cloud storage.

Export the video

Part 3. Facebook Ads Types

Playable Ads

One of the latest ad formats is called "Playable ads". These ads boost user-interaction and increase brand awareness. Mostly, gaming companies use this type of Facebook ads particularly. Creating Facebook ads with a playable feature also lifts the favorability.

Stories Ads

As per the recent study, around 72% of millennials like to keep their phone straight even when watching videos. Facebook video ad creators leverage story ads to reach out to the maximum number of users. You can craft full-screen vertical video format ads also.

Image Ads

Perhaps it is the most simple and great way to create Facebook ads. You can craft an engaging and creative post within a few clicks with an image and some text. These ads are simple, impactful, and easy to build.

Video Ads

Part 4. Bonus Tips and Tricks

Key Features

Lastly, click the Export button post-editing and customization. Also, ensure that you have saved your project beforehand to avoid any data loss during Export.

Key Features

Lastly, click the Export button post-editing and customization. Also, ensure that you have saved your project beforehand to avoid any data loss during Export.

Audience Targeting

Create Facebook video ads to target narrow audiences. Once you start yielding better results, you can then slowly broaden the range. Also, you can start with your audience's specific interest and then move towards the general interest. You can also use targeting options for creating Facebook ads for different groups related to the same business goals.

Invest in High-Quality Visuals

The greatest advantage of technology is high-quality visual photos and videos. That said, using blurry photos can negatively impact your brand and business image. So, make sure to invest in good quality visuals and make an amazing impact on your audience.

Track and Optimize

Creating Facebook ads is followed by close monitoring for the performance. If the campaign is not going in the direction you wanted, then perhaps it's time to perform some tweaks. Or maybe it's time to invest in other ads.

In case you are not so sure about how to make a Facebook ad work, chances are you might like this! Always convert a proven piece of content into a high-performing video ad. More or less, every brand does it at some point or other. You can do it too! When you are making a video, think about the best way to share the key message using only short text and images? There is plenty of video making and editing tools that can help you complete the process even faster than ever!

Lastly, you must think beyond the web and avoid limiting your advertising to online fronts. You can also leverage online tools to drive people to offline events.