10 Useful iMovie Editing Tips and Tricks to Help You Be a Specialist

Read the tips and tricks about editing videos using iMovie to improve your skills.

Do you want to turn your videos into a movie? Do you want to add special effects to your videos that will demonstrate the effect of the movie? Do you want to attract a large number of audiences to your videos while posting them on your social media platform? While importing your video from your iPhone to your Windows or Mac, do you face any kind of trouble? If you are dealing with such kinds of problems, then you have come on the right platform. In this article, I will talk about some of the best imovie tips and tricks which will help you to create stunning and meaningful videos for your viewers.

Part 1. Top 10 iMovie Tips and Tricks You Can't Miss

To make your videos fantastic and distinctive for your viewers, follow the given video editing tips iMovie, and attract your viewer's attention. Turn your videos into magnificent pictures by adopting these various iMovie editing tricks which will instantly capture your viewer's attention. Improvised your skills and make yourself a specialist by following these tricks which are listed below.

Tip 1: Edit your Facebook Photos Directly

The movie is a wonderful platform where you can edit your videos without any hassle. It makes your work much easier by offering various features and effects to be added to your videos. Capture your audience's attention by creating significant and dazzling videos through iMovie. The iMovie allows you to edit your Facebook photos directly without downloading them as the process of downloading is time-consuming and to import it on iMovie. You can directly connect your Facebook photos with iMovie and sync all your Facebook photos with the help of iLife Photo Browser. You can even make your Facebook cover video through iMovie. This is one of the best imovie tips for beginners.

Tip 2: Adjoin Your Video Clips

If the two shots of video have been taken from different lighting and different cameras but you want both the shots in your video to highlight your purpose and agenda. Don’t Worry! With the help of iMovie, you can easily adjoin your shots and match their color code and lighting scenarios as well.

Tip 3: Control the Speed Length of Your Video

iMovie allows you to control the speed length of your video. Your video should neither be slow-paced or fast-paced. You should make your video at an even pace. The Slow pace makes your videos tedious and boring for your viewers and they might lose their interest as well. Same way, a fast pace makes your videos difficult to comprehend for your audience. The iMovie helps you to control the velocity of our videos to make them meaningful and extraordinary.

Tip 4: Import Multiple Videos Easily

If you want to post multiple videos on your social media platforms, iMovie allows its users to import multiple files through their iMovie DropBox. The users can drag all their video clips before editing and sync all their video clips directly to the Library when they open the iMovie application in your system. Drag all your video clips and files to the dropbox folder. The Dialog box appears in which users can choose the option of “Import” to Import all their files from the folder of Dropbox in bulk to iMovie. Users must follow these advanced iMovie tips to become specialists while editing videos from iMovie.

Tip 5: Add Fade-in and Fade-out Option to Audio Clips

iMovie allows you to change the audio setting of your video by adding fade-in and fade-out options to your videos. To add fade-in and fade-out effects to your videos and audio clips, follow these given steps: select the audio clip to be inserted in your video, press key A of your keyboard which will open the audio inspector. After opening the audio inspector, choose fade-in option. After adding fade-in, select the fade-out option from the manual, click on the done option.

Tip 6: Transfer Your Videos Between Various Apple Devices

Another significant editing trick on imovie is to share all your video files on various Apple devices if you own iPhone, iPad, and Mac through iMovie Application. iMovie consists of iMovie Theatre which allows you to share all your edited videos in iMovie Theatre. Users without any hassle can directly share their files and videos between various Apple devices. It is already in-built in iCloud, so users need to make sure that their devices are connected to the same iCloud account.

Tip 7: Shorten Your Video Clips Easily

Do you want to shorten down your video clips but don’t know how to do it? There is no need to worry when you have an iMovie Application which is one of the best platforms that works well with all the IOS devices. So to trim your video clips, you need to follow these steps to make your task easier. Select the clip which you want to trim from your timeline and drag its corner inwards simply. After dragging its corners inwards, click anywhere on the screen to save your action. You can also revert to the original position by dragging its corner outwards. This is considered to be the best imovie video editing tips.

Tip 8: Maintain the Balance of Your Footage

If your videos appear to be a bit shaky once imported from your device but don’t you worry iMovie can help you to stabilize those balances of your footage. What you have to do is to select the clip on the timeline and press the option of the “Stabilization button” located above the preview window. You need to press “ enable stabilize shaky video” to manage the balance of your video clips.

Tip 9: Add Transitions and Effects to Your Video Clips

Transition makes your videos unique and attractive, you can inculcate transitions to your videos to make them distinctive and peculiar. Along with Transition, make sure you add certain filters to highlight your main aim and purpose of making such a video. Transitions are filters that help you to make your viewers' interest intact to the video. Cuts, fade, and dissolve are some of the common transitions which every Youtuber must include in their videos. Cut refers to separating one clip from the other which helps you to grasp your viewer’s attention quickly. Dissolve means one clip fades slowly as the next clip comes up on your screen. Fades means the entire screen goes black before the next video clip appears on the screen. iMovie applies various transition and effects in the background of your video, follow these steps to applies it through iMovie Application:

  • Open the iMovie Application, press the option of “ Transitions” from the top menu.
  • Preview a few transitions before applying them in the video.
  • Choose the right transitions, drag it just between the clips.

Tip 10: Create Titles for Your Video

Creating titles for every video clip might be a time-consuming process but with the iMovie, you can duplicate the titles for just one slide and save your time. To do this, follow these given steps, press the “clip” button on the menu option, and select the “ duplicate last title option” to finish your editing quickly and faster.

Part 2. Easy Online Video Maker with Editable Templates

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Use this simple video editor tool to make your work easy and straight-forward and follow these tips and tricks to create long-lasting effects of your videos on your audience. Turn your videos into magical movies and generate a large number of attention from your viewers.