Top 6 Alternative to iMovie for Windows 10/8/7

Are you looking for an iMovie alternative for Windows? Although the question might seem crazy as iMovie is only for Mac, desktop tools discussed herein are great options for iMovie for Windows.

iMovie for Windows alternatives is immense, ranging from online to desktop tools. iMovie video editing software on Mac is highly preferred since it is free and effortless to use. To help you find such a Windows tool, we have come up with the best iMovie Windows 10 alternatives. Also featured is one of the best multi-platform software to help you with all your editing work. Learn how to use the software to edit and create excellent content for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Tik Tok.

Part 1. Best Online Alternative to iMovie for Windows - Make Videos with Templates

Editing and making videos can be done at ease but only with good software. You forego all the expenses needed to hire a highly-priced professional or take up many different courses to edit or make a video. With a platform such as VidAir from Wondershare, all video editing and making are simplified. Peruse their user guide and learn how to make and edit videos for yourself. VidAir is the best alternative iMovie free for Windows software. You can create videos from their many different templates, which are of different categories to suit your needs.

VidAir Online Video Editor

Key Features

1. Simplified organization from the templates to create videos to the saving and export process.

2. Can be used for Business, Marketing, and Education Purposes.

3. You can make HD Content and export it to upload to social apps.

4. Safe and secure as you create an account, and your creations get saved within it.

5. Offers watermark-free designs and editing.

How to create a video with VidAir?

Step 1 Log in to Choose Template

If you have an account and Wondershare ID already, click on the “Log In” button to open your account. Else go with the “Sign Up” button to create a new account.

VidAir Log In

Next, click on “Create” to create videos that will take you to the templates page.

Get through the category, else search to find one related to your requirement. To preview a template before selecting it, place your mouse pointer or cursor on the template, and it will show a preview.

VidAir Selecting a Template

With the desired template selected, specify the aspect ratios, and then tap on the “Use This Template” option.

VidAir Adjusting the Aspect Ratio

Step 2 Edit the video

You will now be re-directed to the video editor. On this editor panel, you have the option to add audio, video, text, photo, or upload the desired files.

VidAir Video Editor Panel

Under the Preview feature is the editing pane to add clips, delete, duplicate, or rotate them.

VidAir Video Editing

Step 3 Preview and Export

Post video editing, click on “Preview” to view the video you created or edited.

If satisfied, click on the “Save” button to save your file under “My Projects.” You can access your video by clicking your Avatar under the My Projects options.

VidAir Save and Export

Finally, to export the files, which you can then upload on any social platform, click on the “Export” button.

Part 2. Other five iMovie Alternative for Windows

1 Win Movie Maker

Compatible with Windows version 10, 8, 7, XP, and Vista, Win Movie Maker is one of iMovie editing software's best alternatives. With features such as cut, crop, trim, and rotate, Win Movie Maker also features the ability to add mosaic to your videos and music, text, animation, and effects. Using Win Movie Maker, you can publish your content on the internet or a DVD. It is free to download and use.


Win Movie Maker iMovie Alternative

2 -

Featuring Paintshop Pro 2021 and the Ultimate to enhance video editing, - has other stylistic features. With Photo Mirage, you can turn images into engaging animations in simple steps. You can create videos with enhanced masking, color grading, and even use premium effects. Apart from editing, it is the perfect iMovie for Windows that has also got a slideshow maker, screen recorder, and a DVD Burner. It is fun to use as it is a full suite video editor with workflow improvements to make video editing fun and easy. It has a free trial period, or you can upgrade to the premium packages.


<!-- Corel -->-<!-- Video Studio --> iMovie Alternative

3 NCH Video Pad

Supporting 3D and 360 video editing, NCH Video Pad is another excellent iMovie for Windows free alternative. With fast processors to augment video editing, NCH Video Pad features some iconic tools to help you too. Some of these features and tools include the ability to add stunning video transitions and effects, 3D video editing for stereoscopic conversions, overlay text, and even captions for movie credits and Chroma-key-green-screen video production. It has digital audio tools and offers you complete video optimization, with fine-tuning color and other visual effects. It is free to download, or you can purchase the Plus, Pro, Home, or Master's Editions.


NCH Video Pad iMovie Alternative

4 OpenShot

OpenShot is an open-source video editor available in over 70 different languages. It has a simple user interface and is incredibly simple to use, and a surprisingly powerful video editor. It is an excellent iMovie editing software Windows alternative with some prominent features like slow motion and time effects, robust animation framework and key-frames, and audio wave-forms.


OpenShot iMovie Alternative

5 Leawo

Though a dedicated Video Converter, Leawo also works as a video editor, making it another iMovie for Windows. Some of the video editing functions on Leawo include the ability to enhance Blu-Ray, DVD, and Video outputs when it comes to 3D creating, adding effects, cropping, noise removing, and trimming. It has a detailed settings panel to help perform other functions such as convert, burn, or download. With a free download option and you can also purchase the different modules Leawo offers.

Source -

Leawo iMovie Alternative


Thus, finding a great iMovie free for Windows alternative may be a hefty task to some. However, this article, I hope, will help you figure out which are the best alternatives. With a platform such as VidAir, all your video editing worries will pause due to its unique capabilities, and better yet, it is a multi-platform tool that also supports many different devices. We also listed some other great iMovie for Windows alternatives, free desktop tools above.