How to Make a Movie on iPhone

How to use the best iOS video editing tool -- iMovie?

If you want to make a snappy clip with the memory-filled photos in your iPhone and edit them a little before putting-out them for the world to enjoy, this article is suitable for you.

Apple launched iMovie iPhone with basic yet necessary editing features in 1999, this is a powerfully creative tool and this best movie maker for iPhone is free and built-in with new Macs and iPhones.

Part 1. iMovie Tutorial iPhone

So, how to use iMovie app? There is a step-by-step iMovie tutorial you can reference.

01 Launch iMovie App on Your iPhone

If it is the first time you launch your iMovie app, the first page you will see is the Welcome to iMovie page, with navigations and tutorials for easy use of its different features.

Walkthrough each tutorial or skip past if it seems boring. Once you skip the first page, the next screen will be the Projects screen with any existing projects you made as well as the option to create a new one.

launch imovie

02 Create a New iMovie Project

Start creating your movie with a new project. Tap the (+) Create Project button on the main project screen.

This will open a new page presenting two project options: Movie or Trailer. If you want to start crafting a movie from scratch, hit movie. But in case you want the ease of using pre-themed templates, go for Trailer. Note that you can convert a trailer to a movie later anytime, allowing you to edit it.

create new project

03 Add Photos and Video Clips to Your Project

As soon as you choose the type of project you want, you'll be directed to a Moments screen that holds all your media. Browse through the media and choose the photos or videos you want to insert in the movie. To add the clips, just select each media and tick the checkmark (below the selected media). Repeat the same to add more photos.

Once all the media is ticked, hit Create Movie. At the bottom of the screen, below the Create Movie button, you can see the number of photos you have added and the video's time frame.

iMovie automatically adds all your clips in a random sequence on the timeline. If you wish to change any clip's order, simply drag it to your preferred position and drop.

add materials

04 Edit Your Clips

Now that all your clips are arranged as you want, you can edit each clip individually to enhance it. With iMovie, you can customize your clips in more than one way using the multiple editing tools.

To start editing, click on a clip on the timeline, highlighting it with a yellow outline. If you want to cut-out bad lighting parts from a clip or split a lengthier video into multiple parts, place the pointer (white line) on a point you wish to split and hit Split (on the bottom menu).

edit clips

Similarly, you can also make a copy of a clip by clicking on the Duplicate button or remove an unwanted clip by hitting Delete.

The slow-motion effect in some videos is a blockbuster. iMovie iPhone offers a tool to slow down or speed up a clip. To do just that, click on the Speedometer Icon at the bottom of the screen. Drag the slider towards the tortoise to slow-down or towards the bunny to speed-up.

slow-motion effect

05 Add Filters

Filters are a perfect way to give your video a cinematic look. Just click on a clip to select it and press the Filter Icon (three circles) to enter the filter library. You can choose between B&W, vintage (gives a dramatic tone), blue, duotone (warmth effect), etc.

add filters

06 Apply Transition

Applying transitions between multiple clips provides a smooth flow to your visual story to make things even better. To add the transition collection, click on the icon in the middle of two clips. Tap the one which compliments your video the best.

apply transition

07 Add a Title Text

Title texts give an edge to promotional videos over the mainstream home movies. From the bottom of the screen, press the T option, which adds a text box to your clip as well as presents different text fonts and animations. Type in your custom text, select a style that attracts you and then reposition it to a blooming place.

add title

08 Insert a Soundtrack

iMovie iPhone also allows you to insert your favorite music from your iTunes or use Apple's rights-free music library to try something different. Under the preview display, you can see a (+) sign on the left corner. Tap on it, then go to Audio that offers three options. Here, we'll use a piece of built-in music, so we tap on Soundtracks. Navigate the collection and take your pick.

insert soundtrack

09 Save Your Movie

Once all the editing's done, and you're happy with the outcome, it's time to shine. Tap the Done button on the top left of the screen, and then press the box-with-an-arrow icon on the bottom. Choose from the various options to either share the movie directly to your social media or save it on your device.

save your movie

Part 2. Best Online Movie Maker

In case you don't have iMovie iPhone for some reason, and you're wondering how to make a movie on iPhone without the savior app. This is where Wondershare VidAir comes to your rescue.

Wondershare VidAir is an easy-to-use online video editing platform with a list of high-tech tools. Whether you're a beginner or a professional filmmaker, VidAir's user-friendly interface, in combination with the advanced editing tools, will benefit you. To save time and effort, it offers a variety of beautiful templates. Moreover, it is packed with 10,000+ royalty-free resources for you to play with.

Craft a movie with Wondershare VidAir

Follow these 3 quick steps to craft a professional-level movie clip within no time.

Step 1 Sign-up and choose a template for movie maker iOS

Launch VidAir on your browser. When you sign-up on VidAir, you will be able to view the template library. Explore the different categories till you find one that best suits your video theme. Tap the template, select the ratio format, and hit Use This Template to enter the editing page.

vidair template

Step 2 Easy edit with movie maker iOS

Start editing your movie clip to prettify your work. Add artistic text, stock images, and videos, or a pre-installed soundtrack from the left toolbar. You will also find an Upload option that allows importing custom music from your playlist. Another toolbar on the right side lets you personalize the added text's style, color, and position.

edit your movie

Step 3 Save and Export

After your video is ready with all the editing, tap the Save button. Next, hit Export and select your required resolution. Finally, hit Export again.

save and export


iMovie iPhone is like a film crew in the palm of your hands. So, with only your iPhone in your hands, you can now create exciting Instagram videos or even short films anywhere and everywhere. There's a lot you can do with iMovie, just make sure to follow our iMovie tutorial iPhone.

Although iMovie is arguably the best movie maker for iPhone, there's no denying that online movie makers have a different charm. Wondershare VidAir is one such movie maker that saves you from the hassle of any downloads or installs while you enjoy playing with its intuitive tools.

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