iMovie for Mac: How to Use iMovie to Edit Videos

Step-by-step guide on how to edit videos using iMovie on Mac.

To create videos on Mac, you will need suitable software that helps you get the job done efficiently and quickly. There are various Apple devices and proprietary software in the market that would be the best choice for Mac. One such software is iMovie, with seamless integration, which we shall discuss is the iMovie video editor for Mac. Besides, we have the best alternative for iMovie Mac video editor is waiting for you!

Part 1. Steps to Edit Videos with iMovie on Mac

Before getting to the steps, there are a few reasons why the iMovie Mac video editor is one of the top video editors for Mac.

  • 1. Compared to many other video editors on Apple Store that are highly-priced, iMovie for Mac is free.
  • 2. It is also highly recommended since it can be useful across all Apple devices.
  • 3. Third, it is effortless to use and has got some great features.

How to use iMovie to edit videos on Mac?

Step 1: On your Mac device, open the iMovie app. If you're the first time to use, you will land on the Projects View. If you haven’t used iMovie before, open the Mac App Store and search for iMovie. After downloading iMovie, you can launch the app.

Step 2: To get started using iMovie, click Create New and then click Movie. Once you have created a new movie project, you can access media files from your photo library located in the Library List on the sidebar. From here, you can import the videos and photos you wish to edit.

edit videos imovie mac

Step 3: On the other hand, you can open the iMovie app, then double-click an existing project in Projects view. The project will then appear on the Timeline for easier editing.

Step 4: With the video, photo, or existing project open and ready for editing, there are a lot of editing features you can employ. For simple editings, such as adding text, like titles, there are many styles you can use to add title text over a clip, or over a solid color background, or an animated background-clip, or even an Apple-designed graphic background. You can also revise the font, size, color, and alignment of the text.

imovie make videos

Step 5: Other editing operations of iMovie include setting video themes, trimming, moving, or splitting clips. You can add transitions & modify them, add maps, backgrounds, add music and sound clips.

Part 2. iMovie Alternative: Make Videos Online with Editable Templates

iMovie has got many editing features, and it is a unique software for Mac users. The software, although free, you need to download it to use it. A great alternative to iMovie for Mac free that is is Wondershare VidAir. It is an easy online video editor which asks for no download and installation. VidAir provides creative video templates to inspire your creativity, and free footage/music resources for use. Try it for free with the following steps.

Steps to make videos Mac online with iMovie alternative

Step 1 Login and Choose A Template

Log in to VidAir or sign up for a new account. Click on the Choose A Template button to open the templates page. Select a video template with your desired aspect ratio, and click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to open the video editing page.

login and choose a template

Step 2 Edit Videos with iMovie Alternative

Now you can make all the desired alterations to a video or start creating one by adding text, audio, video, or upload existing files. The editing options are under the preview feature, where you can add, delete, duplicate, or rotate clips.

edit videos with imovie alternative

Step 3 Export and Share Videos

The project created will get saved under My Projects option. Click on your avatar and locate your work under My Projects. Preview your video, and click on the Export button to generate and download your video.

export and share videos

Hence, editing and creating videos on Mac can be quick using iMovie, an in-built and free proprietary software from Apple. We discussed the practical interpretation of editing with iMovie for Mac above and concluded VidAir to be the best alternative for iMovie Mac movie editor. Made with the latest technology, it offers you cut-throat video editing capabilities making it the powerful, safe, and secure video editor option.