A Full Guide on How to Insert Text in Final Cut Pro/X

Steps to add text to video using Final Cut Pro and its online alternative.

Adding text into your video increases its reach and helps in proper explanation and narration. You can add texts like captions, titles, subtitles, credits, and others to your videos using video editing tools. One such widely used program is Final Cut ProX that supports video adding along with support to a long list of other functions. Read the following parts to learn how to add text to video with Final Cut Pro and other tools for the task.

Part 1. Steps to Add Text to Video with Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a non-linear video editing app by Apple that comes with an intuitive interface to facilitate a quick and easy video editing. Using the software, you can add titles as well as other texts to your videos easily. Different types of titles and other text content is also available.

insert text into video fcp

Steps to insert text with Final Cut Pro

Step 1. Open the software and then drag and move the Playhead in the Timeline at the place where you want to place the text.

Step 2. Select the Titles and generators sidebar. If this is not displayed then select Window > Go To> Titles or Generator and this will launch the panel.

Step 3. The list of the pre-made titles, credits, lower-thirds, and others will now appear from which you can select one or can even make one as desired. To add the pre-made content, preview the graphic through thumbnail and then double-click to insert it into the timeline. The length can be adjusted by pulling the clip.

Step 4. The text attributes like color, shadows, effects, and others can be changed using the Text Inspector that can be launched by double-clicking on the text clip at the storyline.

Step 5. Next, you can add the title to the sequence. You can double-click on the Custom title option. Finally, you need to add the effects and the transitions.

Part 2. FCP Alternative: Add Text Effects to Video Online

If you are looking for an easy-to-use alternative to Final Cut Pro for adding text to videos, Wondershare VidAir is a great tool. The program does not need any software download and works straight from the browser after you free sign-up. The tool can be used to add the text to your videos and select the text position, color, font, effects, and other attributes. Templates in different categories are also available at the program to make a video quickly that matches your video theme. You can also change video, audio, and image contents to create a professional-looking video.

Steps to add text effects to video online using Wondershare VidAir

Step 1 Choose A Template from FCP Alternative

Open the website and click on the Templates button on the navigation to come to the templates list. Choose your desired template with an aspect ratio and then click on the USE THIS TEMPLATE button to open the editing page.

choose a video template

Step 2 Insert Text to Video

From the new window, select the Text option from the left-side panel. Select a text effect and click on the Add or Replace button to apply it to your video. You can make other changes from the right panel.

customize video with text

Step 3 Generate Video with Text Effects

You can also change videos, images, music, and stickers from the left section. Click on the Preview button to check how the video will look after processing. Finally, click on the Export button to generate and download your video.

download customized video

Final Cut ProX and Wondershare VidAir are both good tools to add text to your videos. If you are new beginners for video editing, you can try VidAir as it needs no download and installation. The creative templates also inspire your ideas.