How to Make a Slideshow on Instagram

A step-by-step Insta slideshow making tutorial

The battle for attention on various social media platforms is ongoing and ever-increasing. Instagram is no different, and since Instagram is all about photos and videos, the latest Insta slideshow feature has got everyone crushing over it. The blank canvas of Instagram is now ready to be decorated with a unique Insta slideshow that makes you or your brand stand out in the huge crowd.

Insta story slideshow serves the brilliant purpose of increasing engagement and makes Instagram so much more fun to browse. It is definitely an exciting prospect for brands looking to step up their marketing.

To help you with that, we are going to show you how to make a slideshow on Instagram in four easy steps and also introduce an even better Insta slideshow maker to boost your creativity.

So, are you ready to take your Instagram to the next level?

Part 1. Create Photo Slideshow for Instagram

Before you hop on to create an Instaslideshow, you must ask yourself.


A bunch of photos or video clips stringed together to be viewed with a simple swipe is the new innovative Insta slideshow feature. You can post a maximum of 10 photos/videos in one go. The Insta story slideshow can also be a mix of a few pictures and a few videos.

Well, now, you know. So, let me show you examples of how to make a slideshow on Instagram in a few simple steps.

01 Open Instagram

First, launch Instagram on your smartphone, whether Android or iOS. Insta slideshow works fine on both. Make sure you have a stable internet connection when making a photo slideshow for  Instagram.

Open Instagram

02 Import Photos/Videos

There is a plus sign in the bottom middle on the homepage that you must’ve frequently used to add photos and videos as posts. Click the same icon to start making an Insta slideshow.

add materials

Now, you will be displayed with all your device photos and videos. There will be three options to upload media.

upload media

Gallery: If you want to add media that already exists on your device. It can be in any album, Whatsapp, or camera folder. Insta supports all kinds of photos.

Photo: If you want to take live photos at the moment.

Record: You can easily hit the record tab and start filming for instant upload as Insta slideshows.

If you decide to add media from your gallery for your Insta slideshow, you should click on the extreme right icon for Multiple pictures. Now select a maximum of 10 pictures for your photo slideshow for Instagram. Moreover, you can also choose to add video clips to create an Instagram video slideshow. Once media is selected, click on the blue arrow on the top right corner to proceed.

photo slideshow

(Note: You can also click on the Gallery tab arrow on the tab to choose a specific album to import pictures from)

03 Edit Your Media

In this part, you can enhance your pictures and even add some stunning filters for a cinematic professional look. Choose from the variety of filters and do the same for every picture

choose filters

If you want to fine-tune your media in a little more detail, click on the round icon in the bottom left corner to reveal more editing tools. There is an extensive range of tools to fix your image in the best possible way in the Edit tab. From structure, brightness, contrast, vignette, etc

customize materials

You can also apply the Tilt-Shift effect in a Linear or Radial manner to bring more focus to your beautiful images.

Tilt-Shift effect

If you click on the Magic Wand/LUX icon at the top midsection, you will be able to adjust the brightness and contrast in one go rather than modifying both separately.


Once all your edits are made, click on the next arrow.

04 Upload Insta Slideshow

Finally, it's time to upload the Insta story slideshow on your profile. Add an interesting title for your Insta slideshow. Adding a description and related hashtags can be a cherry on top in promoting your business on Instagram by expanding your Insta slideshow reach. Also, tag people and add a location. If you want your photo slideshow for Instagram to be directly uploaded to other social media accounts too, just toggle the relevant switch on.


Click on Advanced Settings to adjust some additional factors, such as turn off commenting.

adjust additional factors

Now tap the blue arrow again, and voila! A stunning photo slideshow for Instagram is ready to be unleashed

In case you are curious, let me answer your queries

Part 2. Why Use an Insta Slideshow Instead of Insta Story

Well, going through each and every story can be a tedious task. Whereas swiping through an Insta slideshow of your choice is much easier and faster.

Why Should You Use an Insta Slideshow?

More Engaging Posts: Instead of posting individual photos that bores the audience, you can choose the best shots and add them all in one Insta slideshow that people can swipe to view as they please. This will not bore or force your followers to go through every post individually.

Multiple Stories: Posting ten photos together will help you tell a story in one go. Since the video, the duration is limited in Instagram, and Instagram video slideshow will be the perfect option for you to tell more extended and more powerful stories that compel people to keep swiping to watch till the end.

De-clutter: Individual posts can overcrowd your otherwise fancy and vibrant profile with a stream of similar-looking photos. These kinds of monotonous posts render your profile unappealing. So, creating a photo slideshow for Instagram can be a creative way to reduce clutter and post engagingly.

Budget-friendly: Better yet, boosting separate posts can be heavy on your pockets and so creating a product Insta story slideshow can turn out to be a budget-friendly option for your business since boosting a single post with multiple pictures will guarantee more reach.

insta slideshow

Part 3. Recommend an Online Instagram Slideshow Maker for You

Now you know how to make a slideshow on Instagram using the in-built feature. I agree that it is a cool and handy feature, but it still lacks the editing tools that transform your Insta slideshow into an awe-inspiring video.

To help you with that, let me reveal a top-notch professional Insta slideshow maker, VidAir. It is highly recommended and used worldwide owing to its user-friendly interface and powerful editing features. It is handy and hassle-free. That means you won’t have to go through the trouble of downloading or subscribing.

Wondershare VidAir is a free video editor and slideshow maker that is perfect for creating a unique Insta story slideshow. VidAir has a vast collection of themed, stylish templates. There is a template for every occasion, from Black Friday to Birthday, VidAir has got it all. Plus, you will find a rich library of music of every genre and mood to complement your Instagram slideshow with music. The Text tab offers attractive captions you can use with a single click and later customize the text, font, style, and position. For ease of uploading to different social media platforms, you can choose the desired aspect ratio. There is also a square aspect ratio that is perfect for the Insta slideshow.

And that’s not all. You can import a high-quality video as an uncompressed Insta slideshow. You can even choose a No watermark option too.

How to make a slideshow on Instagram in no time.

Step 1 Launch VidAir

Open VidAir on your browser. Log in if you have an account or SignUp for free.

login vidair

Step 2 Select a template

Now choose a template. The templates are categorized broadly on a different basis. You can also search for a specific template by typing the keyword in the search bar above. Click on the template you like, choose the desired aspect ratio, and tap on Use This Template.

vidair slideshow template

Step 3 Edit Insta Slideshow

 In this window, upload your photos or video clips. Arrange them on the timeline. Choose the perfect song from the Audio tab. You can edit the music later if you like or cut the song to fit your slideshow. You can even upload your own music. Add an eye-catching caption from the Text tab

edit insta slideshow

Step 4 Save and export, share and enjoy

Finally, to save your Insta slideshow, click on the Export button in the top right corner. Choose the resolution and watermark option that best fits and requirements. Again click on Export.

publish your slideshow


All in all, we can easily say that an Insta slideshow is the best way to give your audience the full picture. Telling stories in a powerful way has just been made easier with a photo slideshow for Instagram. Bookmark this article and follow our guide on how to make a slideshow on Instagram and get creative.

String your photos in a fun sequence to delight your audience with a visually appealing photo slideshow for Instagram.

Good luck, Instagrammers!

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