A Full Guide on How to Run Instagram Ads Campaigns

Let's Walk Through Instagram Ad-related Concepts That Would Help You

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Want a perfect advertising agency to create ads cost-effectively? Why would you ought for another source when you have an Instagram ad campaign handy?

Instagram ad strategy is an effective way to be tried out today for your business development! In our today’s article, let’s walk through some of the Instagram ad-related concepts that would help you craft your successful Instagram ad campaigns.

Part 1. What are Instagram Ads?

Instagram ad strategy drives awareness, increases customers, and shares the story among the most relevant and highly engaged audience. When you scroll through the Instagram posts, you would have come across the word "Sponsored" below some of the Instagram accounts, indicating them as the promoted business feed.

There are different kinds of Instagram ad campaigns to promote your business, where we have listed a few here.

Instagram ad strategy

01 Stories Ads

Stories ads are the most common type of successful Instagram ad campaigns to connect with 500 million Instagram accounts daily.

Stories Ads

02 Explore Ads

Are you tired of seeing all your friend's pics and posts? Need to see something new or explore more? Then, clicking the search icon will let you discover feeds and IGTV videos, and hence, that is the best place to get your audience.

Explore Ads

03 Photo ads

Products or gadgets from the top clothing store or online shopping website are known to provide the best Instagram product ads in the form of photos in square or landscape format.

Photo ads

04 Carousel Ads

Another advanced Instagram marketing method is carousel ads that add another layer of depth to the campaign. Users can swipe to the right to view more photos or videos in a single ad keeping users excited to learn or view more. To know how to make one, all you need to do is to follow Advidi Instagram.

Carousel Ads

05 Video Ads

Our next best Instagram ad campaign is video ads that provide the same immersive visual qualified ads, unlike the photo ads. In usage by the top brand holders, video ads impose the power of motion, sound, and sight. Another exciting option offered by Instagram is the sharing of videos for up to 120 seconds. If you are looking for a wise example, Udemy Instagram ads are a fine choice.

Video Ads

06 IGTV Ads

IGTV from Instagram is an exclusive option for creative ads Instagram that lets video creators receive 55% of the ad revenue. Short stories and even product videos take part in the IGTV mode making it popular at present.

Part 2. Steps to Set Instagram Ads

Instagram ad campaigns and their related types are beneficial for marketing or other media strategy plans. This session is then what you need to get to know the steps to be followed to make your first successful Instagram ad campaign.

  • Step 1 Open Facebook, and Navigate to the Ad Manager

  • Log in to the Facebook account, and tap on the inverted triangle icon next to the help icon. From the drop-down, choose the "Create Ads" option to proceed.
  • Create Ads
  • Click the “+ Create” icon under the campaign section, followed by the “Switch to Quick Creation” option.
  • Create
  • Step 2 Set the Target Audience for Your Instagram Ad Campaign

  • To know what metrics to specify for your Instagram ad, you can go through some brand analytics to get an idea. In the proceeding window, you can select the location, language, age groups, and so on.
  • To make sure you attain the goal or objective, you need to pick an ad format, unlike different shapes & sizes.
  • Audience
  • Step 3 Specify Your Ad Placement

  • Specify where your ad should appear on Instagram and Facebook. You will get two options here: manual placement and automatic placement.
  • Placement
  • Choose your budget range and schedule with a lifetime budget option.
  • Budget
  • Step 4 Create Your Instagram Ad

  • Choose an ad type or style, and choose the pictures or videos to be posted.

  • Type or style
  • Craft your ad copy, and review the Instagram ad campaign and make sure you don’t test many times.

  • Review
  • Step 5 Review & Confirm

  • To review your Instagram ad campaign, you can use the metrics like reach, impressions, link clicks, and so on in the chart model.
  • Instagram ad campaign
  • Once the payment process and review are over, you can click the “Confirm” option to complete the process.
  • Confirm
  • Finally, your Instagram ad campaign is active successfully!

Part 3. Make Instagram Video Ads Easily Online [Editable Templates]

Want to create Instagram ad campaigns easily with ready-to-use editable templates? If you are wary of downloading software, then an online tool can be handy where VidAir comes to the notice.

Wondershare VidAir is an online video maker developed by Wondershare for inspired artists to makeover the video-making process easier. Need your video to be like Melrose's trading post on Instagram? VidAir can make it happen in just minutes with the flexible video editor toolbox to add some magic. Apart from templates, there are countless features related to Instagram, which you can benefit from VidAir.

Wondershare VidAir


End your search for the right marketing agency and start preparing your Instagram ad campaigns to gather an audience and engage with them. With an introduction to the best Instagram ad campaign types and a detailed guide, we made your task even more effortless with VidAir.

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