Instagram B2B Marketing: 5 Useful Strategies

Some Powerful Instagram B2B Marketing Strategies That You Should Steal in 2021

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Instagram, a phenomenal platform for B2B marketers, will give you a chance to make new connections in practically any industry at any stage of their development. With more than 600 million users, Instagram B2B marketing is a gold mine for connecting with current and potential consumers.

Instagram for B2B marketing is becoming a great way to sensitize Instagram users and influencers, thus helping create an awareness of your brand, learn what Instagram B2B marketing is, and some helpful strategies to get you going.

Part 1. What is Instagram B2B Marketing

Instagram is a photograph-sharing application that permits users to share pictures with followers. What is the advantage of Instagram for B2B marketing? It can help your business construct a relationship with followers while setting up your brand’s image – expanding your brand awareness.

Part 2. Top 5 B2B Instagram Strategies

01 Aims and Objectives

Above all else, what will determine success for your brand via social media? Would you like to increase reach? Get more leads? Produce more traffic to your brand’s blog? The answers will help you decide which measures to take to such metrics.

For example, in case you're attempting to expand reach, you may follow:

  • ● Organic reach
  • ● Paid reach
  • ● Impressions
  • ● Engagement
  • ● Follower check

If you need leads, you should look at metrics such as:

  • ● Clicks
  • ● New leads from social media
  • ● Conversions

When you know your objectives and how you will quantify them, ensure you get a social media analytics platform to help you with your Instagram B2B marketing endeavors. You will also need spreadsheets and manual tracking.

Aims and Objectives.

02 Authenticity

Is there is a subtle strategy on Instagram that can summarize in a single word? If there is, it could be Authenticity.

Indeed, even B2B businesses let their hair down a little like on Instagram. It's a spot for behind-the-scenes fun.


03 Create a Business Profile

In case you're beginning with Instagram B2B marketing, ensure you create an Instagram business profile. Having your organization set up with a business profile on Instagram accompanies some incredible advantages.

Instagram Business Profile.

04 Instagram Stories.

Everyone's merely going to the Stories!

Stories vanish after 24 hours, obviously, except if you add them to your highlights (those circles on your profile page, directly above where your posts show up).

Instagram Stories.

05 Create A Personality

Shockingly, since many B2B organizations treat social media as an afterthought, their posts lack personality and a human touch.

The dread of being too edgy or controversial prevents some Instagram B2B marketers from getting innovative with their substance.

You can build up a social media voice without being improper and standing out as truly newsworthy for some unacceptable reasons.

Here are a few hints to begin:

● Use a conversational tone.

● Engage with different users rather than communicating your message.

● A little humor is consistently welcome

Brand Personality.

Part 3. Make Instagram Marketing Videos Easily Online

Make snappy Instagram Stories that will make your audience swipe up right away. Jump into visual narrating with the Instagram video creator from Wondershare that is Wondershare VidAir. It is an all-in-one video creation suite that will significantly help create Instagram B2B marketing content like a pro.

Tips for making engaging Instagram videos:

● Choose the correct aspect ratio

● Brand your Instagram video with filters

● Add animations

● Add GIFs and stickers

● Don't disregard the music


Instagram isn't as direct as Twitter or Facebook, where you can basically share relevant content for your industry and get clicks to your site. It requires a smidgen more persistence and innovativeness. Be more expressive since your followers will need to feel like they share something for all intents and purpose with you.

Finally, please note, Instagram B2B marketing most likely won't translate to sales or conversions immediately. Yet, once your following is adequately large, it will help you make the impression you need to make with your current and future customers.