How to Make an Instagram Strategy Plan [With Template]

Tips and Tricks to Plan Your Creative Market Instagram Templates

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Do you have a brand or service for marketing? Why don’t you try stunning Instagram marketing strategy templates? Get to know some of the Instagram strategy template tips along with an online tool that we have for you.

Instagram, the popular social media platform, is a massive hit for its unique marketing strategies. Wondering how come this network with messaging, posts and features like Reels has taken up marketing strategy? We have picked up tips to plan your creative market Instagram templates along with a short introduction to an online tool, VidAir from Wondershare.

Part 1. 8 Tips to Plan Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Eager to know the tips regarding the Instagram marketing strategy template? Please read below to understand how they can save you hours of work.

01 Pay Attention to the Calendar Template

While calendars and notes play a vital role in planning our everyday routine work, the Instagram marketing calendar template is mandatory to adapt to Instagram marketing. Using such an Instagram content calendar template excel, you can know how to frame an effective social strategy that can drive audience interest, craft excellent content by diversifying, and determining the business value.

Instagram calendar template.

02 Get to Know the Social Media Strategy

Now that you have piled your goals in terms of the Instagram marketing calendar template, the next step or phase is to know the social media strategy template. It could be starting your business from scratch or improving your current one, making out the right social media strategy where crafting a chart like below with goal, objective, and metrics is essential.

Instagram strategy template.

03 Make Analytics or Report for the Implemented Strategy

Once your idea or strategy is in progress, create a report or analytics on its working with the help of a suitable social media analytics report template. It is a type of Instagram marketing plan template where you can gain details like likes, comments, followers, story views, and still a lot more. This type of Instagram content calendar template excel can record the performance, proving how well your efforts have gained value. Given below is an example strategy analytics report where the fields can get replaced as per your requirement.

Instagram analytics template.

04 Analyze the strength, and weakness related to content criteria

Content plays a vital role in predicting how content criteria have driven attention and is comfortable with a simple marketing analysis. Analyzing the strategy helps you in making a deep dive into your framed marketing plan. While exploring the strengths and weaknesses helps one correct one’s character, doing so in social media is a way of room for growth. This type of Instagram marketing strategy template is called a social media report used to determine where there is a lag or what metrics have caused such success. Compared to the before discussed templates, this type is relatively easy where a survey can be conducted among the marketing team to fill up the checkboxes.

Content marketing criteria strength and weakness.

05 Audit the Social Media Plan

Auditing doesn’t get applied only for business needs but also for the marketing plan. While it is quite different from the standard audit template, the social media audit template can be made handy with simple metrics. Auditing doesn’t get applied only for business needs but also for the marketing plan. While it is quite different from the standard audit template, the social media audit template can be made handy with simple metrics.

Instagram audit template.

06 Give Importance to Your Social Media Content

One of the essential tools to succeed in social marketing is the content that gets uploaded to your profile. It could be images, videos, or links, the content type should keep the audience engaged, and the vital point is to be up-to-date. For such a purpose, creative market Instagram templates come to the rescue. You can also design an Instagram marketing calendar template like the below one to track what blog and post you have uploaded daily.

Instagram content calendar template.

07 Build a Perfect Yet Simple Bio

Ever been on Tinder? If so, you would have for sure known how to build a perfect bio that will make a swipe right moment. Yes, a memoir makes a stunning first impression and needs to be good enough to make a scroll through or a “Follow” click. Now, coming to the must-to-have information on Instagram bio answers the question “Who, where, what, and brand tone” should be accomplished.

Instagram bios example.

08 Make Your Marketing Plan Easy with the Editorial Content Calendar Template

Does this term editorial content calendar apply new to you? Although it isn't the widely used Instagram marketing calendar template, social media pros favor it, and you can try it if you haven't before! To use this sort of template, an Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheets is more than enough where you can break the activities by day or hour.

Instagram editorial content template.

Part 2. How to Make an Instagram Marketing Video Online

Now you know all about the tips regarding the Instagram marketing strategy template. But, do you want a tool that can make your job done hassle-free? Here is VidAir from Wondershare developed for the inspired.

Wondershare VidAir has an in-built template and royalty-free resources to accomplish your video-making task in just minutes. If your query is, how can VidAir be assistance for the Instagram strategy template, then a creative template to promote your channel or business to choose from could fill up space.

  • Features of VidAir
  • ✔ When VidAir is here, you never need a video editor. VidAir can act as a flexible video editor tool finely usable by newbies and professionals, letting you spread magic in your video in just minutes.
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  • ✔ You can make a video and, with no hassle, upload them readily on any social media platform like TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and so on.
  • You can try it directly from the Guide page.


Hence, do you wish to expand your business or need your brand to reach a wide crowd range? Instagram can help you out whereas the first step for long-lasting success, you can start with an Instagram strategy template that is mandatory. With important eight tips to follow regarding creative market Instagram templates, I hope we have put a full-stop to your search for a handy video-making tool, none other than, VidAir!

Wondershare VidAir