Instagram Retargeting: How to Retarget on Instagram Ads

What is Instagram retargeting and how to create retargeting ads?

Much like retargeting and remarketing on Facebook, doing so on Instagram is also possible. You can retarget Instagram users on Facebook or any other social platform through retargeting or remarketing Instagram ads to remind them why they visited your site in the first place. To best figure out how to effectively carry it out, you will need to learn what Instagram retargeting is, what are Instagram retargeting ads, and how to best use them.

Part 1. What Is Instagram Retargeting

Retargeting is the same as remarketing, a digital advertising tactic used to deliver specific ads to specific audiences, crafted from their online behavior. Through Instagram retargeting, you can turn online window shoppers into actual customers. By using retargeting ads, Instagram offers an excellent opportunity to engage with and potentially convert targeted audiences who have an idea concerning your products. Like other social media marketing strategies, retargeting and remarketing through the use of ads enables you to maximize the power of Instagram and any other social platforms used.

One reason why Instagram retargeting is so beneficial is that it helps you reach out to parties who had already visited your site. The purpose of retargeting is to convert these leads since one issue of visitors on a site is things such as abandoned carts. If you successfully retarget them, you can make them eventually carry out the purchase.

That is not all. When it comes to retargeting, even those who clicked on your ads or took part in your email marketing database can get retargeted through tailor-made ads and messages. Retargeting ads act as a reminder to elicit more sales from the many implemented leads. Below are some steps and ways on how to retarget using Instagram ads.

Part 2. Tip to Create Instagram Video Ads

Before undertaking any steps, you should first install the Facebook Pixel on your website. Once it is all configured, proceed to carry out the following steps.

01 Build a Custom Audience

To retarget on Instagram, you will need to create a target audience. You can do this using your website or app activity or from a manually imported custom list, such as email software, CRM, or simply a spreadsheet containing phone number, emails, or user IDs.

build a custom audience

When creating your audiences, do so based on the actions you want them to take on your Instagram retargeting ads. You can create an ad about a specific product or maybe retarget users who have already come to the website in the past 30 days.

02 Build the Campaign

Essentially, you will need to wait a while as the Pixel collects more information to create a retargeting campaign properly. It helps gather more information on users behavior and easily segment them into categories. It is advisable that before making the ad, merchants should have at least 500 to 1000 people on their retargeting list.

For sellers who already have this data, create an ad as usual and select "Campaign Objective." Set the objectives for your campaign, set the campaign budget, create an advertising schedule, select the appropriate custom audience, and finally click "Save" to make the campaign.

On to the ad placements, select Instagram as your platform. The total reach potential for your ad will display, and assuming you are okay with this figure, you can move on to the design phase.

03 Design your Ad

Here you will have to add the creative elements. Just like creating a Facebook ad, upload the image or video you would like to use - make sure to adhere to the recommended specs - then specify a target URL, add text, and a preferred call to action. When done, you can preview your ad, make any edits as you wish, and if satisfied, you’ll approve, and your ad will be ready for launching.

designing a campaign

04 Launch your Ad

By now, you would have created your Instagram retargeting ad, and all that remains is launching it. It's best to give the ad one more look-over to ensure all is okay before launching it.

launching an ad

After launching the ad, closely monitor the ads’ metrics. If the progress isn’t as desired, you can alter any aspects to achieve the goal.

Part 3. Easy Online Tool to Make Video Ads for Instagram

Utilizing tools such as the Facebook Pixel is handy. However, to create a remarketing Instagram ad with all the vital details, you need to use a dedicated ad maker. One such tool that is free to use is Wondershare VidAir. This is an online video creator that lets you make awesome videos with the insertion of rich elements like stickers, text, and music. You also get a flexible video editor toolbox with attractive options like crop, layout, and so on. Follow the user guide to create an Instagram video ad within 5 minutes.

instagram video ads maker

Unlike the old ways of marketing, things are rapidly changing, even in cyberspace. It would thus be best to put in the effort and learn some of the current tactics, especially when it comes to marketing. When marketing on Instagram, techniques such as Instagram retargeting help reach and converts visitors to buyers. This article features some retargeting techniques. The critical point is the Instagram retargeting ads, which need to draw in visitors in a compelling ad engaging way. If you are not sure how to go about the ads, use the Wondershare VidAir Ad Maker to help you get started on making compelling retargeting ads.