How to Sell Your Products on Instagram

Useful Tips to Help You Increase Your Produce Sales on Instagram

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Selling products on Instagram isn’t a big secret or a great deal if you know the Instagram sales strategy where you can learn some from here.

As per one recent survey, there are more than 8 million advertisers in the business community of Instagram that rises every day. As a result of such contribution, 80% of users or Instagram accounts try out user-action like visiting the website, installing the app, etc. Are you a person who needs to sell products on Instagram? Then, you are in the right spot.

Part 1. 8 Useful Tips to Help You Increase Your Produce Sales on Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you would have for sure noted Instagram sales posts of shopping sites, boutiques, and brands from where you can buy them directly using a link or app.

01 Make Use of the Instagram Ad Campaign

Various types of Instagram ads like to explore, stories, photos, videos, and many more, where finding a suitable Instagram sales strategy is ultimately your choice.

Instagram Ad Campaign

02 Upgrade Your Instagram to a Business Account

Some points to note down in a business profile are the profile photo that needs to be your brand logo, a short description followed by the official brand link. As the best example for Instagram sales post, Love Crochet is here.

Business Account

03 Think an Idea of Running a Contest

To spark engagement and grab tons of followers, running Instagram contests is a superb idea.

Running a Contest

04 Craft Leveraging Videos

It is videos that is one of the Instagram sales strategies where you can showcase different sorts of videos where one could be revealing the backend process of creating your products.

Instagram sales strategies

05 Post-Instagram Stories with Product Links

It is ideal for businesses to engage with the audience and spark massive promotions of promotion, featured products, and new item advertisements.


06 Feature and Show the Variation of Products with a Suitable Backdrop

You can feature multiple products on a flat lay, create story highlights for different products, and use a perfect backdrop like color or texture to help your product stand out.


07 Build a Shoppable Instagram Feed, or Add Relevant Hashtags

As Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags for a post, it is more than enough for you to feature them accordingly, where some of the few popular ones are travel, love, fashion, and so on.

Shoppable Instagram Feed

08 Get Partnered with Instagram Influencers, and Encourage Communication Through Comments.

Here is a post below of Jacey Duprie, a lifestyle blogger who partnered with Biossance in reviewing their products and showing them off to the users in her Instagram posts. Importantly, interacting with users & the audience by replying to their comments, and going on a live show of introducing your new products is a fantastic idea as well.

Instagram Influencers

Part 2. Make an Instagram Marketing Video to Boost Sales

While tips regarding Instagram sales strategy and its related concept are enough, do you want to know something special that can lend a hand in this task? In this session, we would like to bring VidAir, an online video maker, to your notice.

It is an easy-to-use online video maker tool where you can inspire creativity for branding, promo, business video, and ads. Of significant highlight of the Wondershare VidAir tool in creating marketing, videos are the countless ready-to-use editable templates from which you can get confused to choose. VidAir from Wondershare impart creativity and adds stunning editing to your video that raises sales on Instagram.

  • Eight video editing functions:
  • ✔ Add text.
  • ✔ Add text.
  • ✔ Paste sticker.
  • ✔ Apply the effect, default layout.
  • ✔ Customize setting, output preview, and crop shape.
  • You can try it directly from the Guide page.


Without a doubt, the tips discussed here are preferred ones to increase sales on Instagram, where now it is up to you to bring them into practice. Are you worried that you haven't got a stable sales platform till now? Instagram sales strategy is the trust-worthy option, and VidAir can make the work easy and successful for you.

Wondershare VidAir