A Full Guide on Instagram Sponsored Posts

Learning the tips about the Instagram sponsored post to make money.

Instagram built more than 1 billion monthly users, with half of them being daily active users. It wouldn’t suffice to say that Instagram-sponsored ads would be a fantastic way to gain more reach, establish brand awareness and build your follower base. Increasing the number of followers could mean getting more engagement and more traffic, ultimately leading to more sales. There is a targeting criterion for sponsored posts. Learn more about sponsored posts and how to do sponsored ads on Instagram.

Part 1. What Is Instagram Sponsored

Instagram has many different advertising options. One of these options is the Instagram-sponsored ads. These types of ads or posts are organic posts that you pay to promote. These could be posts you already have in your account. You don’t have to create a new post. Instead, use the ones already in your account. How to sponsor a post on Instagram will require you to consider particular elements. Based on their age, geographical location, and interests, which viewers you reach out to get better results. When creating a sponsored post, you can also add URLs of your choice and a Call-To-Action button.

There are variations of the sponsored posts, which will be in regards to your desired goal. There are both promoted and engagement-orientated posts. While promoted posts only appear on Instagram and you can use URLs to drive traffic to your site, the engagement-oriented posts help organic posts garner more user-generated content. Moreover, the Instagram sponsored posts are self-serving, with scalable pricing and launch instantly. It helps put businesses in control and helps them guide their campaign to success. It is also important to realize that Instagram sponsored posts differ from regular Instagram ads.

instagram sponsored post

If you are wondering how to find sponsored ads on Instagram, it isn’t a big secret. For instance, from the example given above, you can learn how to view sponsored ads on Instagram by simply looking for the brand name flagged with a “Paid partnership with” tag under the username.

Part 2. How to Do Sponsored Ads on Instagram

Here, let’s discuss with detailed steps on how to focus on a brand or business with the interest to sponsor Instagram posts.

The first thing as a business entity or a brand is to find an influencer on Instagram. Iron out the details, and once all sorted, including the payment, the next step is to set up the branded sponsorship on Instagram.

Step 1: Go to your account settings, then locate “Business.”

creating instagram sponsored posts

Step 2: The next step is to go to “Brand Content” then “Approved Business Partners,” to add creator accounts or public businesses as a partner.”

approved business partners

Step 3: Manually approving tags allows you to get the "Sponsored" tag before the post displays, and this will help you monitor content and make sure it is in line with what you want, as this is crucial for safety purposes.

approved business partners

That is how to sponsor a post on Instagram as a business or brand, and once the brander partner tags you in content, you will get notified, and you have the option to approve it, and when you do, the post shows up in your insights. If you want to delete a sponsored post, you can remove the tag or don’t approve the tag in the first place.

Part 3. How to Run Sponsored Ads on Instagram Post

Now that you are aware of how to sponsor on Instagram, in this part, learn what it entails when it comes to how to run sponsored ads on Instagram. When it comes to creating a post to sponsor, two parties will play here, the influencer and the brand.

Step 1: First, the influencer will have to create a post. They will then need to set up a branded sponsorship with a business. Then the business will have to add you, the influencer, as a partner whom they can tag on Instagram as in the part and process above on how to do sponsored ads on Instagram.

Step 2: When creating the content, it would be best to run it by the brand to ensure they are happy and remember to stick to the brand’s guidelines.

Step 3: When uploading the post on Instagram, start by uploading it as you usually would any post. For in-feed content, go to the "Advanced Settings" option and select "Tag Business Partner" to tag the brand to approve the content before being published.

tagging business partners

Step 4: For stories, go to the link in the icon toolbar to tag a brand. Following these steps, you will then know how to run a sponsored ad on Instagram.

uploading ad to stories

Part 4. How Much Do Instagram Sponsored Ads Cost

Depending on the influencer or brand, the Instagram sponsored ads cost. If you are wondering the charge for a sponsored post as an influencer, or how much to shell out as a brand, below is the standard range. Moreover, if you are wondering what the Instagram sponsored ads price is, you have the option to see it when creating one, for instance, through the Facebook Pixel, or you can email the influencer to know the price per sponsored post.

  • -$800-1500 for 25-50k followers
  • -$1500-2000 for 50-100k followers
  • -$2000-6000 for 100-150k followers
  • -$6000-10000 for 250k-1m followers
  • -$10000+ for 1M+ followers

Part 5. Online Video Ads Maker for Instagram

Whether a brand or influencer, I hope you have now found how to get a sponsored ad on Instagram by seamlessly following the process. When it comes to how to post sponsored ads on Instagram, the only question that remains is how do you create an approvable or beautiful ad to be admired by the audience when it is on a roll? To start with, you will need a professional tool like Wondershare VidAir. It's the best online video maker for creating Instagram ads.

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vidair instagram ad creator

Following this article carefully, you would have learned what a sponsored ad is and how to run sponsored ads on Instagram. Instagram sponsored posts are gaining popularity, and creating them is not difficult to nail your brand. Thus, try the best tool in the industry called VidAir and make your product leave a striking mark in the audience's memory forever.