8 Tips and Tricks to Find Your Instagram Target Audience

Useful tips and tools to help you understand your Instagram users better.

One essential component of successful Instagram marketing is having in-depth knowledge of Instagram targeting. Knowing what intrigues your followers put you in the right spot to producing the right content and engaging with them. Also, knowing when they are active offers you a higher chance of success in reaching them.

When finding your Instagram target audience, you need to know what you are doing it for, that is, by promoting and demonstrating your product and services, this is so that it can cater to the audience. Make it resonate with you. Learn about your audiences' interests. Once you figure out all these, find your target audience, engage and grow with it. It is vital to learn how o find your target audience and discover tactics for finding and reaching your audience.

Part 1. Useful Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

01 Marketing Personas

A marketing persona in this pretext is the ideal buyer persona, which is the perfect customer profile you have in mind and to whom you want to market your product.

Such information is crucial in identifying your Instagram target audience. You can ask your team what the typical customer looks like or dig into Instagram analytics to get more insights on the buyer persona, enabling you to add more detail to the customer's profile regarding your social data. This research will help you reach them easily.

Some typical inquiries you would like to consider are what your product is? What kind of audience would you want to invite? What is your audience looking for? How are you going to attract that audience? All this will help you pinpoint the ideal customer. Besides, you can rely on your existing buyer persona data, which is vital to ensuring you stay aligned to your demographic data from Instagram.

marketing personas

02 Gather Competitive Insights

Look into your competitors' Instagram audience to better understand the Instagram target audience. What kind of followers they have, what sort of post they publish, and figure out the missing audience segments you have left out to create a better picture of the target audience on Instagram.

collect competitive insights

03 Instagram Demographics

Instagram targeting will require you to check on your audience demographics. It gives you the three fundamental statistics of your followers,i.e., their age, gender, and location. Why is this information so important? When you want to run Instagram targeted ads in the future, you will need this data to get your content right in front of your target audience.

instagram demographics

Concerning the 1st tip and trick, if your buyer persona agrees with the demographic stats, you're on the right path! After knowing the demographic stats, the next step is to understand what your Instagram audience needs. It is crucial to note that demographic stats are not qualitative. They cannot give this information about your audiences' interests, preferences, habits, and life philosophies, and thus to figure it all out, read on to know the tip and tricks to employ.

04 Social Listening

To understand your audience and execute successful Instagram targeting, you need to research your audience through social listening. Through this, you will understand what your audience is talking about and their interests and how to engage them.

social listening

There are social listening tools to pinpoint the conversations discussed and what is currently happening in your industry. With such tools, you have a better idea of what your target audience is talking about, how they feel about specific topics, and driving the conversations. With this information, you can identify the trending discussions to participate in and know who the influential leaders can help amplify your brand message.

05 Post at the Right Time

It doesn't make much sense, publishing your content when your target audience isn't around to see it. Using demographics data such as knowing their location, you can post according to their time zone. It is best to post when your audience is online!

post at the right time

06 Hashtags

At this point, you will be taking advantage of their preferences, likes, and interests. By using the right hashtags, you can get right in front of your target audience on Instagram.

Since your target audience will have interests relevant to your brand or industry, it all means that they may as well use or follow similar hashtags pertinent to your brand or industry. Ensure to use the right hashtags so that the right people in your industry can quickly discover you. There are tools to help you find out the top hashtags. Furthermore, remember also to tag your stories with the right hashtags.

using hashtags

07 Link with the Right Influencers

Partnering with the right influencers can do wonders in helping you reach your desired Instagram target audience. Having amassed hundreds and thousands of followers, they have authority in specific niches, and aligning yourself with influencers from your place would be highly effective in reaching your target audience.

link with the right influencers

Some ways to find the right Instagram influencer for your brand include:

-Hashtag research

You can do it by conducting a simple search on Instagram using industry or brand-specific hashtags. You can look for influencer content among the top posts and the search results. It will help you narrow down on influencers who create highly relevant content within your niche.

-Using influencer discovery platforms

There are several influencer discovery platforms you can use. Conduct a search in any of them as all you will need is an industry-specific keyword, and the media will display the most relevant influencers based on those keywords. Having identified the right influencers for your brand, you can approach them with several types of partnerships depending on your goals.

08 Analytics Data and Replicating Success

Backtracking your engagement rates, if you have been posting for a while and looking at what has been working before, then replicating it will continually be effective for the future. It is the genuinely interested target audience that interacts with your content. The goal is to find similar, lookalike audiences by posting similar posts proven to be successful before.

Part 2. Online Instagram Video Ads Maker

After finding your Instagram target audience, the next step is to reach out and engage with them to foster your brand or business growth. Besides using the tips and tricks listed, one other fantastic piece of advice is to use targeted ads on Instagram. These ads can help whether you are remarketing, retargeting, or similar eyeing on a new and specific target audience.

To achieve this, make an ad, and along with the tips and tricks provided above, finding and reaching the target audience becomes an easy endeavor. To create Instagram ads, you will need a tool or platform that offers this service, and one of the best ad maker is Wondershare VidAir.

It is an easy-to-use tool with many editable templates and royalty-free media resources. To create Instagram video ads, you can easily add text, stickers, background music, and other elements to make your video more attractive. Learn more details and try for free by reading the user guide.

vidair video maker

Finding the right audience just doesn't cut it. Instead, you will need to reach out and engage with the audience to grow your brand through the tips and tricks provided above. The targeted advertising on Instagram will get you results. Lastly, those looking to perform other advertising efforts, such as through sponsored ads, can create the ad using the go-to tool like VidAir videomaker. It will develop high-quality advertisements that stand out on Instagram.