Interstitial Video Ads: Everything You Want to Know

Learning tips and tricks about making interstitial video ads easily.

With the advent of diverse advertising strategies, app monetization has been made easier. One such approach is the use of highly effective interstitial video ads. These ads are a great way for app developers and publishers to allow free use while making money at the same time.

And with the bucket load of benefits offered by a video interstitial, it is a win-win strategy one must take advantage of. For those of you unaware of the term interstitial video ads and its related stuff, this article is just for you. Read ahead to know more about this amazing marketing tactic.

Part 1. What is Video Interstitial

Interstitial video ads refer to the kind of advertisements that pop up but cover the whole screen. They are full-screen ads that take over the site or app hosting them. Typically, interstitial video ads come into the display at natural pauses or transitions. Such as when the game is transitioning from one level to another, or there is waiting required on a page. This way, the video interstitial doesn't seem to intrude with the user experience. If the users want to access the video interstitial, they can click on it to go to the ad's landing page or simply tap on the close icon to resume browsing the app or game.

Video interstitial isn't very different than pop-up ads that have been in existence for a long time. However, the ability of interstitial ads to cover the whole screen offers a multitude of benefits. Pop-up ads attract attention and then the full-screen mode further demands attention and keeps the viewers glued to the interstitial video. The positioning of interstitial video ads at normal transitions doesn't irritate the users. Rather, it even acts as a way to keep the users entertained while they wait for the game to load. The option to close the video interstitial (after 5 seconds) makes it bearable and hence doesn't annoy users.

Interstitial video ads

Part 2. 5 Tips Help You Make Interstitial Video

Interstitial video ads easily rival the issue of banner blindness because of their ability to take over the whole app or site interface. The large ad size makes it too-hard-to-miss, rendering it a highly effective marketing strategy. However, there are still a few dos and don'ts you must follow to ensure that you are using the video interstitial option in the best possible way. Here are some pro tips to help you ace interstitial video ads.

01 Carrier Latency

Carrier latency refers to the delay in transmitting data from source to receiver. This natural delay can sometimes lead to the display of video interstitial at a time later than intended. For instance, our ad might start showing while the page has already loaded, causing user annoyance. Hence, you must make sure that you account for the delay by carrier network latency. The ad delay can be eliminated by preloading the ad and ensuring it pop-ups exactly when required.

02 Skippable Ads

The huge area for freely and conveniently advertising your product gives you enough time to influence the viewers. Therefore, utilizing a skippable video interstitial option is a great way to ensure customer engagement. By giving users the option to skip the interstitial video ads lessens or eliminates their annoyance. In turn, this reduces the risk of losing potential customers just because of ad annoyance. The skippable video interstitial option also allows integrating the Download button, which can greatly heighten app installs.

03 Position

What is the best time or position to place your video interstitial? The timing of admob interstitial video ads makes all the difference. One wrong move and you lose a customer or dedicated user. So, you must tread carefully. Always place your ads at natural pauses. Like when the game changes from one level to another or the page requires tapping to load to the next. This way, users might not feel hindrance, and they will be able to continue their app activities seamlessly.

04 Frequenc

Although it is tempting to place as many interstitial video ads as you like and earn higher revenue, it might cause more harm than benefit. By bombarding ads at every page load or after every click, the user will be irritated and might uninstall the app. So, keep the ad frequency to a minimum and do not insert more than two video interstitials with one click.

05 Post-Click Landing Page

To secure customers, optimize your interstitial video ads with post-click landing pages. To increase the conversion rate, you must direct the prospects to a compelling landing page that serves to appeal to potential customers. Influence the prospects by giving details or offers primarily mentioned in the video interstitial. This way, your brand will seem reliable to the visitors and lead them to the desired action easily.

Part 3. How to Make Video Ads Easily

Thanks to the amazing technologies, creating interstitial video ads has been made easier. Are you worried about not having editing experience to create eye-catching ads? Worry not. Wondershare VidAir is the solution you are looking for. It is an online video editor by Wondershare. It has an intuitive interface that does not require editing experience to use the editing tools. There are multiple categories of pre-made templates that allow quick video creation with convenience. VidAir is an extremely handy tool with one-click tools to enhance videos. The variety of caption styles allow adding highlighted messages to the video to grip viewer attention. VidAir also has a massive music library, or if the users want, they can also upload their own songs. Multiple stickers are also available to craft visually appealing interstitial video ads. The best part is that VidAir doesn't compromise video quality. This means that you can export high-quality videos quickly and without a watermark.

Step 1 Open VidAir And Choose A Template

On your browser, open VidAir. Log In if you have an account or sign up for free. On the main page, you will see a variety of templates in the categories tab. Click on any template and select an aspect ratio. Tap on Use This Template

Open VidAir and choose template

Step 2 Edit Video Interstitial

On the operation page, add music from the Audio tab to make your video interstitial more influential and appealing. Add aesthetic filters or trendy captions for full effect.

Edit video interstitial

Step 3 Save And Export Video Interstitial

Finally, tap on the Export tab in the top right corner. In the pop-up box, choose the resolution and watermark option and click on Export again.

Save video interstitial

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While your game levels up, you can level up your brand too. But only if you use the video interstitial option correctly. To make the most of interstitial video ads, you will need to use our guide for making your ads impactful. And that is not so hard now that you have some great tips up your sleeve. So, hop on to a powerful interstitial video ads maker like VidAir and boost engagement instantly.