What is "Its Free Real Estate"?

Make your funny video with its free real estate meme now!

The meme world is hilarious. You never know which punch line might become a sensation. One such line, "its free real estate," became a viral meme throughout the world.


Here, we will talk about the origin of "its free real estate" and how it transformed into a meme. Not just this, if you also feel like creating your funny video using this phrase, you will get to know about the best video editing tool right here. Keep reading to find out more. There are also many real estate videos available in the market, and they can provide you help in video marketing.

Part 1. "It's free real estate" Meaning

The iconic phrase "its free real estate" has been taken from a sketch Free House for You, Jim. This small sketch aired on 24th March 2009 in an episode of Tim & Eric, Presidents. This sketch's format was a parody, where the actors seem to be claiming that they have a free house for one particular person, Jim Boonie. And they frequently talk about the open house throughout the sketch. However, what made this commercial extremely viral was the final whispering words of Tim Heidecker, "It's free real estate."

Everyone knows that real estate is never free, but the very statement that “it's free real estate” and how it was said made everyone have a good laugh about it. People started using this wherever possible. If you want to use this meme too, you may use it in bait-and –switch situation where you would like to bait the viewer and finally the video switching to “it's free real estate”.

Part 2. Top 5 "Its Free Real Estate" Video

01 Bart Saying "It's free real estate."

Here in this video, Bart from the Simpsons seems to be curious about a loudspeaker microphone he finds in a room. However, when he says something, it's actually that very famous line, "It's free real estate." He uses two microphones, and the sound becomes louder. Then he lays his eye on the wall full of microphones. Now, you can imagine what happened next. He used all the microphones and whispered, "It's free real estate," shattering all the glasses in the entire town.

02 Mowii saying, "It's free real estate."

Can you imagine Mowii saying, "It's free real estate"? Well, that's what happened in this funny video. Mowii tries to convince Moana to accept the proposal of his free real estate. However, Moana is reluctant, and in the end, he traps her in a cave because she didn't accept his "its free real estate" offer! Take a look at the video, and have a few minutes of a good laugh.

03 Patrick is smiling because "it's free real estate."

You know, it's really hard not to smile and laugh when someone whispers, "It's free real estate." Watch this meme, where Spongebob and Patric seem to be playing with each other. Spongebob aims at Patric and releases a bubble. Once the bubble bursts, it whispers out, "It's free real estate," which makes Patrick giggle and laugh. Well, who wouldn't, right!

04 Gorillaz and the "it's free real estate."

Here's another meme that was viewed by 313,054 people. It has 6.4 likes and was released on 14th August 2016. Gorillaz is a famous international musical band, and their Clint Eastwood song is evergreen. In between the song, you will hear the random whisper, "It's free real estate."

05 Nursery rhyme and "it's free real estate."

The last one that we have for you is undoubtedly going to make you roll over the floor laughing! Watch a lady beautifully rhyming and teaching children numbers. But who would have thought that number eight goes so well with "its free real estate"! You need to watch it and see it for yourself, whether it makes you laugh or not.

Part 3. Make Your Own "It's Free Real Estate" Funny Video Using VidAir

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We have shared the best funny videos of the "its free real estate" meme and have also talked about a video making and editing tool. Try VidAir because it is an all-in-one video editing and creating tool. The software is user-friendly and easy to use. Use a video making tool that will make the whole process easy. Trust a company that is trusted by everyone. And for inspiration, we have shared the five best "its free real estate" videos with you. Consider taking a look at each of the videos, and come up with your very unique "it's free real estate" video that will make everyone laugh.

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